Flora October 6, 2014

I have tried many of Jane's perfumes - one of her best is Haight & Ashbury from the Summer of Love project a few years ago - it's the most delicious and wearable patchouli-based perfume I have ever smelled, and sexy too! I was privileged to test every perfume that was made for the project and I fell in love with it immediately. I also love her new green perfumes, Jade and Verde.

Jane October 5, 2014

Happy belated birthday, dear Portia. Thank you again for featuring Bronte Perfume . It is very much appreciated. I hope your Birthday was as special as you are ! May this year bring only happiness to you ! Thank you again ! Jane

einsof October 2, 2014

i've sampled a few of Jane's works and "cheery" has been spot on for most of them. i love the simplicity of the delivery, the obvious thought and whimsy which goes into the juice and the self marketing take on it all. she has a few rose ones i'm going to get my hands on one day. thanks for putting the spotlight on a small, talented house!

Ann October 2, 2014

Howdy, Portia! Hope you had a fantastic birthday! Thanks for mentioning this line; I tried a patchouli by her a while back that was quite nice, so I definitely need to sample this lovely Bronte, and so many others.

Sharyl Morris October 2, 2014

I won a small bottle of her Verde perfume and LOVE it. It's a sharp, galbanum-heavy green, which I favor. I've since visited her Etsy store and want to sample about 90% of what I see.

Musette October 2, 2014

Hi, babydoll! Did we chat about this in LA? I have wanted to sample their line - it's on my list. Thrilled to see Linden Blossom in the heart of this one! xoxoxoA

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