Cheap and Cheerful: Florida Water

It’s hot here. And Humid. Now, I know that I should add the addendum “humid for LA” because the actual humidity has got nothing on the rest of the country, where it can get to 100% without even having an… Continue Reading

Disco Stew, Too: Halston for Women

Last time I nattered on about the guy fragrances from Halston; this time let’s talk about the ladies. Halston (Now “Halston Classic”) Was released in 1975 according to Fragrantica, with notes of: Top notes are Green Leaves, Mint, Melon, Bergamot… Continue Reading

I Want to Find a New Perfume that Smells Like…

How do I Find a New Perfume? … is one of the most common questions I hear over and over, phrased in a thousand different ways.  It can vary from – “I used to wear Giorgio, but it smells like Mule… Continue Reading

Niche Perfume & Classic Fragrance for Intermediates – Perfume Education 201

Perfume Education 101

Welcome to Niche Perfume and Classic Fragrance for Intermediates – Perfume Education 201 – the intermediate/advanced list of suggestions for fragrances to smell, with input from our panel of experts (aka our blog commenters). You can tackle the fragrances on this… Continue Reading