Le Male Aviator by Jean Paul Gaultier 2020

Hey there Posse, I was accosted at our local mall by a very handsome fella doing squirt bitch work for JPG. When confronted with his smiling, friendly, gorgeousness and the offer of a card I immediately held out my arm for a squirt. He was so happy and surprised. Grabbing my wrist in his muscular, vice-like grip, he proceeded to give me three blasts while saying, “Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Aviator. New for Christmas. It lasts 18 plus hours on skin.” O M G! What have I let myself in for?

My squirter dude wasn’t wrong though. I could smell Le Male Aviator on me next morning, even after my bath. Pretty tenacious stuff.

Perfumer Christophe Raynaud is well known for fragrances like 1 Million, Aura, D600, L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme, La Nuit Tresor, My Insolence and a bunch of other less notable stuff. 119 fragrances according to Parfumo. So he’s pretty popular.

Le Male Aviator by Jean Paul Gaultier 2020

Le Male Aviator by Jean Paul Gaultier 2020

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Bergamot, Violet leaf, Geranium, Tonka bean, Sandalwood

OK, well from first Le Male Aviator spritz I smell basically nothing from the note list except tonka and maybe sandalwood. This is layered over one or more of those ubiquitous base notes that are all the mens section of the designer fragrance department stinks of. A toxic blend of wood, sweetness and scratchy resinous blobby blob.

Jin and I were in the middle of doing some phone business. Going from his old crew to mine and it was quite close quarters. About 5 minutes after the dousing he started sneezing, wheezing and complaining. He calls it “boring, sweet and overpowering. Sneeze, wheeze, sneeze grumble. It’s nothing special really, same as everything else I smell on the guys at work.” This is interesting because he works as a sparky and fitter on the diesel trains that service our states country regions. Those guys are all lovely but they are fairly generic and low glam. Basically Jin is comparing Le Male Aviator to Axe. Damning!

I don’t find Le Male Aviator nearly so bleak but will agree that there are things that smell like it and that the miasma of the modern designer mens section in a department store is basically what this smells of.

I kinda like it. The bottle is nice in khaki and royal blue. The packaging is cool too. It’s a modern masculine but could so easily be worn by the girls. In fact it would be far more interesting if it was.
Will I be buying a bottle? For me? No. I would definitely consider it for some non perfumista friends. If the bottle wasn’t so aggressively masculine I’d be thinking about it for some of my lesbian mates who currently wear things like Eight & Bob, oudhy Montales or Santal33.
What about you? Any Le Male Aviator interest?
Portia xx


  • Cinnamon says:

    I was done at Axe. The son of a former friend wore Lynx. Oy. Yuck. I had brought loads of great fragrances into that house and he ends up with Lynx. What can one say? I’m not partial to those JPG bottles either. So, alas, that’s my thanksgiving grump.

  • Musette says:

    Holy snakes & cabbages, Portia! This is one of the most terrifying reviews, EVAH! LOL! Around here (no metrosexuals within 100 miles) the farmer/straight guys would FREAK at the bottle – and they don’t wear any sort of scent, anyway… and my other myriad types of guy friends wouldn’t like the scent.

    Long story, short(ened): No.

    But I laughed all through your review. Glad the Squirt Dude was hawt! At least you got a bit of eye-candy out of it! xoxoxo

  • Ann says:

    I love the can & bottle design, but no I can’t think of anyone I would buy this for. You inspired me to go on the JPG website, which I’ve never visited, and it was super fun. I saw Rosy de Palma and was excited that maybe she was collaborating, but no – just the usual suspect Classique – JPG is consistent if nothing else. I think I’ll wear Classique today ?