Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit

H00002532-L1First of all, can I just write that I am so looking forward to the LA event? I think it will be so much fun and I am really looking forward to meeting new people and seeing Patty and March again. We had a blast a few years ago when they came to LA and I think this trip will be a blast as well. You can still register here to attend (don’t know about availability on the bus.)

I admit that I have a love of some of the scents by Fresh. This is sometimes greeted as if I admitted that I really enjoyed a nice unfiltered Camel while visiting the maternity ward or smuggling bacon quiche into Kosher restaurants. Why, I can’t quite figure out. The ones that I like are simple, refreshing and ones that I am inevitably complimented when wearing. I remember a female coworker who, when I was presenting in a meeting said “G-d you always smell great” when I was wearing Pomegranate Anise. I used to love that one, along with Cucumber Baie, Redcurrant Basil and Bergamot Citrus.

Of course, they’re all discontinued.

Hesperides Grapefruit isn’t. Which is a good thing. Especially on a day like today, when it was in the mid 80’s, or tomorrow, which should hit 90. It’s completely uncomplicated, but you must really like grapefruit. I do, a lot. I eat it as much as I can and buy the juice at Trader Joe’s (a bargain at $1.99 for a quart!) If you are a hater of the fruit then this will be the third circle of hell for you, since the opening is an olfactory carbon copy of a cup of perfected pink grapefruit served on shaved ice with the lightest sprinkling of sugar you can imagine. This portion of the program lasts for about an hour or three depending on the temps- three in cooler but the walk from the Sunset Blvd. Trader Joe’s to Santa Monica Blvd METRO bus home killed it off early. The middle is still tinged with citrus and when they cal it “transparent” jasmine they aren’t kidding. The dry down, while discernible is just a slightly sweet your-skin-but-better clean musk.

I really like this one. On a hot day it’s refreshing. Were I going to a job interview it would be perfect, in that I would smell fresh and nice in a completely unchallenging way; I won’t smell like the men’s department at Macy’s or the guy from the mail room who hits on all the secretaries. For those of us who like the really heavy hitters it’s like a palate cleanser. I don’t think I’m going to purchase this one since I have an ample supply of Annick Goutals that cover this citrus territory better (they’re the older formulations and in Fresh’s defense are more expensive) but if I were in the market for the giggle inducing Hollywood Diet opening alone would make me purchase, at least in the beensy $20 rollerball one.

Notes (from the Fresh Website): Top Notes: mandarin, Italian lemon, grapefruit
Middle Notes: bergamot, lotus flower, transparent jasmine
Bottom Notes: rhubarb, musk, peach

Available practically on the moon, $80 for 3.4 Ounces, with ancillary products. I tested over a period of days at Sephora, Nordstrom and the Fresh store in the Grove. Picture of the Grove from my iPhone that decided to turn sideways. Image of perfume stolen from Fresh Website.

  • thegoddessrena says:

    If you want Cucumber Baie, the Fresh store in the Village currently has it in those limited supply dispensers–where they. Fill. A bottle when you purchase and when they run out it’s gone (still had plenty as of yesterday)

  • Liz K says:

    Whew! I have been having a quiet, sordid little affair with this as not only an inexpensive “I have weeds to pull but want to smell good while doing it” fragrance but also as a wonderful “the shower curtain needs cleaning so lets just spritz it with something and ignore it for now” home scent. It is on the guilt free shelf at my house with Tea Rose, Musti Eau de Soin, and Eau de Baux. It is always a relief when a cheap thrill (compared to my FB wishlist occupants) is given a bit of validation.

  • Lisa D says:

    I’ve got a bottle of Fresh Citron de Vigne, which is really quite pretty and, um, fresh. My favorite of their products, though, is the Fresh Sugar lip balm. I treat myself to it once in a while, but, the way I go through it, I really can’t justify the regular purchase of $22 chapstick – I’ve got a perfume budget to save for, after all.

  • KJourneay says:

    I love this scent. Glad I am not alone. I also adored Fresh’s Cannibis Rose… you know before it was discontinued. *grump*

    • Lindaloo says:

      Hi KJourneay,
      Fresh Cannabis Rose EDP is still available on their website.(But they no longer have any body products and just the larger size EDP). And while Sephora no longer carries it I do see the EDP occasionally at small makeup boutiques as well.

      The one I miss is Bergamot Citrus which reminded me of the opening of Diorella. I like citruses and will have to give Hesperides a try. Wondering about Citron de Vigne too.

  • Joni says:

    I love the grapefruit top note in Chant de Bois, but I’m not sure I could handle it as the main note. I’d have to try it and see. I hope you all have an amazing time at Scentsation, and I can’t wait to read the posts afterwards telling us all about it.

  • Musette says:

    Tom – SO excited to be meeting you!!! I’m laughing as I read this because I fell in love with Fresh Lemon Sugar at first sniff – it had just come out and was at Gump’s and at the time I had no idea how ubiquitous the Fresh line was (or would become) – but no matter – FLS is one of my favorite scents and like your grapefruit there, never fails to garner compliments.

    Pomegranate Anise, alas, was not so successful. A friend got me a bottle (this was way before I knew anything about swaps/splits/Posse 🙁 that thing gave me a massive sinus headache ! Alas.

    I’m a big lover of citrus-done-right; this grapefruit sounds like one to check out!!!


  • Tiara says:

    Your comment about “as if I admitted that I really enjoyed a nice unfiltered Camel while visiting the maternity ward or smuggling bacon quiche into Kosher restaurants” is how I feel when I admit I love Coco Noir. The horror! How can you say that!

    I saw this one the other day but was too chicken to try it. Grapefruit on the tongue is one thing, on the arm is another but sounds like I missed a good one.

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Tiara! Fly your Coco Noir flag proudly! Hey, we all have one — or maybe more 😉 — of those scents that we like that don’t get much love on the blogs. But it’s all good!

      • Musette says:

        I agree. If you like it, it’s okay! Heck, I am a huge fan of Fresh Lemon Sugar (see below).


        • Tiara says:

          Yes, it is all good and I happily spray away. Over the years, I’ve learned not to take the criticism personally even when someone implies there is something wrong with me for liking something they hate. If we all smelled the same, could we even smell it?!

          Flying my Coco Noir proudly today!

          • Gwenyth says:

            Hey…..there are some folks in the world who adore Coco Noir, or so I’ve heard.
            I happen to be one of those folk! I love Coco Noir — friends and family comment on it favorably, so it must smell pretty good to them, also.

            I hear ya. I don’t give the “nay-sayers” any mind. I wear what I like.

  • Ann says:

    Oh, Tom, thanks for this post! I remember loving Pomegranate Anise, too, back in the day. Why, oh why, did they discontinue these? But I adore the Hesperides also, and now must go dig up my samples in preparation for hot weather ahead. BTW, hope you guys have a ball at Scentsation; wish I was going but the stars did not align. Maybe next time …

  • eldarwen22 says:

    I’m not exactly a hater of fruit in perfume because Courtesan is loaded with fruit notes. But I am a hater of citrus in general after trying one of Frapin’s offerings after trying it out while getting over a stomach bug. So I will be giving this a pass. Don’t you hate it when companies will discontinue a popular perfume? I actually found a little bottle of BBW Cucumber Melon and remembered why I liked it and wore it to the degree I did. Can’t find it in stores but they sell it on their website.