Cartier L’Heure VIII Diaphane (Patty)

Let’s all settle in to unpack the new L’Heures, shall we?  Anita is going to be reviewing one soon, Fougueuse (horse and tea according to Denyse), so I picked the one that I liked the name the best.  Did I choose well?  The notes?  Not so much.

Rose, litchi, peony.  Crap. Can I talk about the horse and tea one instead?  Well, maybe.  Diaphane is a perfectly lovely floral, the rose isn’t excessive, the litchi isn’t as sweet and overrotated as you usually find in the mainstream scents, and I really do love peony.  It’s a beautifully rendered floral, fairly light and gossamer dewy.  If you love your florals, you could do a lot worse and probably have.  If you’re not a rose fan, I don’t think you’ll find this heavy enough in the rose department that it would scare you off.

This would be pretty perfect to wear to a wedding, as a bride, to your prom, to lunch cocktails, definitely to the office. I do have to say, after I sprayed it on and went to the movies, I wound up liking it a lot. It’s got a sweetness in it – and I don’t mean sugary, more like innocence – that gave a great backdrop to “Blue Valentine.”  Can I just mention that no young, bright-eyed person should go see this movie. it’s definitely for us jaded  older people who have seen this movie in real life technicolor a number of times and nod our heads in understanding and chuckle.  Reviews kept saying it was depressing. I just thought it was realistic.  Highly recommend it.  They both deserve Oscar nods. I think Michelle Williams got one, but can’t remember if Gosling did.u

Can I talk about the horse and tea one yet?  Wait, Anita’s going to do that. But can I just say Fougueuse, the IV hour, sits you down at tea, the sun nice and warm on your skin, before you set off to the stables and bury your nose in your horse’s neck, with the smell of hay (fresh, not used) wafting through on the breeze.  Well, more about that later.  I want to put it in a sprayer and envelope myself in it to get a better feel for it.  Um, yeah, exactly.  I may need to drown myself in it.

Winners of the Cartier de Lune samples – rosiegreen62, Alice C, Shari, rednails and Vintage Lady. Just click on the Contact Us over on the left, send me your address, remind me what you won, and I’ll get you a sample sent out.

So Oscar nominations are out.  Have you guys seen many of the movies, none, all?  Predictions, hopes, favorites? I still need to see a few.

  • Doc Elly says:

    Well, I just received a Cartier de Lune sample, even though I wasn’t listed as one of the winners. Thank you, Patty!

    This makes me wonder if maybe someone else received some Dior samples? I’m not complaining, since I almost never win anything in drawings, but am just curious.

  • minette says:

    yep, horse and tea, but mostly horse. and barn. and everything else associated with horse. i really liked IV. this one is okay, too, but too pale for my tastes. does fit its name, though!

  • Clair says:

    It can be hard to find skilled individuals on this issue, but you sound like you understand what you are posting on! Thanks

  • jen says:

    I love the smell of horses, will have to try this. I thought the Social Network was really subtle and and I was surprised I liked it so much.

  • mariekel says:

    So glad there is now a Cartier L’Heure I don’t feel compelled to seek out! They sure are hard to locate. Don’t think anyone in DC has them, though March might be able to point me in the right direction.

    Oscars: Some lesser known and deserving folks got nominations this year which is unusual (I am rooting for Jown Hawkes only becuase he was in my favorite TV show of all time, Deadwood. Which, by the way, won NOTHING at the Emmys). I find all these awards shows to be no more than vulgar spending contests — studio with the most PR wins for its films and stars. I do like the parade of fancy frocks, though.

    But if Helena Bottom Feeder wins, I am boycotting permanently.

  • Congrats on the winners!!

    maybe next time hey!

  • Isa says:

    Congratulations to the lucky winners of Cartier de Lune! Panache draw was announced yet?

    My favourite nominated movie is Toy Story 3. I’m very happy with all its nominations, but I don’t know why it was nominated for best adapted screenplay, since it is an original screenplay. I liked Inception a lot too.
    Now I’m looking forward to seeing True Grit (I saw the 1969 one two days ago) and The Social Network.

  • Tiara says:

    Wonder if Diaphane would work for a 17 year old? For gifts, I try to give my niece age appropriate fragrances that she wouldn’t/couldn’t buy herself or that her friends aren’t wearing.

  • Alice C says:

    I’ve only seen Inception and True Grit. Between the two, I’d say True Grit…The Coen brothers did a wonderful job on this. I was not a fan of the original with John Wayne (blasphemy to some, but I have never been a fan of The Duke). I thought Jeff Bridges did a much better job with the Rooster Cogburn character. Hailee Steinfeld did a marvelous job as Mattie. She was nominated in Best Actress in a Supporting Role, which is just weird. She was the STAR of this movie, not Jeff Bridges; she stole the show!

  • maidenbliss says:

    There are some Cartier samples on their way to me. Horse and Tea or Peony? I’ll wait and see. Patty, you make me hope I’m gonna get Fougueuse.

    I’ve seen endless trailers of all the movies but want to see Blue Valentine the most. Love Michelle Williams, and I don’t believe Gosling got a nod.

  • ggs says:

    The Cartier L’Heures that landed on my wishlist was Fougueuse, when I got to sniff it pre-release, courtesy of the fabulous Denyse. I’m all about the black tea (mate) note (can’t get the accent to appear over the e, sorry!!) I am not a horsey person, but the hay/warmth/slightly musky-dirty aspect is not too dirty or animalic enough to make this too odd for the masses, IMO.

    I made a point of visiting a Saks during a recent stop in Tampa to sample it again, and bought a bottle on the spot from a most affable and friendly SA there(WHERE did I put his business card…he was just learning to check out the perfume blogs). When my checked baggage got lost on my return trip after multiple flight cancellations (aahhh… the snowstorm snafu’s this year in the US!) I was MOST WORRIED about my bottle making it safely home. And it did! And I love it! Many kudos and thanks to Mathilde Laurent for this one. And commendations to Cartier for jumping into the “boutique release” category with this whole line. Although the price point at $250 for just 50 mls, is daunting, unfortunately.

  • Musette says:

    What a setup! =)) I was just talking to a horse and a diamond ring the other day about Fougeuse….we’ll chat about that Very Soon, I promise!

    Patty…I am SO with you on Blue Valentine. If you’re young and in love (or waiting to fall in love…or just hoping it will happen and be wonderful and @};-@};- etc and who knows, it could happen 😉 : What Patty Said. Age brings interesting experiences. I lived Frank’s song moons ago…Now I often have a ~o) with Peggy Lee… but behind it all, there’s a whisper of Tony in September (showin’ my age and I Don’t Care [-( )

    xo >-)

  • Ann says:

    Hi Patty! I like most of the Cartier L’Heures and wanted to like this one as well, but that pesky peony kept reaching out and poking me in the nose. Oh well. On to horses and tea, and perhaps, soon, a bit of dusty chocolate, yes?

  • Sherri M. says:

    Well, it sounds pretty enough. With those notes, I would think it would be something like Quel Amour. I always connect that one with Mother’s Day. I confess my normally floral self has been wanting something with more bite late; I suppose it’s the cold weather. Somehow “horse and tea” sounds more appealing! Have been very out of it concerning movies, but after the kids’ basketball season finishes next week, will check out Blue Valentine! :-)

  • Amy K says:

    Um, horse and tea? Yes please!

    Oscar-wise, I think Natalie Portman will win best actress (and she earned it), but I’m rooting for the unknown girl from Winter’s Bone. I loved that movie, and I’m so glad some award buzz will get more people to see it.

  • Winifreida says:

    Hey time zone!
    Well as far as horse perfume goes, once I got my hands on Iris Silver Mist, it was all over…I will take that up with you-know-who when she posts.
    I’ve sampled all of the first series, decant of Mysterieuse, ADORE it…but its a bit like those cuisine minceur servings, just when you are gobsmacked at how gorgeous it is, the one mouthful is gone (sorry about a reference to the olden days for all the young folk on here)
    I’ve been having a bit of a pre-empting dark and stormy sniff-off between Mysterieuse and Onda EDP, which fit in the same personal niche of patchouli/earthy/woody/(mouldy) fulfillment for me, and well, Onda won.
    I know I’m back in the high-sillage era, and that modern perfumers have to tread a fine line between not offensive and too insipid for the die-hards – but the mass market would end up prevailing in the case of these lovely frags, they were all too light for me. And yet if they were not so expensive, I would buy the lot of them.

    • Wendy says:

      i am not you-know-who, but can i just say how pleased i am to hear someone mention ISM in the same sentence as the word horses? Although i do kinda like Kelly Calèche i cannot help but wonder if ISM does not actually capture the whole horse/riding gear/whip thing a whooooole lot better… :-?