Or du Serail by Naomi Goodsir 2014

Hey hey Perfume Posse, Naomi Goodsir, from the little I have had to do with her on email, is lovely. When first releasing her fragrances I got in touch and she was so helpful, informative and interested in what a blogger can do. I bought both her original scents and the bottles are proud inhabitants of my fragrant wardrobe. Before we all go crazy for the newest in her stable, Iris Cendre realeased at Pitti 2015 in Florence, I wanted to have a close look at her last fragrance: Or du Serail

Or du Serail by Bertrand Duchaufour for Naomi Goodsir 2014

Or du Serail Naomi Goodsir FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Apple, red berries, mango, sweet orange
Heart: Rum, artemisia, sage, coconut, geranium, ylang-ylang, mate
Base: Labdanum, beeswax, honey, tobacco, amber, oak tree, cedar, musk, vanilla

Seraglio. N: 1.the part of a Muslim house or palace in which the wives and concubines are secluded; harem.
                          2. a Turkish palace, especially of the sultan.

So Or du Serail is a seraglio in English. Interesting, Reading the notes gave me nothing of that, and I was a little dubious. The whole fragrance looks like so many others on the market with that note list, or parts thereof.

Straight out of the spritzer I get an extremely vivid picture in my mind of a particularly fine berry cheesecake, a boozy berry cheesecake. I know it has little to do with the notes but there it is.

Or du Serail Julia Maudlin Seraglio, Topkapi Palace FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Not long in and the amber/rum/coconut/honey & tobacco seem to be the focus, it’s thick, rich and luscious fragrance. Strong and bitter yet curiously sweet. A light urinous taint runs through making Or du Serail even more interesting. I don’t understand the correlation between the seraglio and the fragrance unless the women there are making honeyed tobacco cigarettes. I get little flesh, spice or bathing waters at all.

Later I do get a honeyed baklava/rose water milk sweets vibe but on my skin the vanilla/amber/tobacco is so lavishly overwhelming that other things are merely bystanders gawking. My scent memory holds nothing that offers so rich, sweet and outlandish a tobacco fragrance. Loving it. Or du Serail is beautiful and so wearable, probably a bit big for work but an excellent accompaniment elsewhere and later when it’s all honeyed sweetness they will not be able to get enough.

Or du Serail Naomi Goodsir FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

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Have you got your sniff on the latest Naomi Goodsir? How did Or du Serail measure up for you?
Portia x

hajusuuri October 30, 2015

I have to try this. I view Chergui as honeyed amber (with some tobacco). I bet I'll like this one! I can't wait to get my hands on Iris Cendre!

tammy October 29, 2015

Honeyed ambery tobacco sounds divine, rum is probably okay, but the cheesecake/coconut/baklava makes me nervous. But of course you have talked me in to trying it, because that's what you do, and you do it well!

mikasminion October 29, 2015

Well, now I'll have to try Bois d'Ascese, which I know wasn't the point of your review. I have a large sample of Or du Serail, which is a gorgeous fragrance that I occasionally crave, but I struggle with tobacco in general so have to be in just the mood. I love Cuir Velours, and the new Iris Cendre is quite amazing.

Chris October 29, 2015

Portia, you and I are almost complete opposites in our perfume tastes, but the joy and enthusiasm you express for the ones you try and like is as exciting and refreshing to me as finding a new perfume. Enjoyment is infectious and your Thursday column never fails to make my day a whole lot brighter and reminds me not to take life quite so seriously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Aussie sunshine!

eldarwen22 October 29, 2015

I actually never heard of this line so I haven't tried anything. It's probably going on my list of decant to pick up. Stupid dental work is so expensive that it's outrageous.

Tara October 29, 2015

Portia, I'm definitely up for trying more from Naomi Goodsir after experiencing the sparse smoke of Bois d'Ascese. The new iris release sounds very enticing. Look forward to your take on that one. Your experience of Or du Serail sounds like it's mostly about the base notes and all the better for it. Only you could pull off smelling like a boozy berry cheesecake.

FeralJasmine October 29, 2015

This is one of my fall and winter favorites. I tend to be fond of Amber-tobacco blends and Or de Serail is a real beauty. My skin mutes it enough to make it a lovely office fragrance, although I think that on most people it would be better for evenings and weekends. If it weren't so expensive I'd wear it a lot more often, and in fact weeks would go by when I wore nothing else.

Ann October 29, 2015

Hi, dear! Love this review -- as always, you make me covet the scent you are spotlighting. Wish I could just snap my fingers and instantly have a sample at hand to try. I have enjoyed another scent from this line, just wish I could recall what it was. Thanks!