Olympic Orchids Devilscent Draw WINNER

Hello Perfume Posse-ers!

We had a wonderful response to the Halloween Olympic Orchids Devilscent Draw. Thank you everyone who bothered to enter. I loved reading from you all and couldn’t get back to the computer enough to see what you all were writing. HUGE Thank You also to Ellen Covey who is so gorgeous and generous to offer this wonderful giveaway and discounts to you all. Please go and visit her Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes

Olympic Orchids Devilscent Draw WINNER

Photo Stolen Olympic Orchids

This is what Ellen Covey wrote, I’ve edited a bit, for what you had to do to be a winner. I think these Olympic Orchids Devilscent specials will run till the end of the weekend so go get you some.

Hello lovely Portia,
I think this is just perfect for a late Halloween giveaway and special deal. I can do a drawing/giveaway of one 15 ml bottle of any Devil Scent, reader’s choice, so they’ll have to go to my website and read about them all to make a decision and leave a comment saying which one they’d prefer under your post.
I’ll also offer $5 off the Devil Scent spray sample packs (code word is DEVIL) and a free mini-pack of LIL and one DEV variation (3 ml spray samples) with purchase of any full bottle (15 ml or larger) from anywhere on the website (Code word is HALLOWEEN).
Hugs, Ellen

Our Olympic Orchids Devilscent Draw WINNER is



Please send your details in a Private Message on FaceBook to Portia Turbo-Gear or if you are not on Facebook leave me a coded email below and I’ll be in touch, (ie jack at whatever dot com). You have till Wednesday midnight to get in touch or I will give your prize to someone else.

I hope you enjoyed our draw, there are more coming in the near future here at Perfume Posse so check back regularly.
If you thought this was fun come see me at AustralianPerfumeJunkies, there’s always some kind of crazy going on over there and we LOVE visitors,
Till Thursday, Take care of you and yours,
Portia xx

  • tammy says:

    Congrats, RosieGreen,and thank you Portia and Ms Covey; this line had somehow slipped passed my radar and I have a sample pack on its way to me!.

    Is the book you mentioned as the inspiration for this project available for purchase anywhere? I didn’t see it on Amazon….

    • Portia says:

      Heya Tammy,
      I hope you love Ellen’s work as much as I do. Do not ecpect anything like what you buy in stores. They are beautiful and sometimes need time to understand, to watch them bloom on your skin. They are excellent compliment getters because nobody has smelled anything like them.
      http://quantumdemonology.wordpress.com/ is a link to the first 3 Quantum Demonology chapters.
      Best to you,
      Portia xx