Orange you COLD???


Posse!  There’s cold.  And then there’s “it’s currently -16F with a windchill of -35F” cold. And… alas.. we is in it – and it sucks.   However, I’m in the habit of practicing gratitude, so let me tell you a few… Continue Reading

Daphnes and contrasts

Smelling Daphnes for the first time in May is the single greatest pleasure I have in my life that comes around reliably every year.  I got my first daphne right after my first son was born, when I was living… Continue Reading

Etat Libre d’Orange Tilda Swinton LIke This

Tilda Swinton and the people who brought you sperm perfume – together at long last. Exactly. Tilda Swinton is everying I’d like to be – (insert picture of odd-looking woman who is strangely hot and approachable in her weirdness if… Continue Reading