From the Vault: A Few of my Favorite Roses

(Note — while I engage in blog cleanup and fix-up, I run across old Posse posts that make me happy for various reasons.  I’m going to be re-posting some of them From the Vault. ~ March.) This is the view… Continue Reading

Serge Lutens Vitriol d’oeillet Review (Patty)

Serge Lutens Vitriol d’oeillet – Carnation dressed in worn leather over a white lace thong and teddy, perched on stiletto leather booties and rides a Harley custom painted in bright pink. First, pop over to Grain de Musc and read… Continue Reading

Serge Jeux de Peau – Patty

Seriously? Bread, apricot and immortelle? Did Serge wake up one morning and think – “What notes could I put together to make Patty deliriously happy?” Well, I already have deliriously happy because my big, stinky double-bloom daffodils are opening in… Continue Reading

Serge Lutens Fourreau Noir

Serge Lutens Fourreau Noir has notes of tonka bean, lavender, musk, smoky notes.  Well, you know Serge loves to give us lots and lots of particulars on his newest creation.  *rolls eyes*  Let’s assume his next scent will be released… Continue Reading

Serge Lutens is Not Your Bitch

Serge Lutens is not my perfume bitch.  Neither is Chanel or Guerlain or Dior.  They don’t have to make the perfume I want them to make or think they should be making.  They make a bottle, and if I like… Continue Reading