Goodbye to my Perfume Connection

Perfume Pose logo

For about a decade there has been in Australia a perfume chain known as Perfume Connection, consisting of mall outlets in major cities, and a website. Today the Perfume Connection shop in my city closed its doors. When it began,… Continue Reading

The Good Ol’ Days – and a giveaway

by “Don’t Panic!  March Will Be Back” Musette   March is finishing up some stuff that is taking up 10,080 minutes this week so I’m stepping into her Size Sixes (I’m 5’9″ tall and …well, let’s just say those boots… Continue Reading

Joanna and the Amish

by the draft-horse lovin’ Musette           Last week, in the Beach Baby post, Joanna and I got into a conversation about appropriate scents to wear when visiting the Amish.  She kindly allowed me to use excerpts… Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Perfumes of Summer

Summer. Summersummersummer. You know what’s weird about summer?  It’s a horse of a totally different color, depending upon where you are and who you are (or used to be).  I spent the last 50o years of my life in an Urban… Continue Reading