Eeertmeert December 17, 2016

Givenchy Very Irresistible edt has it, quite a girly scent. Nothing as dimensional as included in the sampler pack, but I like it every once in awhile.

GrandmaGaga December 17, 2016

The first time I tried JPG's Classique I was sent back in time and wondered why I felt I had smelled it before and really connected with it; I later learned that Classique shared the star anise note with Old Spice, which my father wore in the talc version many years ago during my childhood....sweet memories.

HeidiC December 16, 2016

Is loving Apres l'Ondee even a question? I like cooking with star anise in Asian and Mexican dishes -- it does add a sweetness that counterbalances a spicy dish. It's not the same thing as anise, which is related to fennel, though all 3 have that licorice scent and flavor. I also love aniseed in baked goods -- there's this sweet bread/pastry called Gibassier that's flavored with orange peel and aniseed that is SO. GOOD. And I'm a fan of vintage absinthe -- I've had a French one from the 1910s and a Spanish one from the 1930s, and they're much more delicately herbal/floral -- not like the licorice mouthwash you can get today. But you know what? I haven't really sought out that note in perfume! I love A l'O, and AG's Mandragore, but haven't gone looking for it. May need to right that!

spring_pansy December 16, 2016

Thanks for this post, Portia. I love anise and spices. I wore Tea for Two today - it was wonderful. And, I've been planning a visit to Dawn to buy some Gingembre! Her Essence Studio/DSHPerfumes is almost right next door to me. I am also interested in a bit of Lumiere in lotion form for the holidays. She just isn't open that many hours when I'm not at work, but I'm looking forward to seeing her and trying her newest fragrances: Dark Moon and Vanilla Chantilly as well as Kaleidoscope from last spring/summer.

Ann December 16, 2016

Yum! Thanks for an enlightening and delish post, Portia. I really wasn't aware of star anise much before but now I will be on the lookout for it and will see if I can parse it out in the lovely Tea for Two.

carol December 15, 2016

I associate with licorice - any similarity?

Neva December 15, 2016

I wasn't familiar with anise/star anise until I discovered ayurveda as a life style. Nowadays I'm using it for cooking and always have some at home. I really don't know the perfumes you mention above except Tea for Two which I love. Glad it's back again.

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