Still busted after all these weeks

Hey, Posse!  I’m STILL busted –  not as bad as the past few weeks.  But I’ve got just a few minutes before I have to stop typing – sigh.  But!  Doing some new ‘modalities’ (heh) – including my Very Best New Favorite Best Friend, where I grab a pull down weight (around 70lbs), sit down… and just hang there, head dropped with my arms parallel to my body (as opposed to a wide pull down). No movement – just sitting there, allowing my shoulder to think about what it’s done.  Sweatergawd! You can hear every vertebrae just realigning.  When not at the gym I use the top of a door frame.  It’s really helping.  Looks weird, though.

My goal, though?  Sleep.  Sleep is the New Seckx, as you’ve heard me say oh, so many times.  A night of Hot Monkey Sex with Idris Elba or a full, pain-free, refreshing night’s sleep?  Hate to say it.. but!  Buh-bye Idris.

Not quite there, yet.  Either with Idris or the much-desired sleep.  But it’s getting better.

It’s Hoth-level cold out there –   right in the middle of that ridiculously deadly storm.  High of -9F today, with 45mph winds.  M. Jacques (who sends his love) is freezing his doggy doodle off but has figured out that Haste is his New Best Friend. Poop/pee in record time, then a mad dash back to the door.  Smart dog.  We’re surviving, even with town-wide power outages.  Reminder:  get your Go Bags sorted.  Not that you have to actually GO! (go where?  it’s -9F with 45mph gusts) but have your flashlights and batteries/candles/etc at the ready.  I had some fumbling last night – and it was embarrassing.  Go Bag was a no-go.  Luckily I got all the jarred candles lit – but omg.  They were ALL scented.  All. Of. Them.


Even MORE embarrassing?  Welp!  I’d set out some unscented tealights (in clear bowls) but in the weirdness, completely forgot about them, even though they were sitting right next to all the ::cough:: scented candles.

Do a drill every month, just to remember where your flashlights are andget some unscented jarred candles.  I am not a fan of tapers for anything other than dinner.  But 3 Amouage candles going at once is a bit much, olfactorially.  Trust me.

So.  Tell me what’s going on with you?  Are you in the midst of this storm or are you sitting on a beach somewhere, sipping a mimosa?  I do hope it’s the mimosa because -9F with 45mph winds kinda sucks.


Once this shoulder thing subsides I’ll have M. Jacques poke a pawnail and we’ll pick a story winner!  Then, when the storm subsides, we’ll get the stuff to the PO.  My bfffe said it’s supposed to be in the FIFTIES next week?  Huh.

Wake me up when that happens.


I love you all.  buh-bye (for now) Buh bye, Idris.  Mama loves you – just not as much as she loves a good night’s sleep!




  • Anna Egeria says:

    The sun is shining this morning and the snow is melting slowly.The blizzard was horrible and I worried the most for the outdoor cats I feed freezing to death. I hope you heal quickly. Wishing you an absolutely fabulous 2023!

  • Tara C says:

    I’m at the beach in San Diego, thankfully not experiencing the polar vortex. But I feel you on the shoulder pain. I had a similar episode in early 2019 and it was very unpleasant. Wishing you a speedy and complete healing!

  • Queen-Cupcake says:

    Aww, Musette! I hope you’ve scored some quality sleep by now. I sometimes make use of the special gummies… We keep flashlights, etc. all over the house but very luckily, hardly ever lose power. Now, my old neighborhood in Erie County… ugh, so sad for them. Be well, sweets! XO

  • Tom says:

    I am sorry to read this- hope you get better soon. At least there’s no shoveling?

    Good reminder on keeping that Go bag ready to Go.

  • March says:

    LOL that photo. Hon, I am so sorry you are dealing with this right now, although glad it’s getting a bit better. And I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve overlooked some obvious thing that I realized later. Glad you didn’t asphyxiate yourself with Amouage although what a way to go. I stayed home this year as you know but man oh man am I glad I did, given the blizzard and air travel situation right now.

  • cinnamon says:

    Ouch — and can’t quite picture what you’re doing with at 70 lb weight… hope it helps. Pictures of US a bit of madness. Hope it does lift soon for you and MJ. No mimosa or beach but life is strangely quiet and soft feeling.

  • alityke says:

    That stretch band over the door pull was my frenemy for months a few years ago. Was as useful as a chocolate teapot. In the end I opted for the steroid injection & rest for a week after it. Rarely get the shoulder pain now but when it happens I go straight in with the steroids.
    Hoping it works better for you & that you & Idris get some HMS soon!
    The UK news has been carrying footage of the Mid West storms. At times I’m happy with the UKs relatively stable weather, grey & damp looks much more appealing than zero visibility, blizzards & high winds.
    All the scented candles sound like being in a club in the 80s with all the 80s big hitters radiating off hot dancing bodies
    Wishing you & yours a happy & healthy 2023 x

  • Kathleen says:

    We also had the polar vortex with record lows and wind chill even worse. We lost internet service but thankfully no power. I would’ve been happy to have been in your dark beautiful Amouage candle scented house! Are there any other kind of candles besides scented? 😉
    Wishing you continued healing!

  • Maya says:

    Your gym workout sounds like torture, though I do like the idea of vertebrae realigning. Got pretty much the same weather here as you do there – awful. The good news is that Wednesday should be in the 50’s and Thursday in the 60’s. All scented candles!!! lol. Hurry up and get better, Idris Elba can only wait so long. 😉

  • Dina C. says:

    Bless your aching shoulders and very scented dark house, Anita! Poor you! Here in Virginia we were experiencing the coldest Christmas in 20 years down around 9 degrees with a windchill waaaaay below that. But thank goodness we didn’t lose power since our lines are buried in this neighborhood. We’ve spent a lot of time a home, wearing fuzzy slippers, warm woolen socks, lots of natural layers, and a blanket in a pear tree-ee–ee. 🙂

  • Portia says:

    Heal up quick Musette.
    Thinking of you with 3 Amouage candles going at once. Killing yourself with fragrance and spending BIG $$$$s to do it.
    Love you buddy,
    Portia xx

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    It has been very cold and windy where I live, the recent storm total is 51 inches of snow and I don’t recall in my half century+ such a long stretch of terrible. Today is the first to be out of the house in a week, and thankfully I do get to work remotely. Around 15 years ago we nearly froze to death in an extended power outage, so we sacrificed future vacations and installed a beast of a generator. Worth every penny.

  • ElizaC says:

    Right now, its the normal Seattle rain and wind. Last week, we had an ice storm and the entire city turned into a skating rink. We took one look at our ice covered steps, sidewalks and street and chose to spend a few days comfy at home, baking gingerbread.