Musette June 8, 2018

You always have SO MUCH FREAKING FUN! baby. Not a Sefridges fan (sounds like I just hop over the pond because 'it's Sunday', to shop, dunnit? ;-) Love Harrods, always have. xoxoxo

March June 8, 2018

What a wonderful trip, and glad you got some delightful souvenirs to take home with you! Hugs.

hczerwiec June 8, 2018

Oooh! Must sniff that Iris Rebelle! That should be available here. And I would commit unspeakable crimes to get myself a bottle of Roja Dove's Diaghilev.

Tara C June 7, 2018

I have and love Mitzah, Gris Montaigne, Ambre Nuit, Fève Délicieuse, Cuir Cannage and La Colle Noire. I also have a decant of Oud Ispahan but that’s not a favourite, it’s a bit strong and I’ve gone off oud. Very curious about Santal Noir, how strong is the oud note?

Gina June 7, 2018

I miss your blog, Portia! I hated the frag department at Selfridge. It was uncomfortable. But, I did spend four hours in the frag department in Harrods. That was glorious. I also tried to go to Bloom on a normal day at a normal time but they were closed after all that travel and hunting for it down alleys. No stores/employees in the area had ever heard of it or knew where the street was. I didn't give up and showed up in victory to a closed store. Ugh.

Tara June 7, 2018

Ooh I now need to try Iris Rebelle, Portia. Michael wasn't at Chanel in Harrods on Tuesday so Lisa and I walked in and walked out :)

cookie queen June 7, 2018

Life will be worth living but it will not have the Coromandel EdP in it. It sucks. Bussi.

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