Tauer Perfumes Zeta

I’ve changed my mind – if I’m reincarnated, I don’t want to come back as my dog, who spends an hour a day eating things he isn’t supposed to and the other 23 asleep.  Instead, want to come back as Andy Tauer, who’s funny and thoughtful and who – whenever I pester him with a scented question via email – responds from yet another travel spot in Europe.  The impetus for last week’s email was the arrival of an unexpected, rain-damp package containing samples of … Tauer Perfumes’ new scent, Zeta!

Here is a list of notes, compiled from his info sheet – lemon, bergamot, a sweet orange note, ylang, orange blossom absolute, steam distilled neroli, linden blossom, honey, rose (this may be a honey-sweet rose), orris, Mysore sandalwood, vanilla.

Zeta is “a linden blossom theme” – illustrated by a haiku:


Linden shade in June—

Sweet rose petals and the light

Of Syracusa.


Zeta’s part of Andy’s new Collectibles series: “low volume perfumery without any compromise, limited by the availability of raw materials that may change from year to year.”  Andy emailed me about the raw materials and cost – apparently the natural materials in Zeta are both pricey, regarding the materials I’m going to quote him:

You know, March, this is difficult to communicate as many perfume loving friends never had the chance to smell real Neroli, real linden blossom extract, real vanilla CO2 extract (although this they might know from the vanilla pods). They never had chance to smell real Sandalwood from Mysore and what happens when you bring the Sandalum alba and the double distilled Sandalwood from Australia, Sandalum spicatum, together…

It’s very soft and diffuse – it’s not the huge incense, rose, orris, etc. of some of the line.  Also, it seems to be minus that amber-y Tauer-ade base that frequently turns up.  It’s perfect for our April showers  – a quirky floral done by/for someone who’s not interested in smelling like a strawberry, a kiwi, a drunken cherry, or some nice fresh laundry musk.  There’s quite a bit of citrus at the top, and the neroli… okay, that part feels like Andy.

The linden’s lovely.  I may as well confess here that I’ve never smelled an actual linden tree in bloom, and my idea of what linden smells like is based on linden scents like d’Orsay Tilleul, Provence Sante Tilleul (the French word for linden blossom), I think Pre de Provence made a linden scent too?  Anyhow, to me, linden is the crossroads of hay, lemon, beeswax and honeysuckle.  It’s there in abundance in Zeta.  The sandalwood’s relatively subtle, giving the scent more dimension and a woody-sandpaper-velvet texture in the base, rather than beating me over the head.  It is less tenacious than some Tauers (Marocain, anyone?) but still lasts all day.

I have three sample sprays of this, courtesy of Andy, to give away, please leave a comment naming your favorite Tauer (if you have one) to be in the draw, just because I’m curious; all comments are in the draw; winners chosen at random. Comments are closed; I’ll announce winners next week.

Never tried any Tauers?  I love his discovery set – that little metal case is cute as a bug’s ear, as my Oklahoma-born daddy says…



  • Devon H says:

    My favorite Tauer…it’s a hard one. I have 6 of them. Probably…Une Rose Chypre. And Reverie au Jardin… :-)

  • Audrey H. says:

    Ive not tried any Tauer scents, would love to though. Thanks.

  • Kim says:

    In my never ending search for a true linden scent I would love to try this. I have yet to find a scent that comes close to real linden. I was lucky to live in an apartment building for a few years with a huge linden tree right outside my 3rd story deck and bedroom. Oh what heaven!! Provence Sante comes close but still doesn’t capture it – there is a lack of both a lushness and lightness to the scent that is missing.

  • dee says:

    I’ve only tried a few, but so far my favorite Tauer scent is Reverie au Jardin—I love lavender! :)

  • ElizabethN says:

    At the moment, nmy favorite Tauer is le Maroc Pour Elle. I sure would like to try this new one!

  • Kit says:

    L’Air du Desert Marocain is definitely my favorite, although my roommate loves Orange Star. I spread my perfume love to her :)

  • thea says:

    I’ve smelled his lavendar garden scent only so it must be my favorite. Though due to the notes and the concept I think orange star would be my fav if I could sniff the whole line. Thanks!

  • barbara says:

    yum….sign me up-this might well be my first Tauer…sounds delish….

  • EileenS says:

    Andy Tauer has kept my hopes up concerning modern perfumery. It’s so easy to think that we’re going to hell in a handbasket when all the IFRA regulations come out, followed by 800+ scents a year of which I really only want to smell 5.. then I smell once of his scents and realize we may yet be able to save civilization!

    My favorites are the incense based scents, currently Rose Incense. Rose Chypree does well in cooler weather for me, but the heat can make it almost overwhelming. A friend of mine with whom I shared this, however, loves it in all weather, so I’m sure there is just something about my skin.

  • dremybluz says:


  • Holly says:

    L’air du desert marocain is my current favorite, and since it’s a new love I’m looking forward to seeing how it does in the heat of the summer. I’d love to be entered in the draw, thanks!

  • Jennifer says:

    I love Incence Rose and Une Rose Chypre (and the two have been fighting over who will get adopted/bought first!).
    Please enter me I would love to try this!

  • lulllull says:

    Oh I would like to try this. After reading about it on Mr Branch’s blog I have gotten my hopes up about it. My favorite tauer is L`Air du Desert Marocain.

  • Linda says:

    Oh please enter me in the draw too! My favorite is L’Air du Desert Marocain, but I adore “the Tauerade” that permeates so many of his fragrances. It just thrums on my skin.

  • Sally says:

    Maroc Pour Elle. Please enter me in the draw. Perhaps Zeta will also be a true woman’s scent.

  • Susan says:

    I looooooove Incense Rose. But I think I like Carillon Pour un Ange more. I have a sample of Rose Chypree waiting to be tried too. Woo!!

  • Mary says:

    Lonestar Memories is my favorite Tauer–although I wear L’dDM more often, and Maroc Pour Elle, more often still. I keep my sample of LM in my desk drawer at work, for when I am tired and need me a horse, a trail, and some coffee–but must stay and work at computer and monitor. I have been thinking a lot about the linden note in perfumes–did you know Tabac Blond has linden? Long ago, I mixed my own herb teas and tisanes, and went out to shop for linden to use in a tea mixture to bring calm and good dreams. I found an herb store in Oakland, with branches of linden in brown paper bags, gathered, the proprietess said, by the light of the Full Moon. Uh, ok, I said.

  • moochebo says:

    I would have to toss-up between L`Air du Desert Marocain & incense Rose. I love them both – Oh – and Un Rose Chypree, also love that. I also like to buy my Tauer scents direct from his website, I like to think he would make more money that way

  • Dante's Bra says:

    My new favorite is l’air DDM, which by some coincidence i re-tried for the millionth time this last week and finally got it and loved it. Perfect for cold blustery spring. I also love l’eau d’epices, which is so radiant and warm and lovely.

    Thanks, Miss March and Andy T.!

  • Vasily says:

    Bottleworthy: L’Air du Desert Marocain, Une Rose Chypree, Incense Rose, Incense Extreme

    Decantworthy: Reverie au Jardin, Orange Star, Vetiver Dance, Lonestar Memories, Orris, L’eau d’Epices

    Can’t wear: Le Maroc Pour Elle, Carillon Pour un Ange

    I have full bottles of both L’air and Incense Extreme. Looking forward to trying Zeta. :)

  • mariekel says:

    I adore Andy — the nicest man in perfumery — and his lovely fragrances. Orris is my favourite, hands-down, sadly (perhaps my favourite perfume of all)> Though I do love L’Air du Desert Marocain and Maghreb and am fond of Incense Extreme.

    Please enter me in the draw — I will always want to try anything Andy creates.

  • CC says:

    Hi! I’m a big fan of L’Air du Desert Marocoin, ever since I received it in a swap a while again. Love the ‘Tauerade’ base. Thanks!

  • maggiecat says:

    This sounds absolutely lovely – neroli is one of my favorite notes – and I’m lemming a sniff already! I love L’Air Desert Morocain, but can’t wear it. Just love it though, and Reverie de Jardin as well. The man’s a genius, a true artist, and hearing that he’s a nice guy too – well, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

  • zeram1 says:

    Oh, my all time fave would have to be his Orris. I was lucky enough to have gotten one. Please enter me in the draw as well.

  • rednails says:

    I’ve tried Desert, and I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. Just because TS gave it 5 stars? But I’d love to try some others; maybe it would change my mind…:)

  • KathyT says:

    My favorite is Reverie au Jardin – love it! Thanks for the drawing.

  • Suzanne M. says:

    Hey, can I join in? I haven’t tried the more recent Tauer’s but have several of the older ones I love… L’Air, Vetiver Dance, and Incense Rose are all faves…

  • LindaB says:

    Sounds interesting! My favorite Tauer is Vetiver Dance. I’ve tried Lonestar Memories and so wanted to love it, but it is very harsh on me.

  • missy says:

    My fave Tauer is L’Air Desert Marocain (sp?). Unless it’s Zeta, which I haven’t tried yet (obviously).

  • FragrantWitch says:

    Ooh, this sounds absolutely gorgeous! Neroli and linden mmmm…
    I haven’t tried all of the Tauers (yet!) but I do love L’air du desert Marocain and really like Lonestar Memories on my husband – sadly on ‘me LM smells like I have just escaped a raging fire :-(
    Thanks for entering ‘me in the draw!

  • annie says:

    I’m such a putz,but it completely blows my mind,that you know someone like AT…how wonderful is that!!!??(am I drooling?)…I LOVE Maroc pour Elle,…am lusting for the set you mentioned…count me in on the draw,please…carry on perfumistas…..

  • Kim K says:

    Hi March,

    I am a big fan of maroc pour elle during the fall and winter, I wore it on a trip to boston in October and now its totally connected to that trip, and love wearing L’air during the summer. I live in Texas, and when I travel out west during the summer to see family, its crazy how it gets along with dry 100 degree heat.

  • Flora says:

    Please put my name in the hat! I adore linden. My favorite of Andy’s perfumes so far is L’Air du Desert Marocain, one of my top 10 perfumes of all time in fact, but I have not tried most of his more recent ones, although a few sniffs of Une Rose Chypree made me swoon madly.

  • DJ says:

    I wish I had a favourite Tauer…still wanting to smell some!
    please enter me in the draw :)

  • Kirsten says:

    Thanks for the draw!

    My favourites are L’Air du Desert Marocain and Une Rose Chypree.

    I love Linden Blossom. I used to park my car under some Linden (we call them Lime) trees at my old place of work, and the blossoms would stick to my windscreen!


  • Julie says:

    The only Tauer I’ve tried is LADDM and didn’t care for it. But I do need to try more of the line and love reading his blog – he is just a funny, generous, interesting guy. I would love to try this one – thanks for the draw!

  • Maria B says:

    Hi, Everybody! My favorite Andy is, alas, Orris. Wouldn’t it be great as a Collectible? Of the extant fragrances, my favorite would be either Une Rose Chypree or Incense Rose–or both. It’s hard to choose.

    Please put me in the draw. My mother used to give me linden flower tisane when I couldn’t sleep. It never did put me to sleep, and I’m sure anything by Andy wouldn’t either.

  • Daniele says:

    L’air du Desert Marocain! IT was the first Tauer I smelled, and I still thinks it’s unique in its class. I trying to decide last night which scent I would most want to smell on a ridiculously sexy man, and for me, I think it would be Marocain.

  • london says:

    Une Rose Chypree is my favourite with L’Air second. The rest don’t work on me personally though I appreciate the skill in them and think they are all interesting and unusual. I have high hopes for this one though.

  • Kym says:

    Please enter me in the draw! I have 3 Tauer’s, but my favorite is probably Carllion pour Ange. So interesting and beautiful and strange in a good way. I also adore Incense Rose. Thanks!

  • k-scott says:

    ooh want to try! i love andy’s perfumes, it’s so hard to pick just one… top three are l’air du desert morocain, incense extreme, and incense rose.

  • Victoria says:

    Sounds beautiful! Linden in perfumery is my favorite quest, as it is so hard to find something that conveys the beautiful quality of this material. I am currently enjoying Aftelier’s Honey Blossom for its lovely linden notes.

  • hotlanta linda says:

    Incense Rose & Le Maroc Pour Elle – but I think Rose Vermeille would tie if I had some to whiff!! Yes, my head is stuffed in a rosebush right now…:-)

  • Claudia says:

    I’ve never tried any Tauer perfumes, but I would love to be entered in the draw. Many thanks!

  • Elisa says:

    I *love* Andy Tauer. Current favorite is Incense Rose.

  • AnnieA says:

    L’Air du Desert Marocain is a friend’s favourite. Alas it reminds me of Lysol, even on her (it was a scrubber on me). Fortunately, she applies it really lightly so I get only subliminal antiseptic whiffs.

  • Claudia says:

    I’ve never been able to make up my mind which one I like best. I first liked Reverie au Jardin, but then I would also put L’Air du Desert Marocain on my wrist and drift off to sleep sniffing that, until I used up the sample. More recently I liked Un Rose Vermeillie….Heck, I just don’t know. Maybe it will be Zeta? Enter me in the drawing, so I can find out.

  • OperaFan says:

    I haven’t tried any Tauer scents since Une Rose Chypree – really should rectify the situation. My favorite keeps changing: L’Air seems to be the most frequent favorite, the others in the current favorite rotation are Vetiver Dance, URC, and Incense Rose.
    Please enter me in the draw!

  • Cymbaline says:

    I’ve been looking for a Linden perfume to love and can tell from your description that Zeta will be perfect! I’d love to try a sample, but might buy a bottle unsniffed since I haven’t tried a Tauer that I couldn’t wear. I’ve actually been saving up for this one since Andy started working on it!
    If I win any of the draws for Zeta I’ll probably buy Incense Rose. My absolute favorite so far is L’Air du Desert Marocain :)

  • jirish says:

    I have many favorites from this line. My top three are Incense Rose, Lonestar Memories, and Un Rose Chypree. I’m really looking forward to sampling Zeta, and have a feeling it will be my next full bottle purchase.

  • Nancy G says:

    Zeta sounds delicious – a tisane tilleule (linden flower) is what Marcel Proust was drinking with his madeleine.
    Eau d’Epices also sounds delicious.

  • Fernando says:

    It’s hard to name a favorite Tauer, they’re all quite good. But let’s say Une Rose Chypree, which is my wife’s favorite and smells wonderful on her. On my side of the dresser are L’Air du Desert, Incense Extreme, and Lonestar Memories, all of which are fantastic too. Except for LM, I have the (rare and collectible?) old-style flacons, but the new ones look amazing.

  • Erin T says:

    Love Andy’s work and there are only a few that don’t agree with me. L’air is still definitely my fave – and one of my all-time, all-brand faves – and I’ve always loved Lonestar Memories, too. I would have formerly said Incense Rose rounded out the top three for me, but I’ve been really enjoying Carillon pour un Ange lately, which is unexpected (not being a LoTV fan, as you know.) Thanks for entering me in the draw!

  • jen says:

    Incense rose, although I think I would like to smell like a drunken cherry!

  • Gretchen says:

    I may need to order that “bug’s ear” cute sample set, but here’s hoping I win one sample here! Please enter me in the drawing.

  • sunnlitt says:

    I have only tried Vetiver Dance. It was interesting, but not quite what I wanted to wear.
    I would love to be in the drawing.
    Thanks so much!

  • rosiegreen62 says:

    Please,please,please enter me in the draw. I love the smell of linden. I have only tried samples of the Tauers but I am trying to figure out how to justify a fb of Vetiver Dance.

  • helenviolette says:

    sounds like a delight. I am most fond of Une Rose Chypre.

  • dleep says:

    I love Maroc pour Elle and I never see it mentioned very often on the blogs. Everything he does seems so different from anything else out there. He is truly unique.

  • JeninDC says:

    I have only tried Vetiver Dance but I quite like it. I would really like to try Zeta so please enter me in the draw. Thanks!

  • Aparatchick says:

    L`Air du Desert Marocain. It was instant love – I was on the internet ordering a bottle before the topnotes had faded.

  • Rappleyea says:

    I’m lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with rows of linden trees. They are beyond gorgeous when they are all in bloom. Neroli e.o. is a favorite, so I am really excited to try this one!


  • Tiara says:

    Une Rose Chypree is my favorite. In very small doses thank you very much!

  • Alice C says:

    I love Lonestar Memories; being a transplanted Texan I had to give it a try! I want to try Orange Star as well, but Zeta sounds great… Thanks for the chance!

  • pyramus says:

    Lonestar Memories. Heaven.

  • grizzlesnort says:

    I really like ‘incense rose’ (but not on me.)

  • Tyler says:

    My favorite is Incense extreme followed by Orris.

  • Janice says:

    My favorite is Incense Rose. All of the Tauers I’ve tried–about 10 of them–are interesting and very distinctive, even when they’re not something I can necessarily wear, and I’m always curious to try his new ones.

  • bevfred says:

    I’m a huge Andy fan and hope I’m not too late for the draw.
    Le Maroc, L’air, Incense Rose and Reve all have their charms for me. I haven’t smelled any of the new ones and would love to start with Zeta.

  • Cheryl says:

    Une Rose chypree. And others are great too. Orris. Desert du Morocain. Just love the density of his work. Please enter me in the draw as well!

  • Style Spy says:

    My favorite Tauer is L’Air du Desert, although I haven’t yet tried most ofthem. So this Zeta – it’s a limited edition? So if I sniffed it and fell madly in love… ::nervous::

  • mals86 says:

    I have yet to try all of the Tauer scents, but it’s funny – the ones that “work” on me, really work, and the ones that don’t make me want to rip my arms off.

    What works? Une Rose Chypree. Carillon pour un Ange. Une Rose Vermeille. Le Maroc pour elle. Eau d’Epices. What doesn’t? Orange Star. Incense Rose. Incense Extreme. Reverie au Jardin. All of ’em, KillMeNow.

    My sister-in-law, who lives in Fairfax, has a linden tree in her front yard. It smells stunning. If Andy has bottled some version of that, it deserves high praise… so I’d love to sample Zeta.

    (And yes, the discovery kit box is the cutest thang! Fun to play with.)

  • Janell says:

    Orange star is still the best. I would love to try this. -Janell

  • Tulip says:

    Incense Rose is tops. URC is right there next to her. LAADM is better on my husband -I love both.
    Thanks for the draw.

  • Stacey says:

    I’ve got two favorites right now: Une Rose Chypree and Carillon Pour un Ange. Can’t wait to try Zeta!

  • Juno says:

    Marocain, by a mile. He’s a fascinating perfumer.

  • DinaC says:

    I haven’t had the chance to try any of Andy’s scents yet, but this sounds really nice. I also wish I could have tried the orris one — love iris scents. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks, March. I wish linden trees were more popular in our area, too, so we could smell them and get a really strong personal experience of smelling them.

  • GalileosDaughter says:

    It’s hard to name a favorite Tauer! For me, Incense Rose, for my husband, Lonestar Memories.

  • HikerChick says:

    I wear Incense Rose quite a lot during our cold NH winters, but love Reverie au Jardin best.

    Thanks for the draw!

  • karin says:

    L’addm for me. Thanks for the draw. We love Andy!

  • Catherine says:

    Vetiver Dance for me! I would love to sniff this if it has so much linden. I adore linden–the smell of trees in bloom cannot be equaled.

  • Sue says:

    I’ve only ever tried L’Air au Desert Marocain, so I would love to win a sample of Zeta. :) I think I may also have to get that discovery set – I love the tin and have been meaning to try the full line.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • sybil says:

    I love the smell of linden, and it always says “summer” to me, as the lindens around here bloom right about when school lets out.

    Please enter me in the drawing!

  • tania says:

    I’m wearing Carillon Pour Un Ange today, and loving it in the spring sunshine.
    My favourite Tauer varies depending on the season. In summer I love Orange Star and Le Maroc Pour Elle, in Autumn, Reverie au Jardin and Lonestar Memories. In winter I like Vetiver Dance and L’Air du Desert Marocain. Une Rose Chypree (of which I only have a drop left) is an all-year-rounder.

    I’ve been lucky enough to meet Andy a couple of times, and I agree wholeheartedly, he is a lovely, lovely man!

  • pam says:

    I’ve never smelled any Tauer so I have no favorite. This one sounds wonderful. Please enter me in the draw.

  • Kelly says:

    I love my Tauers and Andy is charming, gracious, and briiliant. My favorite is L’eau de Epices which Is sort of my signature scent. Have been anxious for the release of Zeta so would be thrilled for a sample!

  • Alexander says:

    My love has always been for L’Air du Desert Marocain. It seems to me that the base is less alien to the rest of the notes. Andy once told me that he feels it is to simple now- this is not a direct quote so apologies if this isn’t exactly waht he meant- but it will still be the best for me…

  • Maura says:

    I love L’ddm :x. I wore this last weekend and adore the scent leftover on clothes. I’m a sucker for anything with orange blossom and looks like I need to become acquainted with linden as well. Thanks for the entry and to Andy for his generosity!!

  • waftbycarol says:

    Oh I am dying to try this . If it was in my budget , I’d buy a bottle unsniffed .

  • Melissa says:

    I favored Le Maroc pour Elle for a while, but I think I’m switching to Incense Rose, thanks to a sample that I received recently. But I need to spend some time with Rose Chypree. I would love to be entered.

  • Austenfan says:

    Your post made me smile again. I wouldn’t mind coming back as my own dog, ( elderly wirehaired dachshund bitch). Who gets her forest walks, the food she loves, the softest cushions and hasn’t a care in the world. I do the worrying for her.

    I love that fragrance lines like Tauer perfumes exist. My favourite of his is “Le Maroc pour Elle” with “Lonestar Memories” as a close second. I have two of those lovely little metal boxes. The only fragrances of his that I haven’t tried are his Orris, Le Cologne du Maghreb and the Zeta. Which is a very roundabout way of saying that yes I would love to be included in the draw!

  • Nancy C. says:

    I have two Tauers, Eau d’Epices and Carillon du Ange. I love them both and I’m sure Zeta is outstanding as well. Please enter me in the draw.

  • bookhouseshell says:

    Haven’t tried any Tauer’s yet, would love to!

  • Nancy H says:

    Truthfully, I have found most of Tauer’s scents overwhelming. This may be the one that I like. Please enter me in the drawing.

  • maggi says:

    I have and love Orris (for the first poster that’s the iris one) and love, love Espices. And I would love this one too.

  • Ruanne13 says:

    I have loved every one I’ve tried, but the way I feel about Incense Rose approaches addiction.

  • Gabriella says:

    So far I haven’t found full bottle worthy any Tauers I tried. Namely L’air du Desert and Rose Vermeille. Though I enjoyed sampling them, the first was too strong, too masculine for me, and the later was… sweet and somehow plasticky jammy rose. Just not me. But Zara sounds something right up my alley ;)

  • Isa says:

    I haven’t tried any Andy Tauer scent yet, but I have read so many reviews of them that I could say that my favorite could be Eau d’Épices.
    I would love to try Zeta. I am still looking for my perfect linden perfume :)

    Please, enter me in the draw. Thanks!

  • Marte says:

    My favourite is Incense Rose, with Maroc Pour Elle right behind it. I would love to try Zeta!

  • RH says:

    I haven’t tried much of the Tauers, I’ve only tried Une Rose Chypree which did not exactly favor my skin- so I’m hoping to try more and fall in love with one of them… Please enter me in the draw! Thank you!

  • Irina says:

    I own and love ” une rose chyphree” and I would like very muchto try “zeta”- thank you

  • L says:

    L’air du Desert! Without a doubt! Thanks for hosting a draw!

  • morpyk says:

    I would love to try Zeta-adore linden blossom fragrance and love linden blossom tea,my favorite is Une Rose Vermeille,I cant see myself ever needing a fb but now and again I have a strong craving for it.Thanks for the draw!

  • Beautiful Skin Adviser says:

    thank you for this post . it’s vey nice website

  • Alica says:

    I love LDDM and would like to try Zeta. Thanks for entering me!

  • ElizabethC says:

    Oh, please enter me in the drawing. I also really loved the Carillon pour un ange…it was simply beautiful!

  • TaffyJ says:

    The scent I love is Carillon pour un ange…it reminds me of my late nephew. I gave my sample to my sister.

  • dissed says:

    So far, Lonestar Memories, probably because of the smoke. My ideas of linden, like yours, are due to other perfumes (I remember sampling the ones you’ve mentioned). I wish Mr. Tauer would tackle my favorite floral scent, ginger lily.

  • Francesca says:

    I love une rose chypree, thanks to you, March. There are two different varieties of linden tree that can be found in Manhattan. One is a fairly common street tree, pretty in mid June but not much fragrance. The other variety is huge, grows in the parks, with thousands of fleshy little flowers. Every year around the summer solstice, my whole neighborhood is perfumed with them, even though the park is a block away. Standing right under one at its peak is almost too much–practically narcotic.
    So I’d be curious to sniff Mr Tauer’s take on linden.

  • Hi there, and thanks for the draw! The only Tauer scent I’ve tried so far is Lonestar Memories, which I absolutely adore. Looking forward to trying more!

  • Amy K says:

    I think L’Air du Desert Marocain is still my favorite, although Incense Extreme has worked its way up the list. Thank you for the drawing. I LOVE linden, so I can’t wait to try this one.

  • Marla says:

    My favorite Tauer is Vetiver Dance, which doesn’t get a lot of blog time. It took me about 5 wearings in different types of climate to finally “get it”. Now I have a bottle and love it, especially in a tropical clime. Aspects are somewhat jarring, but in the way that makes you pay attention to an interesting, quirky person with a different point of view on practically everything. It just keeps growing on me. I’d LOVE to try Zeta, so count me in!!

  • Pklagrange says:

    My favorite Tauer is Orange Star. The bright opening followed by the incense never fails to thrill me and make me smile.

  • arch.memory says:

    My first Tauer love was L’air du desert marocain. I didn’t like it at first; I didn’t really get it. But then something changed, I don’t know what, it snapped, and I couldn’t wait to get my full bottle of it. It was my first full bottle order from Lucky Scent. I sprayed everywhere at first, and you know what a tenacious projecting wonder it is! People around me must have hated me! But I loved it… It’s the first niche perfume I (nearly) used up.
    Please enter me in the draw; thanks!

  • Emily says:

    I’ve only tried samples but would love to try another; this one sounds beautiful! Please enter me, thanks!

  • Dionne says:

    Incense Rosé comes first, with LADDM and Maroc pour Elle riiiight behind it. Fortunately, Tauer’s base LURVES me. (Interestingly enough, Vetiver Dance is the only Tauer I can’t wear. As in big-time-scrubber.)

  • Monica says:

    I love Incense Rose, with Eau d’Epices and Vetiver Dance a close second/third =P I’m really excited to see what Andy does with florals =)

  • nozknoz says:

    L’AdDM – love, love, love – one of my all-time top ten perfumes and fav incense.

  • Musette says:

    I’m a Vetiver Dance Girl, as you know – this one sounds intriguing because of the absence of that base which, lovely as it is, doesn’t always work on an >-)


  • Victoria says:

    L`Air du Desert Marocain – This is my favorite so far. It’s my dream amber. Why should I bother with anything else? :)
    I really want to try Zeta. Nothing is more summery to me than linden blossom, well, figs are, but they are more late-summery. ;)

  • Cooper says:

    I have and love Lonestar Memories…leather and smoke perfection. Please enter me in the draw. Thanks.

  • Occhineri says:

    The only Tauer that has worked for me was Vetiver Dance, but I’d love to try this since it’s missing the usual base. I really want to like his stuff since he seems like such a nice guy, but that base just doesn’t like me. :(

  • Todd T says:

    L`Air du Desert Marocain I love this one. I also have Eau D’Epices love this also. You got to give Andy credit, he makes you smile with his adventures. He always looks like he is having fun. I loved this one being developed, read the whole series on Nathan Branchs blog. I plan on buying this just to see how it turned out. Nice to hear its typical Andy and lasts all day!

  • moongrrl says:

    My fave is still the first Tauer I tried-Vetiver Dance. Incense Rose runs a close second, though.

    And I would like to be entered in the drawing.

  • (Ms.)Christian says:

    My favorite Andy scent is the iris one that you can’t get anymore-and I cannot remember the name of it, but I’d like to be entered in the drawing, please.