Naptime (and winners – and a giveaway)

My darling Posse –

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me IRL – I am not a napper.  I’m dirunal AF, getting up at 4:30a in Summer and (gasp!) 6a in Winter.  Nighttime is not the right time for this lima bean – I’m usually in bed (and fast asleep) by 10p.  If I’m up at 11p, you know I’m stressing over something that is probably best left until morning – but whatchagonnado, right?

I’m also unable to sit still for long periods, most especially if the weather is fine; I suspect this is some deep seated Puritanical bent, ‘Idle Hams are the Devil’s Porkchop’ and all that – if it’s gorgeous out – and daytime – I simply cannot waste it being asleep. Gotta be doin’, y’know?

But every now and again the planets will align, rain will fall (or fog will settle) it’ll be a grey, cloudy day, I’ll have been Up and Doing since 3a…and the need to take a nap will fall on me like a weighted blanket.  When that happens I… well, I take a nap.  ps.  it helps if it’s a Sunday.

Arina Krasnikova –

So this Sunday – I’d been up since the crack of o’dark-thirty, having gone to bed at (gasp!) 11:45p because I’d given in to my anxiety about dying with an office full of outdated files and filled three banker’s boxes with paper (I do not need paperwork on sand mine projects from 10 years ago).  Destruction of the paperwork, along with other stuff ahead of the afternoon rains had me worn out.  So.  A hot shower…and a nap.

But what perfume to wear for this nap.  And making that decision?  You’d think I was deciding whether to punch in the nuclear codes.  Here were my considerations (and what they brought to mind): (btw – this actually happened)

  1. Lubin Gin Fizz.  Yikes!  Too sparkly..but also a tad melancholy, as sparkly fragrances are wont to do (has that happened to you, where there’s that little bit of melancholy lurking under an otherwise carefree zing of citrus and aldehydes?). Sniffing it brought to mind Princess Grace’s life and untimely passing.  The fairytale…gone sour.. which then brought to mind the uncertainty of Life for us all… that’s a lot of heavy lifting for one little hour’s nap. No, thanks.
  2. Amouage Lyric EXTRAIT.  Because, apparently, I am a Nap Masochist.  This brought to mind something Patty said years ago when we were in MiN(NY) one evening, sniffing Lyric ‘it’s gorgeous but you can’t focus on anything else’ (paraphrasing there).  And if you think she’s right re the regular parfum, you orta try  the extrait!  I probably could’ve fallen asleep wearing it but it would’ve been a dreamfest of velociraptors in mink stoles and pearls, stomping up 5th Avenue to terrorize Bergdorf – and it’s the old Bergdorf, with the dove-grey carpet, because velociraptors prefer terrorizing the old Bergdorf, just ask ’em.
  3. Guerlain Lys Soleil – alas, since it was raining and grey Lys Soleil formed a discordant counterpoint to the day – the lilies are nearly done,  the cool, grey, wet day feels Autumnal, waaah waaaah, cry me a river, etc etc – this one almost had me in tears.  So nonono..
  4. Obviously I’m insane and Making Up Stories – these are gorgeous scents that I love but none of them said ‘oooh!  I’ll soothe your fractious soul and knit up your raveled sleave of care’
  5. You know what did say that?  And delivered?  Uncle Serge’s Daim Blond. Oleksandr Canary Islands

    Longtime Posse know of my adoration for that beauty – and a rainy, 70Fs day is perfect for napping in Daim Blond.  That lovely, dried apricot and soft warm suede scent is the perfect cocoon of temperance and solace, comfort without being cloying.  You’re in the walled garden of a beautiful house in Bruges – you fall asleep and the housekeeper sends a maid out with a soft cotton blanket to drape across your legs as you slumber in the chaise.  Later, when you awake, there’ll be cool lemonade, freshly made.  But right now, right at this moment, it’s you, the chaise and the murmuring of busy bees as they forage the waning Summer flowers. At least that’s what I got, while I was plummeting down the well of exhaustion, with Daim Blond wrapping itself around me to cushion that fall.  For the next 90 minutes it was just me and the (imaginary) bees ; when I awoke it was still raining, there was no chaise, dagnabbit AND I had to make my own lemonade, of course.  Fantasies kinda suck that way, alas.

But it was lovely!

So!  What scents work for you when you think of napping?  Gourmand? Citrus? Floral? Musk? Do you have a Nap Scent?  I think Daim Blond will forevermore be that Nap Scent for me, but I’m also open to suggestions.

M. Jacques would like to know (he wears Eau du Chien, that charmingly weird mashup of wet dog, wet dog farts and the allure of Living in the Moment that is the epitome of a happy, healthy, snoozing dog.  If you tell him, he’ll throw your name into the rando(org) mix and poke a Winner!

and that reminds me:  I owe you guys some WINNER! Sorry I didn’t reply to any of your lovely comments on the Peachy post but we were delivering parts to the wilds of Wisconsin in an unsprung 2-ton pickup.  After last year’s trip (‘uh..Mike?  Let’s stop – AGAIN’) I learned to drink NOTHING before boarding the Unsprung .. my bladder was grateful, lemmetellya.  So was the driver.

BRIGITTE!  Holla at us on gmail (evilauntieanitaAT) – and I’ll get some fun stuff to you!



  • Brigitte says:

    Woo hoo!!! I haven’t won anything in a long time! Thank you!!
    I like comfort scents for naps… like Fresh White Musk or All That Matters

  • seoeo says:

    My go to is Tam Dao – something about that milk and wood that gets me all cozy and warm. I think because all of the houses I’ve lived in have had wood floors… and rain with wood makes it smell so dang good!

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    ‘Idle hams are the devil’s porkchop’–I have never heard this one but it made me laugh (while sitting all day) at work, so thanks for that! 🙂 I do not have a specific nap scent, but generally select something from my B&BW mist collection before bed.

    • Musette says:

      a friend came up with that saying and I have treasured it ever since. It is perfect!

      I love that so many of us use mists for bedtime!

  • March says:

    Ooooh, what a great post! I love a nap, one of my favorite things, particularly on a rainy/cloudy day which is unusual here, most of the time I’m pulling the blackout curtains lol. I like to spray my pillow with the Tisserand Pillow Mist (jasmine, vanilla, lavender) that Cinnamon wrote about awhile ago and I ordered some, such a soothing scent to drift off to.

    • Musette says:

      That mist sounds like it’s PERFECT for you – especially with that lavender, which I know you love! I also know you love the hell out of a nap!

  • taxi says:

    Miserable & non-ambulatory after surgery a few years ago, Perfect Coconut from Sarah Horowitz was soothing & made me feel “snuggled” as I drifted off. It was so calming that I bought a big bottle but I guess the almonds & coconuts in that batch came from different trees, because it’s not the same.
    I have to pick something else now for the time I’ll be laid up in a SNF after knee-replacement next week. Prada Infusion d’Iris? A tea? A light amber? MPG Secret Datura? I have a few days still to decide.

    • Musette says:

      Maybe choose a few scents? When my back went out I lived in Amouage (Gold and Jub25) and No 5. I would’ve tried others but… I couldn’t reach the dresser! LOL!

  • cinnamon says:

    I need to retry Daim Blond. No napping here. Only time I really tried was after baby arrived and health visitors said “try to rest when baby rests”. No go. And the joys of working ‘for yourself’. I have binders for a given year which I throw at accountant for taxes. And love love love the word ‘velociraptor’.

  • alityke says:

    I was always an early bird by nature, literally up with the larks. Night shifts made me puke. Couldn’t sleep in the daytime. A night out used to require naps prior to preening.
    Now I’m retired? I can go back to sleep after the birdsong alarm & only rarely nap.
    I tend not to wear scent for any sleeping non-action, it keeps me awake. The only exception is Caldey Island Lavender thst I use as a pillow & linen spray

    • Musette says:

      I love pillow sprays! I use a lot of the Dr Teal’s Sleep Spray, which has lavender and melatonin therein. It’s lovely!

  • Dina C. says:

    I’m the opposite of you, when it comes to naps, friend. For as long as I can remember my body has come to a full halt in mid-afternoon. This was tough to deal with in school and when I worked outside the house. Nowadays I can rest, take a siesta, every day, unless the blasted landline rings. My perfect nap scent is Burberry Brit Rhythm for Femme which has lavender, iris, musk. It’s a lesser-known flanker. Cheap and cuddly. I read a study that says humans are most tired at 1:45 p.m., and that’s true for me. The power of suggestion?

    • Musette says:

      that makes sense, Dina, especially if one has lunched. I remember eating a particularly rich pasta (lobster in a brie cream sauce) and falling stone asleep at my desk!

  • Maya says:

    I’m not much of a napper and couldn’t think of anything. Then – FM Dans tes Bras. The name fits the perfume. It’s good for bedtime and mellow, relaxing evenings. It makes me smile.

  • Tom says:

    Daim Blond is a special love of mine, but I don’t necessarily find it nap-ish. My fave for napping is MKK: I feel like I’m curling up with some warm beast.

    I get you on the Aldehydes- for me the Dallas Le Labo was like that. Starts off all champagne wishes and caviar dreams bu quickly gets an edge to it that’s deeply unsettling. A party that’s gone over the edge- the laughter has more than a touch of hysteria and the whole thing could go “Day of the Locusts” at any minute.

    Dang I wish I’d bought a bottle when I could’ve..

    • Musette says:

      OMG, Tom! I BLARTED! That is PERSACKLY! what the Dallas LL smelled like! I had such a journey with that one – the first time I sprayed it was a tester at Chicago Barney’s – it was perfection. I actually bought a bottle – but it was never the same – and I had very much the same experience as you; after the first 10 minutes all I wanted to do was take some Alka-Seltzer, a Midol, a valium…

  • Tara C says:

    Daim Blond is a wonderful nap scent… I need to identify something for this category, as I am fond of naps. I normally go for gourmand, but incense can be good too…

    • Musette says:

      I rarely do incense, as something ‘sweaty’ always comes to mind, like cassocks well past their wash date (yikes! sorry) – the only one I ever loved was Encens Mythique d’Orient, which I gave to March because she loved it even more than I did. I would’ve napped in that one!