Lalique EdT: The Week Portia Wore One Perfume

Hey All, You know those times when you give yourself a ridiculous test? Just to see how you cope? Obviously no reason could be attached to this idea other than masochism, yet here we are. My idea is to pick a non favourite perfume. One that I quite like but feel no real attachment to. That holds no special place in my heart. This is in case I never want to wear said perfume again after dousing myself in it daily for a week. It also needed to be a statement frag but nothing too weird or combative, and probably not ridiculously overpowering either. Recently I’d bought a tester of Lalique EdT, the original 1992 feminine marketed fragrance and I thought it would be a perfect fit.

I bought my Tester bottle from FragranceNet after looking it up on Google and clicking through for the 35% discount. Cost me less than US$20 for 100ml. Being an EdT it projects madly for about 40 minutes. Then it goes quiet but stays pumping out soft gusts of loveliness for a few hours till I lose it completely. Others in close can still smell me at this point though, for a while.

BTW, grab a beverage and maybe even a snack. This post is LONG! You might want to read a couple of days and then come back for a couple more later on.

Lalique EdT 1992

Lalique EdT


Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Bulgarian rose, Aegean wallflower, Iris, Jasmine
Heart: Pear, Blackberry, Blackcurrant leaf
Base: Bourbon vanilla, Mysore sandalwood, White musk


Just after midnight Monday morning I ran myself a steaming hot bubble bath with Peppermint Grove Australia’s Fresh Sage & Cedar Hand & Body Wash. It was a gift from my buddy Anna Maria and I love the soft scent it has, perfect for the bath and doesn’t stick around long afterwards to interfere with my fragrance. Let my body cool, had a cuppa and then gave myself a light spritz before going to watch TV with Jin. We are in lockdown and he has a few days off work, I love hanging out just the two of us.

The first sniff of Lalique as it rises off my still slightly warm chest is a LOT! Jammy rose, sharp berry and leaf. Though not noted I’m also going to add aldehydes. It is intoxicating, thick and lusciously over ripe. I don’t know if you know the Tarot at all but Lalique EdT is like The Empress. Full bodied and fecund. A fertility goddess and signal of prosperity and growth. If any fragrance embodies her, and many do, I think Lalique EdT does it so effortlessly and magically that very few can compare.

The heart smells lightly of pear but the berry and jasmine seem to own the stage. They are given a heftier sweetness and grounding from a blurry vanilla/sandalwood.

Up and off to our first C19 Pfizer jab at Sydney Olympic Park. This morning Lalique EdT smells fruitier and more like a party perfume.

Had a lovely time waiting in the sunshine for our jabs.

Came home and slept for three hours.

So funny, we’ve been talking about having Jin’s famous and delicious Vietnamese Rolls tonight for about a week. We did all the prep by about 8.30pm. I cooked the schnitzel and the whole time had some music blaring, dancing around the kitchen like a fool. Worked up a lovely lather.
Jin was about to do the pork and he looked at me, “I’m not really hungry yet. Can we hold off dinner till later?” “Yeah, me too! No problem. Let’s come back and finish the pork at 10pm. We’ll be hungry by then.” Seriously, we both just smiled and left the kitchen and I set my alarm for 10pm. I really have just married myself.

Came back and did another lovely big few spritzes of Lalique EdT. The opening is so beautiful. As I get to know it, the more I love the way that aldehydic fruity floral whoosh blooms. It is divine. If Guerlain Mitsouko and CHANEL No 5 had a love child this might be it.


OK, so by the time we had eaten (DAMN! I forgot to take a pic for y’all), fed & walked the dogs, cleaned the table and kitchen and I got back in here to my desk it was nearly 1am. I’m pooped. One more sneaky Lalique EdT spritz, clean my teeth and then to bed.
Well, I thought it was bed but it wasn’t. Left poor Jin sleeping soundly, poured myself a 2.30am bath with L’Occitane Bath Milk (OMG! so glam) and finally resurfaced, clean, warm and refreshed at 4am-ish. HA! Shut up. We are in lockdown here in Sydney. I don’t have to arise tomorrow for anything or anyone.
More Lalique EdT was spritzed. Crazy good off my warm, bathed body. Infinitely rosier, I wonder if the bath milk has something to do with that?

WHOA! I happily slept till 11am. Woke up feeling a little banged up but not really worse for wear. My arm is throbbing a bit from my jab yesterday but all else A OK. The sun is shining and it’s around 15C (60F), perfect mid winter day. Jin is playing computer games on our TV so I’m chilling in my office doing nothing much at all.
Strangely, today’s morning spritzes of Lalique EdT smell narcissus heavy as it opens up. Didn’t last for very long but I was totally pushing my head into some garden Erlicheer flowers. After a little while it’s all gone back to floral fruitiness.

Jin and I fed & walked the dogs. Then went off to the Post Office to collect & send. Nothing very big either way.

Came home and had a light, late lunch.
SO SLEEPY! So Paris, my beautiful greyhound, and I snuck off to the spare bedroom and slept for a couple of hours. Heavenly. Here he is curled up on his bed in front of the TV. He’s wrapped in his favourite blanket, stolen from a Korean Air flight years ago. He is the best, smartest and most loving dog I ever had.

On waking I noticed my fragrance had softened to almost nothing so I gave myself a hefty respritz. It’s very cool here in the late afternoon, around 7C (45F). The opening notes are quite strikingly that interesting super sweet green of the berry and leaf and it plays over the vanilla base remnants beautifully.

We had leftover Vietnamese Rolls for dinner. Jin cuts so much veg that I’m often (HAPPILY) eating leftovers for 5 days after. It’s a terrific way to get enormous amounts of fresh, uncooked veg into my system. Jin looks weird in this pic, he was about to get up and saw me taking a pic.

While eating we watched the first half of Book Club (2018). It’s razor sharp, hilarious, stupid and had us both looking at each other smirking. We saw it at the movies when it came out but second time around it’s SO MUCH funnier. How did we miss all those jokes and innuendos? The cast!! Shit a brick. This is what you call an all star cast and EVERYONE is perfect. If you haven’t seen it, DO!

Jin wen’t to bed. I fed & walked the dogs. Emptied all the house bins into our big laundry bin and left it for Jin to take downstairs in the morning.
Spritzed myself with very large amounts of Lalique EdT. Nine spritzes on my chest. WHOA NELLY! I love it. In these amounts the opening is so high octane I can’t take breaths through my nose for fear of blowing it. It tastes like one of those improbably oversized restaurant fruit salad sundays with berry sauce.

I’m in the middle of the second season of Netflix Ragnarok, it’s got me hooked.


Watched Ragnarok till 3am, when Jin got up for work. We had a chat, took the garbage out, weed the dogs and then I jumped into the warm bed that still smelled of Jin and slept till nearly midday. Woke up like surfacing from under water. Blissful. The sun is shining, the bed warm & comfortable and I luxuriated there for another half hour.

This morning applying Lalique EdT it already started to feel like putting on a signature. The excitement of revelation had gone. I gave myself five blasts, made sure it smelled good and then got on with reading the news (one more week of OZ lockdown as we get C19 Delta under control & Spanish protests against the gay murder) and checking on & talking to friends on the phone. I’ve already started to feel very comfortable smelling like this; pretty, a little bit classy and safe. I think my Mum would have loved to smell like this.

Today is my delayed cleaning day. HA! Really, I’m just quickly dusting the important bits, watching TV and jumping on the computer while it settles and then vacuuming the place. I call this version of cleaning Boy Clean.

Sat down at my computer and have had one of those awful, soul crushing, angry emails from one of out Turbo Trivia venue owners. The price went up recently and he clearly just found out about it and sent a scathing ultimatum. GAH! People can be bloody awful. I’m sitting on it overnight and will think about it properly tomorrow.

Jin came home and I heated us a store bought Pumpkin, Fetta and Spinach Quiche. Also baked sweet potato, onion and carrot. My Mum’s famous orange, carrot, and mint salad with added coriander/cilantro and some French Fries. It was real pub food at home and we loved it. Completely forgot to take a pic, sorry.

When Jin goes off to bed I usually go and warm the bed up for him while he cleans his teeth and stuff. The we lie together until I can tell he’s fast asleep. Then I get out and go about my evening.
Tonight I came and did some emailing, FaceBooking, some blog reading. Then I cleaned up the table and kitchen. Fed and walked the dogs, making little clouds with every breath.


Drew a midnight steaming bath and used my Tabac Original shower gel for bubbles. Lay in there for over an hour, till it got chilly.

I liberally spritzed my Lalique WdT and took a deep breath too soon. My nose isn’t blown but it feels shell shocked and now I can only smell squealing fruit/leaf amped by aldehydes. It took nearly 10 minutes for the fragrance to smell like itself again to me.

I watched a bunch of TV hoping to stay awake till Jin got up to leave for work at 5am this morning but slept off on the couch. When he did get up we had a little chat and then I jumped into the warm section of our bed. Slept like a baby till 11am.
When I woke I jumped up and sent an email asking to chat to the venue manager of yesterdays email. I’d like to make sure this is about money and not something else. Hopefully he will get back to me today so I can craft a decent response.

This mornings spritz of Lalique EdT was so lovely.

I had an interesting chat with my Friend Sally-Anne on FB about a weeks wearing. I’ll share it with you.

Sally Anne: Day 4 . Still happy? Not tempted to try something else?
Portia: Reapplied this morning and really loved the fruity floral aldehydes. The roses seemed extra prominent. It’s been so long since I wore a fragrance this often that I rarely get to note the subtle changes depending on the day. So yes, I’m still enjoying the experience. There have been some yearnings but nothing irresistible.

Telephoned my two best mates Kath & Phil. Got a call from Jin. Very chill morning.
Fed and walked the dogs through dappled sunshine. We didn’t go far, just through the park/cemetery across the road. It’s their favourite place to wander because there’s no traffic to spook Jinx. Even chatted to a very handsome young man sitting in the sun eating his lunch.

Gave myself a hearty respritz and thought how peaceful and undemanding it is to wear a single fragrance. I know Lalique EdT smells good, don’t have to think about mood, weather, wearing something different and spicing it all up. While there is none of the excitement of change and personalisation, there is a very zen kind of tranquility about reaching for one fragrance.

Talked to the manager of the pub that the owner is causing a fuss over our price increase. I feel good about the conversation and am going to craft my response to the owner tonight.

Lunch is leftover Vietnamese Rolls. I love making them. So fun.

I decided that it’s probably time I watched the DaVinci Code movies. I never read the books and didn’t see the films. So my afternoon was spent on the couch with a few cups of coffee and Netflix. SO LAZY!

I cooked when Jin got home. Home made Pork Spring Rolls and Egg Fried Rice. Loads of veggies in both and sweet chilli sauce over them. YUM!!

Lalique EdT

Snuck back to the office for some more Lalique EdT. Tonight it smells like a CHANEL No 5 with extra fruit. There is a glamour added. Can’t exactly work out what it is.


After Jin went to bed I watched Angels & Demons. A fun romp. Ewen McGregor is one of my faves so it was a very nice surprise to see him turn up.
A spritz and then bed.

Woke up quite early for a bathroom break and Jin was already up. We chatted for a while and then went and did some necessity shopping and visited the Post Office.

We sat around a bit, I made us the last of the Vietnamese Rolls for lunch and then Jin had to go to bed because it’s night shift tonight.

I fed & walked the dogs. The weather is thoroughly British today. Not really rain but like mist has coagulated. Not really raindrops as such, not as we expect them here is Sydney anyway, just an ever present wetness that sticks to your jacket and the occasional half hearted droplet. Wandering through the park felt like I’d been transported back to the UK. It was lovely and awful in equal measure. First pic is from our balcony looking into the park while feeding the boys during a break in the weather. Second pic as we came home through the park/cemetery as it all got dark and dreary again.

We are entering extremely severe lockdowns tonight. One person per household per day allowed out to shop for necessities, no visiting or car pooling, only two people from the same dwelling allowed to exercise outdoors. This C19 Delta Variant is jumping with seemingly no rhyme or reason and the authorities are finding it impossible to trace linkages. Terrifying.

Question. Does anyone else have one of these clothes folding machines? Mine was a gift from BFF Kath. I bloody LOVE it. Seriously, it’s changed the way our drawers look and they fit so much more. Who knew such a simple gadget could bring me so much joy. I’ve had it a couple of years now but EVERY TIME I use it my thanks go out to Kath in my head.

Also, for anyone who is finding the grieving process surprising. You’re not alone.

Lalique EdT

So after all this adventuring my first spritz of perfume since going to bed last night is at 3.30pm. BOY! Was I ready to smell gorgeous again. Today in the cool rain Lalique EdT smells like an old fashioned Big White Floral with all the trimmings. This fragrance is such a shape shifter, It warms to its normal lovely self but that first few minutes of opening I was right back in the 1980s.

I started watching Inside The Freemasons on Netflix. SO interesting, can;’t stop watching them. Even got a bit teary there. Makes me want to go back 30 years and join up as a youth. I wonder if they’d have taken me?

Jin woke and trotted off to work. He’s a lovely and loveable man, it’s nice to have him as my husband.

Had myself the last of the leftover Spring rolls and Fried Rice for dinner while continuing to watch the Freemasons. It’s a bloody good advert for them.

Decided a bath was definitely on the must do list. Drew it with Tabac Original bubbles, some Radox bath salts and some Epsom Salts. Languished in there for the better part of an hour, playing Ludo and catching up on my mates doings on FB and Insta on my phone. BLISS!
Once out I popped on my brand new dark green skivvy from UniQlo. OOOOH! It’s lovely. So soft and stretchy. Hoping it will also be warm because the nights are quite cool at the moment.

Loaded up with Lalique EdT and it seems very ylang-y tonight. Maybe the jasmine and something in the bubble bath? Dunno. This is the closest to CHANEL No 5 it’s smelt. Like a close cousin. Less austere than No 5, more playful, maybe even flirty, where No 5 means business.

I just had a quick look at Sophia Grojsman on Fragrantica and every year she does a special version of Lalique with a different note more prominent. So, I think she may be in charge of keeping this fragrance so nice, which is why it’s still really good nearly 20 years on. I’m sure it’s changed with the times and modernised, IFFRAd, etc but still lovely and so easy to wear. TBH I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying the challenge, and this perfume.


GOSH! How is it Saturday already? I find myself majorly befuddled this morning. Lockdown is a strange void of time if you have no work to do. I’m curiously detached and have zero motivation to do anything. Making a coffee and talking to Jin seem like huge events. So weird.

It’s around midday and I’ve given myself a few hearty blasts of Lalique EdT. Suddenly the world does a Wizard Of Oz colour reveal and I feel human. So fruity this morning with a hint of paint thinner. OK maybe I’ not quite back to normal HA HA HA HA!

Cleaned Paris teeth, he bloody hates it. Gives me death stares for hours afterwards.

Jin went off to bed because he’s working again tonight.
I fed & walked the dogs. Met a couple of local friends by chance as we were walking. It was really nice to chat and hear others lockdown stories. We kept well apart and it was good. I feel invigorated.

Jumped in the car and grabbed some necessary items at the supermarket and our local Korean grocery store.

Home and did some desultory blogging, FBing, Insta.

Spritzed some more Lalique EdT, just because.

Made coffee, some late lunch and TV. OOOHH! Found some cheese and stuff for lunch. YUMMY!

Lalique EdT

I’ve discovered Belgravia! Goodness gracious, what a pot boiler. I’m thoroughly captured. Made by the creators of Downton Abbey (which I still haven’t seen).

Belgravia was so fabulous I watched the whole series in one afternoon/evening!

Fed & walked the dogs. We’ve had rain today so wandering through the sparkling clean streets in the very cool air was delightful.

Then I watched the first 3 episodes of Australia’s Win The Week game show. That was cool too.

Gave myself some hefty spritzes of Lalique EdT and hit the hay.


This morning I must have roused enough that when Jin came home and got into bed I left and went to the spare room. Neither of us remember when it happened.
Slept like dead people until Jin brought Paris in. He immediately jumped up on the bed and snuggled in. At this point I think I drifted in and out of sleep for about half an hour.

Got up, spritzed Lalique EdT, fed the dogs and the we both took them for a long wander of the neighbourhood. They couldn’t believe their luck. We left in full bright sunshine and as we turned for home the dark clouds came streaming across the sky. In a couple of minutes we were lightly rained on. Then about 200m from home the heavens opened and we were drenched. Fortunately not far from home where warm, dry clothes awaited us.

Once home I made us some Bacon, Avocado & Salad Sandwiches with Hummus as the dressing. SO DELICIOUS!

As my body warmed up on the walk and now sitting down after lunch I can smell Lalique EdT. It really is a beautifully formed fragrance. Fruity sweet, floral and warm. It is both glamorous and extremely comfortable, never overwhelming but perfectly present. If I was ever looking for a signature fragrance it would fit the bill for what I’m looking to smell like regularly. That it isn’t worn by everyone else on the planet also makes it a good choice. Popular but not too popular. It’s afternoon of day 7 and I still enjoy the fragrance and its trajectory, that’s a very nice surprise.
PS: I can’t believe how much perfume I used in a week! This bottle was full to the first gold shoulder.

Lalique EdT: The Week Portia Wore One Perfume

Set to cleaning up the gift box. Do you have such a thing? I collect things all year on special or particularly person perfect and I put them into an old wooden blanket box. At Xmas or for birthdays I then have such an easy and fun adventure pulling out everything and assigning it to everyone. It looks like I’ve spent a lot of money and time but really it’s just dribs and drabs throughout the year. It has been groaning with stuff so I pulled it all out and repacked. Some excellent stuff this year.

Jin decided to do table BarBQ on the large hotplate tonight. We had sliced duck breast and a slew of Korean veggies. To that I added the humble sliced onion, potato and sweet potato. They taste unbelievably good cooked in duck fat. We had so much to talk about and eat that I forgot to take a photo. We also had a couple of sojus each, Korean rice wine/liqueur.
He’s such bloody good company.

I ran myself a bath and got out at about 12.10am Monday morning. My Lalique EdT week is done.


Funny thing, one of the only prior mentions of Lalique on Perfume posse was in reference to the bottle they created for Habanita by Molinard.

So, Lalique EdT? Sound like your jam? Also, do you ever give yourself challenges just because?
Portia xx

  • Patty says:

    You are so brave, I don’t think I could bear to wear only the same scent for a week! 🙂

  • Brigitte says:

    This post was very reminiscent of Scent Diary. Loved it. As you know I have done weeks of just one fragrance…. Reglisse Noire for almost four weeks (thunk) and Assam of India seven weeks straight a couple of summers ago. This week I have been living in Patchouli Nobile. Might stick with it for a while.

    • Portia says:

      Hey Brigitte,
      Yeah, it gave me happy memories doing this week. Often that was the most read post of the week over at APJ.
      Assam of India has been on my radar for years, thanks to you. I never did take the plunge.
      Portia xx

  • MizChris says:

    I absolutely LOVED this review, Portia and wouldn’t have cared if it was twice as long. It was such a treat to read! Never tried the Lalique but I have worn the same thing for a week or more. First time I remember it was L’Artisan’s Tea for Two. Gawd, was I sick of that when the week was over.

    Recently, I have been dousing myself (I work from home) for the past 2 weeks with vintage Balmain Jolie Madame. The intense heat (it’s been in the 90s and humid every damn day) really amps up the violet leaf until I can almost taste it (a good thing). Nothing quite so wonderful as wearing a vintage leather fragrance when it’s hot enough to melt the lip gloss off one’s face. : )

    Love to you, Jin and the canines. Thanks for such a sweet read.

    • Portia says:

      Hey MizChris,
      OMG! Tea for Two would be an amazing week wear. So multifaceted. Yes, the Lalique has now gone into a box in the cupboard. It might be a while before I use it again.
      Vintage Balmain Jolie Madame! You smell fab. Leaning into the heat with perfume is an excellent way to get through it. HA! “Melt the lip gloss!”
      Portia x

    • Musette says:

      OMG! Leather in extreme heat! MY SISTAH! I love wearing leather frags in high Summer, as well. If you have some, try Chanel Cuir de Russie parfum in 90s. It. Is. Sublime.


  • March says:

    WHAT AN AMAZING POST!!!! I had a crap day at work and I just read this whole thing twice, cheering myself up. It wasn’t just the perfume, it was a week of your life — all the ups and downs, all that amazing food, being invited for a peep into someone else’s daily and weekly rhythm…. absolutely delightful. Glad you got the jab, glad it didn’t knock you out, so sorry your lockdown’s so strict but you seem like you’re making it work. And thanks for the TV recommendations I have not seen! XOX

    • Portia says:

      Thanks March,
      I used to do this kind of thing every Sunday on APJ. It’s a really fun way to remember and remind myself how damn wonderful life is.
      Did I also tell you to watch The Resident? Matt Czuchry leads a wonderful cast.
      Portia x

  • AnnieaA says:

    How I have missed the reviews of the week, Portia! In Normal Times I’d consider wearing just one perfume a punishment, but there has been many a week where I have only worn Douceur de Siam, or the Bulgari blue tea. Glad to hear that round one of the jabs is done.

    • Portia says:

      Hey there AnnieA,
      I forgot how much fun it was to do a weeks roundup.
      OOOH! Blue Tea is that good? I have Green and Black. Thanks for the tip.
      Yeah, can’t wait to get the second one and then we are reading that a third jab later on of any of the others is a really good idea too.
      Portia x

  • Jennifer S says:

    Though Lalique wouldn’t be for me, too fruity, I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Jin looks like a fab cook…lucky! And I hadn’t heard of Belgravia! I’ll have to check it out as I loved Downton Abbey. Are those rescue greyhounds by chance? Stay safe out there!

    • Portia says:

      Jin is a really good cook JenniferS. It’s wonderful.
      Yep, we rescued them straight fro the trainer and I did the worlds entry training with them. They’d never used stairs or been in homes, it was all very exciting.
      Portia xx

  • Dina C. says:

    Loved reading about your week, Portia. All the yummy food, wonderful baths, walks with the dogs, sleeps, etc. It’s amazing how many different ways the Lalique could smell, and that you didn’t get sick of it. I wore Bois des Iles four days in a row once in response to a game, and I was really tired of it by the end in spite of it being a favorite of mine. And that was only four days!

    • Portia says:

      Hey DinaC,
      I think the experiment works less well with already favourite fragrances. Those have already been worn, parsed, loved and have divulged their secrets.
      If you do it again wear something new and cheap.
      Portia xx

  • Musette says:

    This? This is one of the loveliest posts I’ve read in EVER! I won’t bang on about you and Jin because you already know how much I love both of you – and both of you together. ’nuff said on that.

    The Challenge Week read was fascinating, Portia – it was intriguing to read how the perfume morphed. I have no real recollection of Lalique, especially as it has touches of No5 drifting around it. I may have a sample in the Messy Armoire, will test it.

    Wishing you all the best, mentally, as you go into Delta Lockdown. We’re not there, yet. Yet. This is a rough time for humanity, coming to terms with the fragility of our existence.

    Grief. yeah. You know what mine was? My sister’s death. Eight months after, I thought I was fine. Then, the weirdest thing: I was driving down to the next town, it was hot… I cracked open the passenger front window and the window behind me – a trick my sister taught me to blow a breeze through the car without it just slamming into my face – and a wave of grief hit me so hard I had to pull over! I cried like a baby for what seemed like forever. All because of those windows.

    • Portia says:

      Thank you Musette,
      Yeah, Jin and I so fortunate.

      I think that the Lalique EdT would fly well under the radar of most perfumistas, especially one like you who LOVES No 5. You wouldn’t need a close cousin because you have the real deal.
      Delta has kicked all our asses hard. Fingers crossed you guys dodge this bullet.

      Bloody grief. Guerilla attacks for years.
      Hugging you about your sister.
      Hugging you in general.
      Portia xx

  • Kathleen says:

    I loved reading about your week wearing Lalique. As lovely as a signature scent sounds, I love too many perfumes to limit myself. I just may challenge myself to one perfume for one week, won’t be easy for me!
    I enjoy Sophia Grojsman creations and your fragrance loves as well and therefore, will need to sample Lalique. Do you know if EDT is similar to EDP? EDP seems easier to find. It looks like your bottle is the 20th anniversary limited edition from 2012, and per Fragrantica indicates the 1992 composition remains unchanged. Off I go to research!
    I hope all goes well with future dealings with the venue owner, and that your lockdown is effective in slowing the spread. Delta variant is creeping into the US as well, we’ve experienced some normalcy with vaccinations however, expecting things may change. xoxo

    • Portia says:

      Thanks Kathleen,
      Yeah. Doing it for a week was fun but I’m not sure it’s how I want to live my life given the choice.
      Sadly I don’t know about the EdP. I think you have my email? Send me your address and I’ll send you a few ml.
      OH, yes, thanks for the reminder. I got together with BFFs Kath & Phil and together we wrote a very measured reply. The bar owner came back with a grateful reply to that. I think he had been surprised, knee jerked a hasty, angry response and when confronted with kindness and facts responded well. PHEW!
      Portia xx

  • MMKinPA says:

    I used to have a bottle of this – bought in a lot on eBay with Tocade. I liked but not loved and ended up swapping it a few years later as I was never wearing it. I never had a signature- didn’t wear perfume that regularly before I went down the rabbit hole. My sister in law has two signature scents – one for cool weather, one for warm. I always know when she was in the room!

    • Portia says:

      Hey MMKinPA,
      I love that your sister has a warm and cool fragrance. In the shoulder months does she wear one for day and one for night?
      Portia xx

  • Cinnamon says:

    That was a great read. Love the last pic of you guys and the dogs. I used to be all about a signature scent — same thing every day sometimes for years and then on to the next one. Stopped working about 20 years ago. I sort of miss smelling of just one thing. This does not sound like it’s up my alley. Still enjoyed following you wearing it though. Best wishes with lockdown. We’re about to ‘open up’ on Monday which looks like it could be a madness. A lot of people are vaccinated here, but none as far as I know below age 18. And we’re already seeing a rise in cases due to Delta. Hope you enjoy returning to wearing different fragrances.

    • Portia says:

      Serial scent monogamy was my families thing for my whole growing up, though Mum would always have her two long term faves and a third favourite of the moment, and a car refresh bottle that would often be something completely different.
      Yeah, I’ll be interested to see how you all coming out of lockdown plays out over there. Your numbers look terrifying fro over here where we just went onto hard lockdown for 100 new cases a day.
      It’s been fabulous to get ALL the perfumes back on.
      Portia xx

  • Jo Ann says:

    So very interesting. Thanks for sharing your week. Glad to hear you two started your vaccines.