Fabulous February: body products wish list

body products
(Hi, all — there’s been some swapping around on the Posse sked, so it’s Ann here
visiting with you on a Tuesday instead of Monday.) Hooray! We made it to February, y’all, getting that much closer to spring! But with the deep freeze surrounding us on and off (at least for some of us), my skin is still craving lots of moisture. And what better than to slick on than wonderfully scented body products?

I do love me some Frederic Malle Carnal Flower body butter, shower gel and hair mist, and have been enjoying little dabs of their Portrait of a Lady body cream from a sample jar. But those body products often tend to be pretty big-ticket items. But that’s OK, because they’re not in everyday rotation, usually pulled out for special-ish occasions or just because, when I’m feeling the need for a luxurious fragrant hug.

When it comes to body creams, another Posse writer or two that I can think of are wild about some Amouage ones, such as Epic, Gold, Jubilation and Lyric (shown above). I know I sure wouldn’t mind having that gorgeous red, heavy glass jar sitting on my dresser!

So, what are your favorite scented body products? Or what would you most like to try, if the perfume fairy came down and gave you a big, fat gift certificate with which you could get any body product you wanted? (BTW, Surrender to Chance carries samples of some of these creamy goodies and more, if you just want to give them a trial run before committing to a full size.) If said fairy gifted me, I’d also have to consider some Diptyque goodies — they have some sweet body products as well.

And while we’re on the subject, what heavy-duty moisturizers are you using to keep winter’s dry, flaky skin at bay? Someone recommended CeraVe body cream to me, and I’ll be looking for that on my shopping jaunt later this week when things slow down. I’d really love to find something uber-rich and thick that I could slather head to toe and not worry about it, and although my whole body might applaud, my facial rosacea might mutiny.

Gotta run as we are jammed up at work for the next few days, but hope everyone has a great week!

  • Marula Oil from Sephora, either under another moisturizer or on its own for dry facial skin- has saved my life!

  • Rachel W says:

    I love Olay Quench Ultra Moisture – it’s scented, unfortunately, but nothing handles my scaly winter skin better. I haven’t tried the unscented healing lotion but maybe I will next, it gets good reviews.

  • GrandmaGaga says:

    Cerave products are my go-to because my dermatologist suggests them (and they are scent-free) but once in a while I pull out the lotions that match my perfumes…so luxurious!

  • solanace says:

    The Amouage creams are super tempting, as are those Hermès bath products – especially the ones in the colognes’ line – and Goutal rose facial stuff, which simply have got to be wonderful. In real life I enjoy The Body Shop body butters. Current one is Virgin Mojito. I like it, but why not a real, boozy mojito with some good ole rum in there, huh?

  • maggiecat says:

    Body Time has a good aloe based body lotion which you can order scented – or not, as preferred. I think it’s important to avoid mineral oil (paraffin) on one’s body (and one’s face especially!) It tends to cause breakouts, and while it’s good at keeping what little moisture you have on your skin in, it doesn’t let any of the good stuff actually get to where it needs to go. Mineral based products are notorious for causing one’s skin to feel even drier after a short time for that reason. And it can make you skin break out (it certainly does mine – milia everywhere!)

  • HeidiC says:

    I like using Aveda Beautifying body cream (kind of a bergamot scent) or their Stress-Fix body cream (lavender) if my body skin is super dry — not cheap, but not expensive either.

  • Musette says:

    you will laugh – but my absolute FAVE body cream for this time of year is Jergens FACE cream. Do NOT use it on your face (at least not on MY face) because Breakout. But for those arms? Belly? Thighs? LEGS? Ho yus.

    And it’s $3.79 – so you can go hog-wild.


  • jenbat says:

    In the winter I’ve been using oil to moisturize my body, even body butters don’t really do enough (Canada, aargh), so I bounce around from Body Shop ones, to Burts Bees Lemon + Vitamin E one, to various other organic ones from the health food store. Oils are good too because if they’re scented, they usually stay close enough to the skin that whatever perfume I wear still gets a shot at the spotlight. I wish I could find an oil that works for my face, but no luck thus far, however that CeraVe cream is good, or I just found a local brand, Consonant, that does a wicked moisturizing cream that feels great on my face, hopefully my skin doesn’t rebel!

  • March says:

    Super dry skin and rosacea? Come sit by me. I’m not a huge perfume-body-product whore; mostly generically lightly scented stuff as a backdrop for my actual perfume. My old standby for body is Trader Joe’s Midsummer Night Cream Extra Moisturizing, which I love and which smells nice (probably botanicals, although it’s labeled unscented.) Also coconut oil for body and jojoba for face, right out of the shower. I’m using a CeraVe with sunscreen right now for my face and it hasn’t irritated it. The sunscreen for face is my weak link — anything except physical block (titanium) gives me a rash.

    Also taking a moment to whine about all the “natural” products with lavender and peppermint and some other oils, which are skin irritants to many in anything other than minimal concentrations, no matter how great they smell. There’s a Kiss My Face sunscreen I’d love except for the lavender.

    • Alison says:

      Lavender makes me break out too. Maybe it’s a mid-Atlantic thing. Have you tried Cotz sunscreen? It’s a physical block that comes in some different formulations and some are tinted. I’ve used it for years. You can get it at a pharmacy or by mail order. One tube lasts close to a year for me.

  • Klara says:

    I swear by the NUXE oil, and my recently discovered favourite: the lavender-vanilla body butter by Primavera. It´s organic, the scent is divine and has perfume strength!

  • Neva says:

    I can recommend body butters from The Body Shop. They work very well in with my dry skin in wintertime, actually during the heating season when the air inside is dry.

  • Taxi says:

    Daily after-shower must be a good AHA, then I can follow with a scented oil – Jardin de Bagatelle, Chanel 22, Casaque, Floris Lily of the Valley or Syringa, JoMalone Grapefruit. In warmer weather I have lots more choices in fragranced bath lotions & creams. Maybe 24 Faubourg, Laila, Prada Iris, Byredo La Tulipe, Hermes Eau de Gentiane Blanche, et al.

    • jenbat says:

      Which AHA do you use if you don’t mind my asking? I’ve been thinking of adding one to my routine!

  • AN says:

    The CeraVe is definitely a good economical choice. i do love the Lush Dream Cream for itchy and dry winter skin.