Couch Cocoon Fragrances

Helloooooooo POSSE! I am writing to you from my Couch Cocoon. Yes, struck down by the dreaded lurgy. I am cuddled up on the couch in two doonas (duvets) with cushions, tea, snacks, Perfume by Neil Chapman and an endless series of Peaky Blinders to watch. Add to my misery the fact that my back tooth that my dentist and I have kept in my mouth for over a decade by sheer willpower and lots of hard work is finally so wobbly that I can’t chew real food and it is being pulled out about the same time you’re reading this post. OH WOE IS ME. Here’s my Couch Cocoon before I got all my snacks ready and let the dogs in.

Couch Cocoon Fragrances

Couch Cocoon Fragrances

So what does this tortured bag of whining five year old (like every other man on this green earth when sick) wear fragrance wise to cheer away the couch cocoon blues? Actually, I’ve been wearing some quite good stuff. Everything smells a bit different when you are all aches, pain and sweaty/chills sick.

Couch Cocoon Fragrances

Myrrhiad by Huitieme Art

Pierre Guillaume’s Myrrh, Black tea, Licorice and Vanilla fragrance. Sweet but kept dry and crisp by the tea. While I’ve been ill the dryness has been more pronounced and vanilla warm and enveloping. The liquorice in Myrrhiad passes me completely by, which is a huge shame. I feel like I want to spritz it beside some Lolita Lempicka EdP when I’m feeling better.

Knize Ten

A floral birch leather. I think my nose has really changed since buying this. Then it was a burnt out shell of a tree and some fresh leather from the saddler with a healthy dose of horse added in. Either time or my ongoing taste and breadth of smelling has tempered it to a very mild, worn leather with floral hints of iris and rose and a lovely hit of clove.
Surrender To Chance has samples

True Lust by Etat Libre d’Orange

I was given a 30ml Press Bottle by the Aussie distributor of ELdO Bronwyn. I seriously thought I was going to loathe it. Turns out I was wrong. 100% wrong, I love it. Roses and violets done in a youthful, buoyant way. Imagine Paris by YSL for a modern 21st century woman. This is fun in a bottle. Smells excellent on a guy too.
Surrender To Chance has samples


What fragrance do you wear in your Couch Cocoon?

Portia xx



Portia also writes for Australian Perfume Junkies

Ariel April 17, 2019

Thank you, Portia!

Brigitte April 14, 2019

Well, that was supposed to be a response to you but it ended up down here lol ;)

Brigitte April 14, 2019

OMG!!! Yes ,P, you must come one day and we will sniff my oils together!!!

Ariel April 12, 2019

As was mentioned sometime ago by others, Chanel No. 5 is a comforting smell for me...but as I get older, I want deeper, more robust scents. The Myrrhiad sounds perfect as compliment to licorice tea. All warmed up by the vanilla, or just made softer? May the lurgy leave you sooner than later!

hczerwiec April 12, 2019

I hurt my back shoveling heavy, wet snow yesterday (one of those freak April blizzards we get in the Upper Midwest in the US), so I too am ensconced in a couch cocoon with a big ice pack AND ALSO my new copy of Neil Chapman's Perfume that I picked up after reading your column on it!

Suzy Q April 12, 2019

Today I got a sample of Bana Banana. My first thought was "I'd like to spray this all over then bury myself under a flannel sheet". Cocoon!! What a coincidence. For the same reason as Shiva-Woman I avoid perfume when I'm not well. I'm glad you're feeling better!!

Amateur Dilettante April 11, 2019

oof, sick and getting a tooth pulled! When I had one pulled I had a surprisingly emotional response to it, so be kind to yourself. Scent depends on the kind of couch-cocooning (i love that btw) I need to do: tummy-bugs, no scents; colds, the loudest citrus/aromatics i have (usually Azuree); blues or fatigue, Bvlgari Black or Sauf Vox Humane. I cant believe I’ve never tried Knize Ten, it sounds right up my alley (both descriptions!). It’s funny how our noses grow up.

Matty April 11, 2019

Sorry you are felling ill. As mentioned by Eldarwin22 Shalimar if very soothing. One of my favourite Guerlains.

maggiecat April 11, 2019

My cocooning fragrances tend to either be vanilla-based, or bright and lively lemon-citrus things. However, it's been stressful around here the last couple of weeks and for some reason I'm gravitating toward rose scents. Hmmm...what's up with that? I have surgery coming up at the end of June, and I know you all will understand that I'm even ow trying to plan what fragrances I want to have handy!

VerbenaLuvvr April 11, 2019

When I am sick, I go for the body mists, especially citrus based ones. I find that anything too heavy can add to the queasiness. Hope you are back to full power soon!

Eldarwen22 April 11, 2019

I have had many of my back teeth pulled and it can make you feel crummy. For some reason, I like wearing Shalimar when I am not feeling too good or LADDM.

Gina April 11, 2019

Sorry to hear you are sick. Surprised the dentist is working on a sick person. Good sniff choices. Glad you can still smell.

Brigitte April 11, 2019

I hope you feel better soon, P! You were hit with a double whammy! when I am under the weather I like my essential oil blends..all natural and uncomplicated.

Kathleen April 11, 2019

I’m so sorry you’re feeling so puny Portia. Make yourself as comfortable as possible while you are recovering. I had a tooth pulled last year that was bothersome and it was the best decision ever! Good riddance! I now have an implant and no pain . Best wishes! Xx

Shiva-woman April 11, 2019

"Then it was a burnt out shell of a tree and some fresh leather from the saddler with a healthy dose of horse added in."--great review (and sentence). I avoid fragrances when I'm sick-- feel completely off and I'm afraid they might suffer by association when I'm not sick. I ate polenta one time, hours before a bug hit. It was about ten years before I ate it again and I would hate for THAT to happen with my beloved 'fumes. On a side note, I'm wearing S. Lutens La Participe Passe'-- and loving it. The "old" Lutens back with a melange of his great notes. I hope you're up and getting better soon, but in the meantime, just wallow in it and enjoy the gluttony of binge tv.

ElizabethC April 11, 2019

Ack...this looks way too familiar! Hubby and I just spent a rather miserable couple of days with the tummy flu. One of us had the couch cocoon and the other cocooned on a big leather chair -looking and feeling terrible. No energy for perfumes, just spent my time watching netflix, alternating between Frasier and Offspring! When the stomach started behaving again, I made up for the lack of perfume by wearing Lipstick Rose. Today I wore Amoureuse :). Hope you are feeling well soon!!!!