Queen Latifah: Queen of Hearts by Steve Demercado 2010

Well Howdy Perfume Posse, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies with one of my all time favourite stars, Queen Latifah. Be it as Matron Mama Morton in Chicago or Motormouth Maybelle in Hairspray, as Penny Escher in Stranger Than Fiction (the only movie I can watch Will Ferrell in, he rules this one) or as herself in The Queen Latifah Show I love her. I have warmed to her beauty, her seeming sense of fun, her size in an industry of women trying to look like 11 year old boys and her varied role choices. Her classy way of handling the press and maintaining her private life as exactly that, private and that she is a successful woman in a mans world also makes me cheer.

Queen Latifah: Queen of Hearts by Steve Demercado 2010

Queen of Hearts Queen Latifah FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Citruses, bergamot, dewy greens, spicy cinnamon, purple plum
Heart: Egyptian jasmine, red fruits, white flowers
Base: Amber, musk, patchouli, vanilla, olibanum, smoky incense

So plenty was written about Queen Latifa’s first fragrance Queen, it was and is a lovely fragrance that I wear quite often. Sadly Queen Of Hearts gets very little attention. It’s a shame because the frag is good. Especially at this ridiculous price point. Here is a way even the most strapped for cash can smell like they spent a good amount of money on their fragrance. Maybe a bit of Queen Latifa’s cool will rub off on you too. I always feel like I’m lifted high on her fragrant wings.

How does Queen Latifah: Queen Of Hearts smell on my skin?

Citrus, plum and resins are the main protagonists at first spritz smelling both luxurious and casual, there is spice but it is so wrapped up in the resins I lose it till thinking about them. I can imagine Queen Of Hearts on both men and women. It could be worn to a super elegant ball with up do hair and armpit length gloves or to take the kids to footy and then pizza after. This is a comfortable, comfort fragrance that is sweet and refreshing with a beautiful balmy backdraft.

Queen of Hearts Queen Latifah qwoc2Photo Stolen qwoc (issues with using this image? Tell us please)

Just like my image of Queen Latifah, Queen Of Hearts is beautiful, bold and sexy. Not challenging or niche smelling but I have smelled things a lot less lovely that cost more than 10 times as much. I think in the end though I love that there is a place in the world for weird, interesting, outrageous fragrance that I am a love-to-smell-good fragrance wearer. Queen Of Hearts is a balmy, resinous fragrance after the first half hour. All those lovely flowers that I’m supposed to be smelling are the merest whispers of a pretty bouquet, what my skin throws is a lovely soft, sweet, resinous, fragrance both cool and smooth. I don’t know if you own or ever touch the big bobbles of amber beads, the big round and creamy ochre that are completely opaque? If they had a smell Queen Of Hearts would be it.

Queen of Hearts Queen Latifah qwocPhoto Stolen qwoc (issues with using this image? Tell us please)

Longevity is excellent, the base sings softly well into next morning just fading and fading into my skin. For the first hour projection is big, I have to be careful not to overspritz and the sillage at this point is more than excellent. After an hour Queen Of Hearts quietens down to a very comfortable, office appropriate murmur. Great date frag, promise.

FragranceNet has 50ml/$12 before coupon!
My Perfume Samples has $2/ml

Are you a fan of Queen Latifah? Have you tried her fragrances? What did or do you think?
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Portia xx

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  • Jennifer Smith says:

    I’m considering a blind buy on ebay . I found some for about $8 free shipping. Multiple available . As the enablement of the day…..

    • Portia says:

      OOOPS! Sorry Jennifer Smith but for $8 it is a total steal. I hope you enjoy Queen of Hearts as much as I do.
      Portia xx

  • masha7 says:

    I saw a 3.4ounce bottle of this at Ross and snapped it up for under $10, as I love Queen Latifah. I like this one more than Fancy Nights, as the drydown is more comforting and subtle. Both are very good, and excellent values for people who love the resinous/woody/spicy side. I’ve smelt niche perfumes of far less accomplishment that sell for far more money!

    • Hi there Masha7,
      Great to see you. Yes, Queen Of Hearts is less sticky, though I adore that gooey dry down of Fancy Nights.
      That is a seriously good price too, and it’s true that some VERY expensive niche smells less finished, less lovely.
      Portia xx

  • Gwenyth says:

    Funny how things happen…..I read this review this morning, Portia, and during lunch I ran over to TJMAXX. Found Queen of Hearts in the clearance bin for $6.99! I snatched that baby right up. Spritzed some on in the car. Oh. My. Goodness. Very lovely, rich and complex. There is something in the base that reminds me slightly of Prada (original). Queen of Hearts will be in heavy use this coming Autumn. Thanks SO much for the review.

  • Ann says:

    You all are too funny — you had me rolling out of my desk chair before my son had even hit the street to catch the school bus!! Her first fragrance was so nice, so now you’ve got me eager to try this one. And I, too, admire Queen Latifah; she’s got sass, class and soul all rolled up in one beautiful package. And I love it that she’s not a size 0 or trying to be!

  • poodle says:

    Hey Gorgeous! I love Queen but have not seen this one yet. I keep meaning to get a bottle of Queen the next time I see it at TJ Maxx. It smells better than it should at this price point, just like you said about this one. Isn’t it strange how some celebrity scents actually smell like someone put a bit of effort into them while the rest are just hot fruity messes?
    I like Queen Latifah too. Even when she dropped some weight she never tried to be a size 2. She looks healthy and happy and comfortable in her own skin. That’s not easy to do.