So Nude by Costume National

Hi there Perfume Posse! Summer is upon you in the Northern Hemisphere. Costume National doesn’t seem to get a lot of blog time. I am not sure why, their bottle aesthetic is fun, easy to use and different. Fragrances are only a little off mainstream, quirks rather than confrontation. So Nude is an excellent example of their work. As you can see I’m currently using the roller ball but I have a bottle stashed somewhere too.

So Nude by Costume National 2012

Dominique Ropion

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Cumin, cardamom, neroli
Heart: Damascus rose, tuberose, ylang-ylang
Base: Indonesian patchouli, Virginian cedar

What will you smell? Fresh downy-soft white flower with a slight skin-ish bent (that could be the cumin) but this skin is freshly showered. The tuberose and ylang together are fatty, green, milky and buttery but reading that makes them sound full and luscious but they are neither, no one will be skunked by you wearing So Nude. It is quiet, sillage is very conservative as is the scent bubble, if you leave the room with So Nude sprayed on a card, close the door, make a coffee elsewhere and then come back you will smell a clean/fresh/fragrant vibe but it’s not a room filler.

The heart is very pretty, and this is where you get a little voluptuous, ripe, sexiness but it is restrained sexy, not an open invitation. So Nude is a grown up, luxe version of some of the drugstore white flowers that are so pretty, simple, wearable and popular. Dry down is all creamy white flower on me, it is soft and quite pretty with just a smidge of woodiness.

So Nude would be a sensational Wedding Scent, excellent for almost everything and even wearable to a non frag phobic office. A surprising contrast when worn by men, unexpected and luscious. I get quite good life out of it too, 4-6 fragrant hours depending…

Are you wearing any white florals this summer?

Portia xx



Portia also writes for Australian Perfume Junkies

Ann July 7, 2019

Howdy, Portia! This sounds great and I was on board to try it -- until i saw the dreaded cumin note! It really hates my skin and I've learned the hard way to give it a wide berth!

Musette July 4, 2019

I am the Big White Florals HO, bay-bee! How BWF? Recently I found (and WORE!) that 80s BWF bomb: Oscar de la Renta! I felt so damb retro! Lately, though, I've leaned towards greener BWFs like Acqua di Parma's Gelsomina Oh, who am I kidding, pretending to wear greens? It's 90F, raining nonstop and it feels like the Amazon out there. I'm awash in the heavy hitters like Carnal Flower and Fracas - and LOVIN' IT! xoxoxoA

Tara C July 4, 2019

I am on a big orange blossom and jasmine kick right now. Wearing a lot of Kilian, Serge Lutens, Jo Malone L’Artisan and Hiram Green florals.

Maya July 4, 2019

So Nude is a very nice fragrance. Ahhh, white florals in summer and winter and spring and fall. This summer I'm wearing Frassai Verano Porteño (Buenos Aires Summer). It's citrus and jasmine, cool and sexy. The other one for me is Profumum Roma Sabbia Bianca. Now this one lets everyone know you're here but doesn't chase anyone away! Love them both.