Penhaligon’s LP Np. 9 for Ladies

by Tom


As you know, Penhaligon’s is that Veddy British house with scents that you would
imagine people like the Queen Mum or Miss Marple would waft as they walked by:
pretty, calm little things.  Penhaligon’s refers to this is an “intoxicating
love potion”.  I’ll refer you here for the list of notes and an (as always) excellent review.  I
will add “what Jessica said”, and note that with its grassy opening and quiet
white flowers that there’s no reason that a man couldn’t wear this at all.  The
green citrus opening, soft white flowers in the heart and light blond woods in
the base could go wither way as it were.

I have to write that while I don’t find this “intoxicating” in any way, I really
like it a lot.  I find that there’s an innocence to the line that’s very sexy in
its own way.  Like Grace Kelly in “Mogambo”; a cool white flame.  I usually tend
to go for the over-the-top ones, the more Ava Gardner types.  While it might not
be the first thing on my list of “to buys”, if it shows up in my Christmas
Stocking I would be thrilled.

50ML for $80 and 100ML for $120 at Aedes, LuckyScent and the Perfume Shoppe or
directly from the Penhaligon’s website


photo:  Grace Kelly/’Mogambo” some rights reserved

  • tammy says:

    I bought this one unsniffed based on Jessica’s review and because I loved the bottle (had some Amazon gift certificates to use).

    I don’t care much for it, but it looks mighty adorable with all my other bottles, and I’m glad I got it.

  • Kate says:

    Just a shout-out for the London Bathecary in Charlottesville, VA as they have the whole line and prices are very good. I do think Penhaligon makes the best orange blossom evah, for what its worth.

    • Tom says:

      that’s good to know!

    • Olfacta says:

      I’ve been by that shop (unfortunately, there were closed at the time) and just looking in the window made me drool — well, not literally; it would be in Very Bad Taste to drool in downtown Charlottesville, one of the best small towns I’ve ever seen.

  • maggiecat says:

    I was tempted by Jessica’s review some weeks ago, and now find myself considering it yet again. it sounds…different…might be a love it or hate it sort of thing. I can’t wait to find out which!

  • Gretchen says:

    You make this sound very appealing. Sample time?

  • LindaB says:

    I can’t say that I’m too intrigued by the notes but I have definitely been surprised before by Penhaligon’s – I ADORE Amaranthine and Lily & Spice although L & S only lasts for about 10 seconds on me (the 10 secs are beautiful though!).

    I kinda like the magenta juice on this though…

  • Musette says:

    I haven’t tried that many Penhaligon fragrances, except for March’s vaunted Bluebell, but the magpie in me would love to buy the entire collection because the bottles and colors are just so pretty! I see the blue and green hued ones on a silver tray in a Carrera marble bathroom (yes, I know! I KNOW! 8-| – just roll with the visual, okay?)…the orangey-pinks could be in the dressing room.

    And I can go back to bed and keep dreaming! ;))

    xo >-)

  • Marla says:

    Is this a new Penhaligon’s or an old one? If it’s new, do you know who the perfumer is? It certainly sounds worth a try.

    • Tom says:

      According to Now Smell This, it’s from 2008 and the perfumer is Christian Provenzano. He did Agent Provocateur.