Indie Perfumery Gift List 2015

Hey Perfume Posse, a couple of years ago I did an Indie Perfumery Gift List and I thought it might be fun to do another Indie Perfumery list this year. So much out there and a lot of it is very… Continue Reading


The Road To SCENTSATION Heya Posse!! Portia here again from AustralianPerfumeJunkies. Here’s my problem, I have been buzzing about my trip to LA Scentsation for weeks now, I’ve planned my outfits, settled my VISA, Tickets and Money. I’ve organised to… Continue Reading

Roxana Villa To Bee

by that  Beeyouteeful Honeypie,  TOM         High in the hills above Malibu, Roxana Villa has been blending her wonderful botanical scents.  My favorites of hers evoke California, and her new scent in a way does as well.… Continue Reading