Santal Volcanique by Maison Crivelli

Hey there Posse! Santal Volcanique by Maison Crivelli didn’t come to my attention properly until a spritz at our big city David Jones caught my attention. Yes, I had tried it previously and liked it enough to buy a 30ml… Continue Reading

CHANEL Jersey from the Les Exclusifs

Heya Posse, A girlfriend recently asked for a decant of CHANEL Jersey EdT. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t get a LOT of wear around here. Most of my 200ml has gone is decants and an early split. I think there… Continue Reading

Desert Nights by Who Is Elijah

Heya Posse! I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this Aussie brand Who Is Elijah. They are selling worldwide and Desert Nights was their very first release. From the Oz site: “Raquel Bouris is the Founder & Creative Director of… Continue Reading

Van Py Rhum Lorenzo Pazzaglia

Hey there Posse! A brand new house to me. Discovered on Surrender To Chance and bought because the name looked cool. Van Py Rhum, and I’m most probably sounding it completely wrong in my head, feels good in my brain.… Continue Reading

Mandarine by L’Artisan Parfumeur

Hey there Posse! Launch your minds back to 2006 and Mandarine by L’Artisan Parfumeur. At the time they were one of the most groundbreaking houses with a 30 year niche history already. Back then very few could touch them. Olivia… Continue Reading

H24 Eau de Parfum by Hermès

Hi posse. The other week I was sniffing in our premier department store David Jones city with my mate Michael. We stopped by the Hermès concession and the SA was so lovely we stayed for about 30 minutes just chatting… Continue Reading

1001 Perfumes – The Guide by Daniel Barros 2024

WOO HOO! Posse, you may know that Daniel Barros has been writing 1001 Perfumes – The Guide for a South American audience for years. This is the first year it has been translated so all of us English readers can… Continue Reading