Serge Lutens is Not Your Bitch

Serge Lutens is not my perfume bitch.  Neither is Chanel or Guerlain or Dior.  They don’t have to make the perfume I want them to make or think they should be making.  They make a bottle, and if I like… Continue Reading

Are You a Perfume Addict?

Not too long ago, one of our perfumista buddies on here bid on a bottle of something on eBay, only to realize after she won that the price was listed in British pounds rather than dollars.  Oops.   So she wrote… Continue Reading

Niche Perfume & Classic Fragrance for Intermediates – Perfume Education 201

Perfume Education 101

Welcome to Niche Perfume and Classic Fragrance for Intermediates – Perfume Education 201 – the intermediate/advanced list of suggestions for fragrances to smell, with input from our panel of experts (aka our blog commenters). You can tackle the fragrances on this… Continue Reading