Umbra by Ramon Monegal 2010

Heya Posse, Umbra, my first thought was that it was an amber fragrance, yes I know now. Umbra = a shadow or shade that can also be attributed to a personality trait. Something that goes with a person everywhere. Then I also think of Umbria while wearing Umbra, Italy’s green heart with medieval hill towns, farming on rolling hills and dense forests. There is definitely an air of late spring and summer there contained within.

Umbra by Ramon Monegal 2010

Umbra Ramon Monegal FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Haitian vetiver, Serbian oakmoss, black pepper, bourbon geranium, Canadian fir, tonka bean

Umbra starts cool and green, the vetiver is dry and lacks the oily edge I often associate with it. Unmentioned and maybe imagined I also get a zesty citrus that sizzles nicely against the pepper. A minty/pine floats through and has the energy of a refreshing seaside breeze and then surprisingly the tonic flies in under the radar, gradually warming and sweetening the whole of Umbra like the sun coming out and warming your skin.

Umbra Ramon Monegal Eric Huybrechts Castelluccio di Norcia Umbria, Italy FlickrFlickr

I find umbra to be almost cologne-esque in its fragrance. Very green and herbal with the furriness of oakmoss (or a synth that recreates it nicely) and the rich warm residue in dry down cut through all the way by a dry, softly smoky vetiver. It’s easy to imagine as a signature scent for someone who wants to smell really good, of quality ingredients and with an interesting but not out there fragrance. I would definitely want to go in for a second sniff.

From LuckyScent: Umbra … a bright zip of fresh vetiver announces effervescent black pepper, crisp white musk, and dew-covered geranium leaves. Umbra is … a blade of grass … the texture of lichen and spruce balsam, and a rising tonka sweetness that smooths out the entire composition… A perfect fragrance for aficionados of vetiver and tonka bean.

Umbra Ramon Monegal Ein Dandy in Rom WikiCommonsWikiCommons

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LuckyScent has $185/50ml and samples

Have you tried much of the Ramon Monegal line? Been to Umbria? How did you like either?
Portia xx


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  • Deanna Marie says:

    Ever since I discovered “Mariposa,” I’ve worshipped Ramon Monegal! “Umbra” struck me as earthy & zesty at first, too. Then evolved to develop a more sensual tone on my skin. Each fragrance I have worn by this ingenious perfumer has surprised my senses with a richly satisfying aroma. This polished and, obviously seasoned, sage weaves an intoxicating spell of essences. He successfully balances a classic approach to his craft while offering a unique creativity that delivers quality. Thank you dearly for this review! More, please…. ;-D

  • starkwe says:

    Ahhhh, I am just now trying Umbra out for a second time today, after months of it sitting in my sample box. The first try didn’t urge me on to use it up, but was enough to keep me from giving it away. This morning, it just seemed right; something deeper than the summer scents I have been wearing. Although it is still hot here in Florida, I am craving seasonal changes, and this bridges the gap nicely.

  • Neva says:

    Hi Portia, I’ve tried Umbra and found it to be a truly unisex scent, very elegant and wearable. I’ve tried some perfumes from the Ramon Monegal line and Umbra is definitely one of the best (also Mon Cuir).
    As for Umbria, it’s high on my “to see” list because I have friends who go there almost every year hiking and relaxing and are in love with it. Italy is one of my favourite countries because of the lifestyle. Luckily it’s also my neighboring country which makes visiting it easier 😉

  • HeidiC says:

    Perfume Posse, you’re baaaaaaack! Oh! How I’ve missed you! It’s ridiculous how often I checked the site to see if it was up and running again.

    Umbra sounds lovely and fresh and green, like taking a hike in the countryside — you’re right, it does sound cologne-like. I haven’t tried any frags from that line, that I know of, nor have I been to Umbria. Or Italy.

    • Portia says:

      Hey there HeidiC,
      Yes there was excitement here-abouts. Thank goodness it’ll fixed.
      Umbra is bloody YUM! So is Italy, so much history, food, art, architecture and the people are amazing.
      Portia xx