CaFleureBon & Perfume Posse Cyber Monday Holiday Perfume Gift Guide + Top Ten Perfume Editors’ Picks Draw

cyber monday perfume gift guide

Still in a turkey coma, you woke up the day after Thanksgiving with BUY BUY BUY email blasts inundating your inbox, filled with bottles upon bottles of perfume gift recommendations. What smells like heaven on you often ends up in someone else’s ‘re-gift’ pile, so as fragrance fanatics and Editors of two well-known perfume blogs, we usually don’t recommend giving perfume as a present unless it is a much-wanted bottle. Even if you think you know what they want, acquisitive perfume people are likely to spring for that bottle without telling you it’s off of their “Must…Have…Now” list and is already tucked neatly behind that bottle of vintage Mitsouko.

Now that we may have discouraged you from buying perfume as a holiday gift, we want you to think outside the bottle. We selected ten scented gift ideas; whether you are a Posse person or a CaFleureBon-ista, we are sure there is something to please even the pickiest of perfumistas.

Michelyn Camen, Editor in Chief of CaFleureBon and Patty White, Editor in Chief of Perfume Posse couldn’t be more different. Michelyn uses proper sentence structure and speaks in fonts, while Patty routinely dangles participles. Michelyn is organized, planning blog posts a month in advance; Patty lets it all brew in some cosmic idea stew until something shrieks “Done!” or “Burnt to a crisp, get me outta here!” Michelyn, aka “the Editrix wears Prada”, wouldn’t think of leaving her apartment without wearing skyscraper heels and lipstick. Patty aka “the Editrix wears sweatpants” sometimes forgets she’s still in her pajamas and Uggs and has to drive back home to change. With our personality and style differences, you would think hammering out a top ten list together would be the equivalent to the Salt II Treaty Negotiation.

It wasn’t. We looked at each other’s lists and were surprised. Patty said, “Hey, I have that on mine!” Michelyn refrained from lecturing Patty on overusing exclamation points, but was just as excited. We both adore and want everything on this list. If you are the perfume lover reading this, email it to all your (and our) family and friends.

We are here to solve all of your holiday gift-giving woes with great smelling ideas (and most are under $100).

The Best Perfume Gifts that Aren’t Perfume

les palais des thes perfume gift holiday


It’s the everyday things that can sometimes surprise both of us when we find a fragrant twist. Le Palais des Thés Sampler of Nine Scented Teas is one of those unexpected perfumed pleasures. Michelyn’s favorite is Thé des Vahinés which is caffeine free, pairing vanilla and almond and Patty’s sips Blue of London, one of the best black teas in the world and an exceptional Earl Grey. The entire collection has been scented by a trained perfumer and while the tea bags are steeping each releases an amazing aroma into the room. The box-set contains 54 muslin tea bags, i.e. 6 of each of the following 9 varieties: Blue of London, Fleur de Geisha, Thé des Alizés, Thé des Amants, Thé du Hammam, Thé des Moines, Thé des Songes, Thé des Sources, Thé des Vahinés ($49.50). The crackle glazed tea cup is so zen and adds to the experience ($13.50). As a special treat for our readers the fine folks at Le Palais des Thés are offering both in this custom gift set).


eau ditalie verbena sage perfume gift

Eau d’Italie Verbena & Sage diffuser is perfect when you don’t want to burn something, like, you know, your house down. Verbena, pine needles, sage and cedar wood – perfect scents for the holiday season that will waft delicately throughout your room scenting it with the smells of the Holiday Season without having to sweep up a bunch of pine needles every day. ($70)


fornasetti incense perfume gift

We are already fans of Fornasetti Profumo’s ceramic candles and scent spheres that feature the enigmatic visage of Lina Cavelieri, the House’s operatic muse. We are mesmerized by the indolent scent created by Master Perfumer Olivier Polge known as “Otto”, with notes of aromatic balsam, thyme, orris root and incense that evoke a dark lover’s carress. The Bacio Incense box with a ceramic lid on a rosewood base is haute not headshop. If those red lips could speak, they would whisper “buy me”. A Smokin’ gift and we don’t have to inhale. ($265)


atelier chefs essences perfume gift

Aftelier Chef’s Essences are a welcome addition to “Eat, Drink and Be Merry” festivities this time of year. Try cocoa or pepper in a glass of inexpensive red wine and satisfy your inner oenophile (great suggestion from Mindy Yang at MiN New York). Neither of us are cooks, and we were trying to figure out what you would put the Lavender on – Michelyn said fish, Patty said chicken, then we said in unision “Float it in a Martini”. ($12-$20)


memo candle perfume gift

With a name like Sexy in St. Tropez, how can we resist? Memo Paris’s tuberose and champagne scented candle is intoxicating. In the words of Brigitte Bardot, “champagne is the one thing that gives me zest when I am feeling tired”. We started singing “Je t’aime… moi non plus”, even though Patty doesn’t know a word of French. We tested dozens of candles and think that this one is guaranteed to a light your fire or start one. (45€/ $58)


amouage lyric body cream perfume gift

Perfume companies have beautiful lotions, soaps and hair mists that match their fragrance and those are a great choice. One of our favorites is Amouage Lyric Body Cream. A gorgeous incense rose fragrance that is sexy as hell, layers beautifully with many scents and leaves your skin feeling like velvet. This is for the day when we want to be the Undercover Boss, usually you can smell us coming from a mile away. ($100)


yosh han scented aura reading perfume gift

We both have way too many friends who buy every perfume they want; Mark Behnke of CaFleureBon we are looking at you. For them, you need to find an unusual scented experience and we have one. Yosh Han’s Scented Aura Reading offers intuitive insights and personalized fragrance consultations (from Yosh’s Evanescent Collection) by reading auras, past lives and chakras. Patty will not shut up about how she’s got an Aurora Borealis aura and Michelyn was a Countess in a past life, but you don’t have to call her Lady Camen-Cholay…yet. Choose from a 45 or 60-minute session ($60 or $80). 


lush seasons tweetings perfume gift

Perfumistas love tweeting their SOTD, SOTM, SOTE 24/7.  Lush’s Seasons Tweetings is for everyone who spends lots of time in front of their keyboard typing until the letters on the keys are illegible and for all of us who have to work throughout the holiday season. Indulge in this set of Lush’s handmade moisturizing, soothing and relaxing best sellers: Twilight bath bomb, Dream Cream hand & body lotion, Ultrabalm, Tiny Hands hand serum and Snowcake soap. Tweet on, even if you cheat with hootsuite ($35.95)


antidote chocolate perfume gift

Antidote Chocolate has unusual flavor/scent and chocolate pairings. Everyone loves chocolate, and adding healthful ingredients makes eating chocolate practically guilt free. Each bar is guided by a Greek Goddess. Kakia is Michelyn’s favorite, (named for the wicked goddess of sin and vice) as she loves the ‘scentual’ flavor pairing of Cardamom and Coffee. Patty’s partial to Lavender & Red Salt, (Michelyn worries about water retention for chrissakes). Each bar is low in sugar and has a high content of raw cacao which boosts serotinin. Did we mention they taste delicious, are CERTIFIED ORGANIC and ethically sourced by a team of Ecuadorians? We think that Pure Antidote for Associates and Clients Gift set makes a great stocking stuffer, but you will be tempted to eat them first. ($25)


lartisan amber ball perfume gift

L’Artisan Perfumeur Amber Balls , those beautifully carved objects of desire are always at the top of our personal “please buy me” lists. Each of these terracotta balls are as unique as a snowflake. The sweet, spicy, deliciously intoxicating scent of amber wafts throughout the house. Eric Weiser of Parfum 1 says his L’Artisan Parfumeur small amber ball lasted two years without replacing the refillable crystals. Designed and created by a mother and daughter in the historic region of L’Oise, France they are the ultimate artisinal gift. If money was no object we would buy all five sizes. Medium Amber Ball ($140)


Musette of Perfume Posse yellin’ at us  –PUT IN PERFUME

Just as we were finishing our Perfume Gifts that Aren’t Perfumes list, Musette butted in (those of you that know her can’t possibly be shocked), telling us there was no way, that’s right, NO WAY, we were putting out a Perfume Gift for the Holidays Guide without one single bottle of perfume on the list!!!!!! (multiple exclamation points, stop sighing Michelyn) We don’t argue with Miss Musette (also known as Mother Mary Bossypants). Thanks to her prodding, we decided to include two perfume gift suggestions for 2012:


atelier cologne collection voyage perfume gift

Atelier Cologne Collection Voyage is the perfect sample/travel set for anyone – hardcore perfumista to someone who wants to explore niche perfumes. There is something in this modern classic line for everyone to love – male, female, young, old. Put together in a set of travel sizes of most of their fragrances, it’s a perfume wardrobe in a gift box. If your bottle of Vanille Insensee is missing we think it might be on one of our desks. ($95)


ormonde jayne discover set perfume gift

One of our favorite perfume houses is Ormonde Jayne London and the Discovery Set of 12 X 2mL vials makes a great gift. This lets the perfume lover on your list sample Linda Pilkington’s sophisticated fragrances and decide for themselves which one they want to buy to place on their bureaus. Patty is a fan of Ormonde Woman and Michelyn favors Frangipani. Sold only in retail stores in the U.K., Ormonde Jayne perfumes have a prominent spot on our respective vanities. (48€/ $62)

Pesky Rules

This is The BEST DANG giveaway of the Holiday Season and we will choose one winner for each of the ten prizes using a random number generator. To be entered in the Top 10 Not Perfume But We Included Two Perfumes Prizes Anyway Draw, name all the gifts you hope you win, plan to give or hope you receive (note reader’s choice of ONE Aftelier Chef Essence courtesy of MiN) in a comment addressed to “Dear Ms. Scentas”.

This is a joint post, so in order to be eligible you must leave your comment on both Perfume Posse and CaFleureBon (we are posting the same article). If you use the same user name to comment in both places, we’ll match you up. If you use a different user name, just note that in your comment on both sites. You must be a registered reader of both sites to be eligible. Patty and Michelyn will decide on the most creative Dear Ms. Scentas comment and that reader will win one of their three choices. Entries will be accepted until November 29, 2012. so make sure you subscribe to the newsfeed of both blogs or friend us on Facebook so you don’t miss it if you are a winner.

AND… be sure to LIKE Perfume Posse and CaFleureBon on Facebook.

(Editors’ Note: Fornasetti’s Bacio Incense Box and Amouage Lyric Body Cream are NOT prizes in the draw but if they are among your favorites list them any way. We will think highly of your taste level).

Michelyn Camen, Editor-in Chief of CaFleurebon and Patty White, Editor in Chief of Perfume Posse

  • SicilianaNM says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas:

    I would love the tea sampler for Christmas. My sister Mary Ann would love the Lyric body cream. And we would both appreciate (but not fight over) the amber ball. We have been good all year and are (finally) getting along. Only took 50-odd years, huh? Happy sleighing! Love, Andrea

  • Tama Blough says:

    Dear Scentas,

    As I sit in the greyness of an impending storm, sipping my tea, I think of all the wonderful gifts that have been given to me through the years, some big deals, like my car being paid off, or a dryer; but also those little things, like a silver Victorian pincushion, that stay with me always.

    I do love the kind of gift that is truly made for sensual pleasure. My stepmother sends me a certain kind of sugarplum candy that is hard to find and tastes so magical someone I shared them with said it was like eating a unicorn. Of course, I have received wonderful fragrance gifts.

    I would love to win the L’Artisan Amber ball for my fried Lizzie. She gifts me throughout the year, and I am never caught up. She has her eye on one.

    My sister loves tuberoses and champagne, so the Memo candle would be perfect for her. We don;t really do gifts any more, but I like to break the rule and send her something anyway.

    A Chef’s Essence would be nice for my mother. I give her cooking tools of some kind almost every year, and her partner would love the Antidote chocolate.

    As for me, I wouldn’t complain about the Les Palais du The tea set, or the Lush set, I adore interesting teas, and picked up several saffron teas lately. I’m also a long-time fan of all things Lush.

    Happy Christmahannukwaanzikah to everyone!

    Tama is my name everywhere.

  • Lean S says:

    Dear * * * * *
    Scentas: *
    I hope *
    you can *
    answer my call
    and grant me one Amber Ball
    Been real good you can bet
    Would love the Discovery Set
    to share with one and all
    And while I can clearly see
    the Incense Box a prize cannot be
    I’d grant it as a gift
    for an instant mood lift.
    To compensate for my lack
    of poetic skill, I’ll attempt to
    submit this entry in the
    form of a perfume bottle.
    In the event
    it is skewed
    beyond recognition
    it might get some laughs 🙂

  • Jan says:

    Oh! I never get surprised on Christmas, but then again I know that I am very difficult to guess a gift for… I usually buy for myself everything I like, and people around me generally are not as specialized in perfumes, music and comics as I am.
    I’d love to win L’Artisan’s amber ball, both Ormonde Jayne’s and Atelier Cologne’s sample sets, the delicious Antidote gift set and Le Palais des Thés sampler. I also would like the Memo candle to perfume my bedroom…
    I am going to get useful things for my people on Christmas: an anorak for my mom, as hers is really old and she needs something easy to put on as she’s on a wheelchair; a pair of slippers for my dad, as he eats through them in just a couple of months… I wish I cold buy some relax time for my sister, as she really needs it. For my other sister and her kids, clothes are never too many, as they live in Germany and you know how cold it gets there (layer upon layer is what they need)!
    What I would like to get? Well perfume of course. But I won’t, as my relatives don’t know which I like and don’t own, and I don’t like to ask for gifts as if it were a purchase order, and anyway I never expect expensive stuff. A small present which was well researched and took some mental effort is way more worth to me.

    • Jan says:

      Of course, the previous message was addressed to the almighty, generous and loveable Scentas, so:
      Dear Scentas, please read the previous message!

  • Holly F. says:

    Dearest Scentas:

    Scentas, Baby, slip a Sampler under the tree, For me.

    been an awful good girl, Scentas, Baby,

    so hurry down the chimney tonight.

    Scentas, Baby, a crackle glaze teacup, too

    Light blue.

    I’ll wait up for you dear,

    Scentas Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

    Think of all the fun posts I haven’t missed

    Think of all the ‘fumes I’ve yet to sniff!

    If you’ll check off my Christmas list,

    Scentas, Baby, I DON’T wanna yacht- just a Voyage-

    (Atelier Cologne Collection Voyage, that is)

    And really that’s not a lot,

    Been smelling like an angel all year,

    Scentas, Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

    Scentas, Honey, there’s one thing I really am needing,

    Yosh Han’s Scented Aura Reading!

    Scentas Honey, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

    Scentas, Cutie, and fill my stocking with Antidote Chocolate

    and Chef’s Essences

    Sign your ‘X’ on the line,

    Scentas, Cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

    Come and trim my Christmas tree,

    With some Amber Balls from L’Artisan Perfumeur-ee,

    I really do believe in you,

    Let’s see if you believe in me,

    Scentas, Baby, I forgot to mention one little thing,

    Lush’s Seasons Tweetings!!

    Scentas Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight,

    Hurry down the chimney tonight.

  • ponderous says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas,

    Thank you for the drawing. I’ve always wanted to smell one of the L’Artisan amber balls, and I think my toddler (a budding perfumista, to my great joy) would have a lot of fun sniffing the Ormonde Jayne and Lush sets together. Happy holidays to everyone!

  • Asali says:

    Dear Scentas,
    I started writing poems in your honor, rhyming on both Ugg boots and Stiletto. Snow and mistletoe, racing reindeers and Christmas puddings. I tried iambic pentametres, I tried haikus I tried Odes…In vain, the muse had vanished. Perhaps she can be tickled back with an Amber Ball from L’Artisan or some tea from le Palais du thé, it would be worth the try, I think 😀
    The happiest of Advent time to all Posses and Cafleurebonistas,

  • Isayah says:

    Dear Mrs Scentas,
    this is an invitation to my dream-Christmas perfume party!
    I’ll call all my perfume friends, Éric, Natalia, Marie-Claude, Carolyn, Michel, and Linda to a night they’ll remember. First we’ll light that wonderful Memo Sexy St-Tropez candle at one end of the living room, and put the Artisan’s amber ball at the other, so we can all discover their aroma while moving and chatting (the Eau d’Italie diffuser will be in the entrance). Then we’ll pop some champagne bottles (don’t worry, I’ll take care of these). Then we’ll all have fun smelling the perfumes you brought ( the Ormonde Jayne and the Atelier Cologne). This will be the occasion for everyone to pick up a favorite scent as a gift to bring back home. We’ll have a little food table, with Antidote Chocolate and the apetizers I will have cooked with the Aftelier Pink pepper essence in the afternoon,
    The last but not least thrill of the evening will be the draw of the Artisan’s amber ball, You’ll be so kind to pick up a name from my husband’s hat and fulfill a happy person’s dream. Oh! Please wear that vintage Mitsouko that Santa offered you in nineteen-something, I am sure it will bring you lots of compliments.
    I am looking forward to your visit, my dear,
    This will be the best Christmas party EVER!

  • Cynthia says:

    Dear Scentas,
    I travel alot so I would love to have the Atelier Voyage Collection. I also would love to try Les Palais des Theas scented tea collection. The Yosh Han Aura reading sounds interesting, although I don’t live nearby.
    Thanks for the interesting gift ideas!

  • Farawayspices says:

    Dear Scentas,
    I’ve been a good perfumista, resisting the urge to by fragrant goodies, well…most of the time!
    I would just love to win the Ormonde Jayne set, or the Atelier Collection. The L’Artisan Amber ball is a beauty!

  • Isa says:

    Dear Scentas,

    I love tea, specially in wintertime, so as I have been a very good girl and I haven’t had tea during my pregnancy, now I think I deserve a gift like Le Palais des Thés Sampler of Nine Scented Teas.
    And now with my little girl at home, a good and safe way to scent the house, could be the Verbena & Sage diffuser by Eau d’Italie, or L’Artisan Perfumeur Amber Balls. I guess you’d think the same. But the Memo candle Sexy St-Tropez would be great for my parents living room!

    And just for me and my DH, any scented gift would be great! (The Amouage body cream sounds sooo good!)

    THank you very much, Dear Scentas!

  • Mariekel says:

    Dear Ms Scentas,

    I wish to share with you a favourite Christmas story:

    Ebenezer Scrooge sat busy in his perfuming lab, working on this year’s re-release of last year’s flanker. So busy was he with his ionones and limonenes that he at first did not notice the pigtailed spectre dragging long chains of empty perfume samples across the floor. Scrooge looked up and addressed the phantom coldly. “Humbug!” said he. The ghost gave a shriek and waved its chains.

    “In life, I was your lab assistant, Jacob Marley. I am here for your welfare. You see the chain I forged in life, drop by drop, reformulation by reformulation, of my own free will.”

    “But you were always a good man of business”, ventured Scrooge.

    “Business! great perfumery was my business!” cried the spirit. “Why did I never stop to smell my own creations? Why did I not listen to those poor souls begging me not to change their beloved Carons and Diors? At this time of year, I suffer most, watching customers buy and give my most wretched creations to their kin…Juicy Couture II and III…Chanel Coco Noir…Farenheit Absolute, Zero, Aqua…OOOOOhhhhh!!”

    Scrooge recoiled. “What do you want of me?” he asked.

    “I am here tonight to warn you that you have yet a chance to escape my fate. Tonight you will be visited by three spirits. Expect the first when the clock strikes one” And with that, Marley’s ghost gave a cry and vanished into the night air.

    “Bah, Humbug” muttered Scrooge.

    The clock chimed one and a great light filled the room. Scrooge made out a strange figure. “Are you the spirit who coming was foretold to me?”

    “I am the Ghost of Perfumes Past, ” it replied. Scrooge was suddenly transported: he saw himself a young chemist at his table at Firmenich. “I know this place! I was apprenticed here!” As the spirit led the way, Scrooge watched as he created beautfiul soliflores, mossy chypres and heady ambers. A bottle of Mitsouko in its original formulation rested on a desk nearby.

    “Let us look at another year” murmured the spirit. The scene changed, and Scrooge found himself in a different lab, surrounded by marketing executives. Gone were the delicate creations of his youth, replaced by bottles labelled such things as “Celebrity Fruity-Floral-Fresh #487.”

    Distantly, Scrooge heard the clock chime two o”clock. The Spirit of Perfumes Past gave way to a great light.

    “Come in! boomed a voice. “Come in and know me better, man! I am the Spirit of Perfumes Present!”

    Scrooge entered a room in which sat a robed figure holding a great distilling beaker. “what is that?” he enquired.

    “This is pure orris butter, Scrooge. You have never smelled the like of it, have you? Touch my robe, for we have much to do.”

    Suddenly, Scrooge and the Spirit were in a street peering into a perfume shop. “What is this place?,” asked Scrooge nervously.

    “This is an independent perfumer’s shop where ingredients of quality are still welcome.”

    “Humbug!” shouted Scrooge.

    At that, the clock struck three. An ominous figure draped in black stood before him.

    Scrooge trembled. “Ghost of the Future, I fear you more than any spectre I have seen tonight.”

    The phantom nodded but spoke not. It gestured to an open crate. Scrooge hesitated. The Ghost again pointed to the crate. Scrooge inched forward. And there, engraved on the lid were the words:

    “Thierry Mugler Alien Angel. For immediate distribution”..

    NOOOOOOOooooo!! Cried Scrooge, clutching at the spirit. As he opened his eyes, Scrooge saw he was holding his own formulas. He leaped from his table and threw open the curtains. Sunlight poured into the dusty lab. A young boy strolled whistling down the snowy street.

    “Hallo, young man! yelled Scrooge. “Can you tell me what today is?”

    Why Christmas Day, of course,” called back the boy.

    “Then I haven’t missed it!” cried Scrooge. “I will henceforward be a changed man! no more will manufacture horrible commercial scents. No more shall I reformulate great classic to appease a younger marketing demographic! I will honor perfumery in my heart and make wonderful fragrances all the year, whether they sell or no!”

    It was said of Ebenezer Scrooge that he made perfumes well, if any man possesses the knowledge.

    And Guerlain spritz us, every one.

    • Mariekel says:

      Postscript: Mr. Scrooge informs me that while he expects nothing but the joy of bringing the evanescent beauty of well-made perfumes to a deserving world, he would not mind at all being gifted with any or all of the following: Les Palais des Thes, Fornasetti Bacio Incense, Antidote Chocolate, Ormonde Jayne Discovery Set and Aftelier Chef Essences.

  • sfsassy says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas

    Jingle Bells

    Batman Smells
    (he needs Atelier Cologne Collection Voyage)

    Robin Laid an
    Egg (that looks like the L’Artisan Amber Ball)

    The Bat
    mobile lost a wheel

    And the
    Joker got away! (Away
    to get an Ormonde Jayne London and the Discovery Set )


  • Amer says:

    Dear Scentas… hear me now

    don’t dismiss this lowly cow

    not before you hear my pray

    and perhaps it’ll make your day!

    Days are cold and times are tough.

    Even saints can be corrupt

    By a pair of lips like fire

    breathing smokescreens of desire.

    Am I lost or am I blind?

    Did I not read that last line?

    I think I can’t claim that gift

    but I’m sure you catch my drift

    so I’ll utter my new wish

    so that I may join the list

    of all those in fame’s hall

    that can own an amber ball!

    Dear Scentas hear me please

    read this letter full of cheese

    Send that amber ball my way

    from your flying fragrant sleigh (ho ho ho!)

    PS: Seriously dude, there is a guy that stinks in the next cubicle at work. I need this amber ball. You migh be saving my life here. I might give him the Twilight bath bomb (and he better use it or the next bomb I’m gonna give him ain’t gonna be bath specific…)

  • brie says:

    dear Ms. scentas,
    I am the type who prefers to give (rather than receive) so I would love the Atelier Cologne collection set: a few for me and the rest to gift to my daughters and son (although any win from this draw would be much appreciated!)
    thank you for your generous spirits!

  • mridula says:

    Dear scentas,

    If you don’t count greedy against me. you’d know I am nice, not naughty. I hope to win just about everything you’ve listed here. And i can imagine using everything subsequentially, sequentially, all-togetherly outrageously and consequentially being asked by family members to take a walk around the block.

    I’d return from the walk and distribute –

    the amber ball to my sister-in-law in OH,

    the Palais des Thes sampler and Aftelier to another sis-in-law, in OR

    and to another sister-in-law in OR the Lush and Eau d’Italie diffuser

    Sexy in St Tropez and antidote choclates to yet another sis-in-law and the

    Bacci incense box to my highly tasteful brother-in-law

    the Amouage to my highly tasteful sister and also the Atelier colognes since for all her good taste she does not know yet that she needs to use perfumes.

    and the Ormond Jayne to me.

    I did recently win the L’Home Infini in a draw held at Cafleurebon and it is a delicious secret I am saving to give my partner.

  • solanace says:

    Dear Mr. Scentas,

    The stinky river that runs by
    Will be hit by an amber ball
    Before it washes the concrete
    That dared enclosing its shores

    For the lonesome nights
    That Amouage cream
    Will make me dream of kisses
    stolen in secluded gardens

    But if the mind needs to wander
    What better than that Ormonde Jayne set
    Little golden box of wonders?

    If a good girl is deserving
    I’ve embraced perfume with my senses, heart and mind
    And also planted a sambac jasmine

    (Sorry if I somehow slaughtered your language. I’m not a native speaker – but had fun anyway! )

    Thank’s for the amazing giveaway, and merry christmas!

  • Barbara says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas!

    Have never seen an amber ball in real life. Would love to win the Ormond Jayne or Aftelier collection!

  • Joaquim says:

    Dear Scentas,

    Can I repeat the post I made in Cafleurebon, please?

    English isn’t my language so was hard to do this

    I’m trying to write my comment with a rhyme

    I want a ball of L’ARTISAN PARFUMEUR’S AMBER

    I can’t choose Fornasetti Profumo’s work, with lovely thyme

    Excuse me for the last rhyme, it was a bit dumb


    or the MEMO PARIS’ CANDLE, wich will be for my mum

    and ANTIDOTE CHOCOLATE, hope this wont be too raw

    Thank you for the uber-amazing draw!

  • Queen Cupcake says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas,

    What a great double post–and giveaway! I’m so excited I don’t know where to begin… All right, yes I do:

    I hope to win ANY of these great gifts, but especially the Les Palais des Thes Sampler (and the crackle-glazed teacup), the Memo Sexy-in-Saint-Tropez candle, Amouage Lyric Body Cream, and the Ormonde Jayne Discovery Set. I have a hard time choosing fragrances as gifts for friends and family because, for the most part, fragrance is just not that big a deal for them. But my employer likes all things fragrance, so maybe I will give her the Eau d’Italie Verbena & Sage Diffuser.

    Merry, merry!

  • Jim says:

    Dear Scentas,

    I would like the Amber Ball, but please let me take a moment to explain why.

    I figure Santa has probably already tired of the smell of gingerbread, having already sniffed Bond No. 9’s Manhattan. Though I’m sure he loves it, all those gingerbread cookies put out probably lead to his olfactory senses becoming stale. I can just see it now… “Ho ho hum. ANOTHER gingerbread cookie next to the fireplace with a glass of milk. They should really be putting out a cup of coffee beans to help with my olfactory fatigue”.

    I think we could all agree, the world doesn’t need a Santa with his senses dull (let’s not even talk about SWI. Sleighing While Intoxicated from all that egg-nog). No, what Santa needs is aromatherapy and everybody knows he needs a lot of physical maintenance carrying around those sacks (one is located permanently in the front, full of gifts Mrs. Clause created for him over the years… and perhaps too much gingerbread cookies and eggnog).

    It would be my intent to not hang stockings by the chimney with care this year, but an amber ball to make my home all the more inviting… the type of place that might draw a “mmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!” from Santa (extra exclamations for Patty), with hopes he would linger a bit longer so we could talk about quantum physics, team Jacob vs Edward, or whether he’ll ever take me up on extracting some excretions from Rudolph to make a limited edition musk. [Insert Police’s “Roxanne” here for marketing purposes. Oh oh! Great slogan, too: one spritz of Glow and you’ll never have to put on the red light again, ho ho ho!].

    Of course if I weren’t able to receive the amber ball, I’d probably opt for the seven piece Atelier Cologne Collection Voyage. Again, not necessarily for myself. See, there’s something brewing in Middle Earth and I guess one ring to rule them all simply wasn’t enough. Everybody thinks The Hobbit is going to be about Bilbo Baggins helping the dwarfs reclaim their homeland, but that’s simply not true.

    Yes, I am here to tell you Snow White really takes place in Middle Earth and as such, seven dwarfs are about to beget on a journey of their own and since I haven’t had time to get my passport renewed, I would like to be able to give Santa this collection so that each dwarf will have a scent to himself for the journey.

    I’m also pretty sure this is why Santa won’t do the whole Glow thing; if Snow White were to be wearing THAT sensual of a musk, I’m afraid those poor dwarfs would all turn into drooling Gollums, screaming “my preccccccccccciouuuussssssss” as they tried to take advantage of her in her sleep. Sigh. Maybe Santa’s right on that one. The thought of Dopey drooling… oh, I just can’t bear it.

    Of course, if Snow White is under a spell, Antidote Chocolate might just do the trick!

  • Dear Scentas,

    For Christmas, I would like Memo Paris’s Sexy in St. Tropez candle, Lush’s Season’s Tweetings gift set, L’artisan Parfumeur’s amber ball, Atelier Cologne’s Collection Voyage, and Ormande Jayne’s discovery set.

  • d3m0lici0n says:

    Dear Ms Scentas
    I’ve been a good boy this year so I’d like to get:
    L’ARTISAN Amber Ball
    Memo Candle
    Ormonde Jayne sampler
    ATELIER sampler.

  • JennyH49 says:

    This has been a year of learning more about perfumes and my first post. I would love to have the opportunity to win the Amouage Lyric Body Cream, Amber Ball and the Ormande Jane Discovery Set. I just ordered a sample of Ormande Woman and eagerly waiting to try!

  • Lisa D says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas:

    I’ve been a reasonably good girl, and I want ALL of these fantastic scented items. This is not to say that I want all of them with equal intensity. In fact, I’d hand over an aura reading (or three) for a L’Artisan Amber Ball without demur, would swap an Amouage Body Cream for that Bacio Incense Box in a NY minute (I love that graphic), and I sincerely believe that Ormonde Jayne could take Atelier Cologne in a scented smackdown on any day of the week!

  • just breathe says:

    My mother practices random acts of kindness on a daily basis. So in the spirit of giving (and because she imparts all of her “perfume” expertise on me with my newly found love of fragrance) I would love to win the chocolates and teas for her (two of her other passions aside from great perfume:)!!)

    Thanks you Scentas for this generous draw!

  • Elena says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas,

    Jingle Bells! I sure smell! What a giveaway!
    Oh how much I want to win the set by Ormonde Jayne.
    Jingle Balls, what a haul, Les Palais de Thes,
    Seems to be such good tea to drink on freezing days.
    Jingle Bells, this is swell, for scent that comes in waves,
    An amber ball (and not too small) is mostly what I crave.

  • kalliela says:

    This Christmas, I would love an Ormonde Jayne or an Atelier Cologne Discovery Set in my stocking!!! Thanks so much for the draw!!!

  • tammy says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas~

    There is no point in lying; I have been wicked bad for the last two years. I am in fact proud of it. I have indulged my perfume and scented candle habit madly, and am not a bit ashamed of it.

    I did, however, draw the line at Amouage body creme for $100, perhaps because I was destined to win it here? The Atelier Cologne Collection Voyage set would also be a decadent reward for my wickedness, as would Ms Han’s Scented Aura Reading. (I have no doubt whatsoever I was an Empress of some sort; I’d love to know of what!)

    Many thanks for a really wonderful draw..truly the very best!

    • tammy says:

      PS. I did see that the cremeisn’t in the draw, but I have really awesome luck and am pretty sure some will come my way somehow, here or otherwise. I have been hinting madly everywhere!

  • Maureen says:

    Dear Scentas,

    “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and I would love to warm up my “Home for the Holidays” with the verbena & sage diffuser. I’d love to spend a “Silent Night” with Yosh’s scented aura reading. “All I Want For Christmas” is the Ormond Jayne discovery set, and one of “My Favorite Things” would be the scented teas and cup set. Thanks for the draw and for giving so much scented “Joy to the World”

  • Nikki C says:

    Dear Scentas,

    I was a moderately good girl this year, so I would like:
    1.) Ormande Jayne Sampler
    2.) Atelier Cologne Collection Voyage
    3.) Yosh Han Scented Aura Reading
    4.) Tea sampler

    I will be giving the scented amber balls.

  • Daisy says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas,

    Thank you for the wonderful holiday opportunity!

    This Christmas, I would love an Ormonde Jayne or an Atelier Cologne Discovery Set!

  • Liz K says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas,

    Why does it still feel too early for Xmas? My tree has been up for three days and I can’t bring myself to actually finish the decorating part so it is just a big green cat toy for now. That said, I have already almost finished my holiday gift shopping and guess what I got the girls this year? The amber ball. Now I could go get myself one and just resign myself to my credit card exploding, or my luck could finally do it for me and I could win one. Please let’s go with plan b. I still haven’t anything for the husband and he has been very good this year. Maybe I could convince him he asked for an amber ball? Oh, second and third choice would be the Ormonde Jayne discovery set and the scent diffuser.

  • Sandstorm936 says:

    Dear Scentas,
    You might not be able to help me get rid of this good for nothing head cold that is not allowing me to enjoy perfume nor with the Amouage body products that I am drooling over. I would be happy with any of the offerings.

  • Dear Scentas,
    though I need to get myself the Amouage cream, I’d love a reading by Yosh or some goodies from LUSH!

  • T-Cat says:

    Dear Scentas,
    Thank you for your wonderful holiday generousity.
    I would be intrested in any or all of the above.
    The amber ball or tuberose candle for me.
    The tea or chef essence for my culinary mother.
    Either of the perfume sets… to be shared amongst us sisters with different tastes.

    Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • Vlada says:

    Thank you for this prize draw!
    I’d be happy with ANY of them really, but wrote down the following.

    Atelier Cologne
    Ormonde Jayne London and the Discovery Set
    Yosh Han’s Scented Aura Reading

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Ann says:

    No draw for me, of course, but what a fabbo collection of great gifts. Thanks for sharing!

  • dinazad says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas

    What a nice list – lots of good ideas to fill out my own list of scented presents…. Because I always give scented presents. You see, I’m the royal cookie (and cake and fruitcake and fruitbread and pie) baker for my family and quite a few of my friends. Just before Christmas boxes of cookies are sent by post, deposited in mailboxes, brought to the office, handed over to mother, sister, neighbor etc. etc. Between 7 and 20 varieties, depending on the mood of the year, all fragrant with vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, nuts, honey, Turkish apple tea, etc. etc. I also give homemade jams (which certainly smell enticing as well)

    Apart from that I’m giving a L’Occitane room scent to a friend (it’s her favorite and a perfect stocking filler), making sachets with Santa Maria Novella potpourri (which I heartily recommend) and/or lavender, and sending friends packets of fragrant rosebuds (for floating in tea or hot cider).
    So obviously my home smells great around this time of the year. However, should fate be kind, it could smell even better.
    Of the Fornasetti incense
    Of the tea sampler (doesn’t tea smell fabulous?)
    Of the amber ball

    ….or any of the others…

  • MariaA says:

    Dear Scentas,
    I have been such a good girl this year and want everything!! The Ormond Jayne though is no.1 on my list!!

  • Gabry says:

    Dear Scentas,
    Wow, what an aeciting list! Ok, like Patty I overuse exclamation points, but I don’t speak english fluently and exclamation points and smiles help me to be clearer 🙂 🙂
    By the way….
    #1 Le Palais des Thés Sampler of Nine Scented Teas I love black teas and Earl Gray in the afternoon and caffeine free teas in the evening. Perfect!
    #2 Antidote Chocolate….mmmhh
    #3 Aftelier Perfumes Chef’s Essences. I’m thinking how use them in italian recipes. I have some ideas… I know, I’m foodie….

  • FearsMice says:

    Dear Scentas,
    I’ve only been middling-good this year, but I’m hoping Fortune will smile on me anyway.
    For giving, the teas are perfect for my best friend, and my sister will adore the Lavender Chef’s Essence.
    For myself, I have my covetous eye on the Atelier and OJ sample sets. I could also really use some big amber balls in the coming year, and my aura undoubtedly needs a boost from Yosh Han.
    P.S. I’ll replace your usual milk and cookies with some of those martinis on Christmas Eve.

    P.S.S. That’s an awesome photo of Musette!

  • hongkongmom says:

    Dearest Mss Scentas

    Happy happy holidays to all with warm wishes

    1) Amber ball

    2) Amber ball

    3) Amber ball

    4) Amber ball

    5) Amber ball

    6) Amber ball

    7) Amber ball

    8) Amber ball

    9) Amber ball

    10) Amber ball

    Did I mention the Amber ball…have been lemming this for about 4yrs!!

    And the 9 teas, the memo candle, the chocolate, the afteliers…..le sigh

    Thanks for an incredible draw…Hope the Scentas include Channuka 🙂 PS Tried to post on CaFleurebon but I kept get a message that I didn’t fill in the Getcha something correctly???

  • Jackie b says:

    Oh goody, I can be excited twice in one day, on two separate blogs!
    I do love the Amouage body cream, I have Epic…
    But I would still love to make the herald angels green with envy over my Ormonde Jayne sample set.
    And I would still deck my halls with balls of amber.

  • Mujo says:

    Dear Scentas,

    The scent of Christmas is nearby. I can smell it already, it smells exactly like an Amber Ball of The L’Artisan Perfumeur. Or is it the Atelier Cologne Collection Voyage or the Ormonde Jayne’s Discovery Set that I’m smelling? Oh well, I would be happy with any one of these.

    I might be a bit early, but I wish everyone a rose scented and peachy 2013.

  • Alica says:

    I would choose Atelier Cologne travel set and amber ball,
    I will give various gifts – perfumes, body cosmetics, magazine subscription voucher, etc. I have the only wish, be me and my closest healthy and happy. Plus, I would like my separated hubby to come back. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  • Tativa says:

    Dear Scentas,

    One the seventh day of christmas, my favorite bloggers gave to me:

    7 Atelier Colognes!

    6 Ormonde fragrances

    5 Amber balls

    4 Aftelier Essences

    3 Teas a brewing

    2 Cho-co-lates

    and an aura reading in a hippee tree

  • CP says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas,

    I’m not at all creative, but I do hope I’m lucky enough to win the L’Artisan Perfumeur Amber Balls, Sexy in St. Tropez, or Le Palais des Thés Sampler of Nine Scented Teas! P.S. I’ve been very good this year. Thanks for the awesome drawing!

  • Queen says:

    Dear Scentas
    All I want for XMas is Michelyn’s wardrobe and Patty’s aura. You ladies should think of doing a stand up act!!!
    Sorry Michelyn couldn’t resist
    I want to spike my cheap red wine with Afteliers cocoa , sing French songs with Memo sexy in st tropez candle while having my body lavished with Amouage lyric during a scented yosh aura reading
    I wouldn’t mind any of the great gifts on his list and have been eying that amber ball for two years
    I promise to send this post to everyone I know because if I get just one of these 12 great gifts for the holidays I will be blessed
    Ps I am missing my bottle of vanille insensee give it back please

  • LaLa says:

    Dear Scentas,

    My scented wish is a strange one. For once, I would like my well-intentioned friends and family to save their hard-earned cash and NOT give me a basket of those foul-smelling BBW’s Warm Vanilla Satan products. Do not want!

    I would love to gift my darling husband with some fabulous cologne, but I won’t bother because he will not wear it. I know because I have tried and failed to get him interested in this screwy hobby.

    If fortune should smile upon me, I would like to win the Ormonde Jayne sampler set…so fabulous. Thank you for another lovely drawing.

  • ringthing says:

    Dear Scentas,
    I’ve wanted one of those L’Artisan amber balls for years, so that’s my biggest wish. I would also love the Eau d’Italie diffuser, the Ormand Jayne sample set and the Atelier Voyage collection. Heck, while we’re dreaming, I’d really love the Amouage cream, and I’ve wanted to try the Aftelier Chef Essences since I read about them last year. Thanks all of you for a great giveaway.

  • Devon H says:

    Dear Scentas,

    Not fair! I want everything on that list! LOL. But if I must narrow down what I’d like to win…Les Palais de The teas, Atelier Cologne and Ormonde Jayne sets, L’Artisan amber ball (LOVE THEM!) and the Memo candle all are fantastic! Of course, I’m lusting over that Amouge Lyric body cream, too…oh man…

    I asked for a few scented items for Christmas, so I’m hoping to score some Dior Addict, Westwood’s Boudior, Ford’s Black Orchid, and Lubin’s Black Jade. I also love to buy presents for myself (why not?!) and so far I have gotten a Tocca sampler from Sephora, Dita Von Teese and matching lotion, and I’m hoping to snag some Tauer Vetiver Dance and Decennial Lys du Desert by the end of December. And maybe some other buys as I so fancy them! 😀 Happy Christmas to ME!

    Hope Scenta is good to all of you at the Posse and CaFleureBon this year. 🙂

  • Brooke says:

    Dear Scentas,
    This is a fantastic gift list. So much so that I have gifted a few of these items to myself already. My favorite is the l’Artisan amber ball which I bought when my favorite jeans were discontinued and I couldn’t find jeans that fit anywhere and I needed some consolation. I bought the OJ sampler set when I missed a flight and had an extra two hours to shop via the Internet in the airport. An Amouage body butter came into my collection when I got audited. This is my way of turning lemons into lemonade. In the mean time, the Memo candle, Atelier box, Aftelier Chef Essenses, and teas are all amazing gift ideas. Thanks for the amazing year of posts and the draw.

    • Ann says:

      Brooke, sorry for all the woes, but I like your thinking — very nice ways to “console” yourself!

  • Noxa says:

    Dear Scentas,

    I would have gone for the balls, but I already have them. The amber ones of course!

    But truly, L’Artisan really outdid themselves with those gems. Perfectly lovely. Also, truth be told, I wouldn’t complain on getting any single one of these awesome gifts. My top choices would be the Atelier Cologne and the Ormonde Jayne sets, Memo candle, transcontinental teleporting over to Yosh, the Antidote Chocolate… Hm, on a second note though, my figure would probably thank me on skipping the chocolate. Tough luck figure, tough luck.

  • oliviaa says:

    To the lovely Scentanistas,

    This Christmas, all I ask for is to smell gorgeous, luxurious and beautiful! Please grant me the wish of the Atelier Cologne Collection Voyage. I dream to be whisked away to faraway lands that are filled with more scents than my nose can take. And gorge on chocolates too!

  • Heather Wood says:

    Dear Ms. Scentas,

    I have not been all that well behaved this year, or any other year for that matter. On the other hand, I started a new practice, paid my taxes, voted, and tried not to think ill of others except when they really, truly deserved it. And whatever mischief I got up to, I’ve thought every single day about how lucky I am to be where I am, with the people and dogs that I know, doing what I’m doing. This year is a tight one for gift and perfume money, so I’m trying to give people kind responses instead of gifts. Recently a sales assistant sprayed me with Black Orchid when I wasn’t expecting it, and then stood over my moldering corpse asking me if I didn’t agree that it was “divine,” and instead of my instinctual response I told her it “wasn’t really my cup of tea.” Is that worth an amber ball? If not, I’ll try to practice self-restraint again, because I would dearly love an amber ball. How much self-restraint would it take to be worthy of the Incense Box? Probably a lot, huh? Keep me posted.

  • lovethescents says:

    Dear Scentas,

    What a wonderful post! Oh I’d love to win so many things,
    particularly the Amouage Lyric cream, the Le Palais des Thes Sampler, an
    amber ball, the Memo candle….I’d be thrilled, really!

  • Monica H. says:

    Darn! I want the Bacio Incense Box! This is such a wonderful post and I thoroughly enjoyed it girls, and thanks for the mention on FB Michelyn =P

    I would totally love to receive or gift any of the following: Thés Sampler of Nine Scented Teas, Eau d’Italie Verbena & Sage diffuser, Aftelier Chef’s Essences, Memo’s Sexy in St. Tropez, oooh Yosh’s scented readings (!!), L’Artisan Perfumeur Amber Balls, and definitely give the 2 perfume sets mentioned. Yes Michelyn, I already have like all the perfumes from the Aftelier set, although the Ormond Jayne set would be lovely~ Anyone paying attention, remember I would LOVE any of the gifts mentioned above =P

  • Lisa R says:

    Dear Scentas,
    I’ve been a very good smelling girl this year!
    In order to be just as fragrant next year, I would like Aftlier’s sample set, Le Palais des Thés Sampler of Nine Scented Teas, an amber ball, Lavender or cocoa absolute, and a scent aura reading!

    You may also replace the cookies I left you with some Antidote chocolate ^^ since you’re the spreader or awesome scentedness after all


  • Dear Ms. Scentas:
    Amouage Lyric cream?? A Dream!

  • Dear Ms. Scentas,

    I have been a very good girl this year! *cough*
    I have not accidentally (ri-i-i-ight) gassed my neighborhood when I’ve worn Theirry Mugler’s Angel. That little devil loves me!
    I have spent time dreaming of all the good works I would do ( I even did most of them.) 🙂
    I am now wading through the gorgeous scents of the perfume world, seeking out notes and falling in love with those ‘fumes I shouldn’t! Ahhhh, fragrance……

    What do I want for Christmas, you ask? I want World Peace, of course!

    But, if you INSIST upon things, here it is!!

    1. I’m drooling over the thought of that amber ball gracing my beloved personal space, and showing others just what a good smelling area is all about.
    2. I am giving away homemade gifts this year because money is TIGHT and I want to be able to give those I love something unique. So, I am creating personally blended massage/bath/body oils and bath salts. I am also creating fabric bowls out of my much beloved quilt fabric stash. I’m going to combine those with fun, cheap, good-quality nail polish for the ladies, and the men get something equally cool and kitschy that I’ve yet to think up…..
    3. I want to be able to get my brother and his wife gift cards to Kohl’s because they are hardworking parents of a 2 year-old and a 6 month-old. CUTEST kids on the planet. That’s right I said it, What? You wanna make something of it?!?
    4. Honestly, it’s hard to not wish for all of the lovelies on the list above.

    This will be the first Christmas since 2009 which won’t have a deadly illness of some sort hanging over our heads! Praise God!

    I WANT
    1.That Atelier set
    2.Lush Hand set
    3. Memo Candle
    4. The Amouage Cream ( I can wish)
    5. Any Perfumes from Hermes, Lostmarc’h, or Guerlain
    6. I really want lovely smelling soaps and hair perfumes
    7. I would love the nail polishes from A*England (They’re named after legends and fictionsl characters!! SOOOO cool!)
    8. I would like to have the Tocca mini’s collections because they’re easy to wear and they make me smile.
    9. I would love anything from Vera Bradley, Michael Kors (except perfume), Coach, Nordstrom’s
    10. I would most of all love, love, love a gift which someone created for me or found at a great artist’s stand or booth at some fair

    Of course, this is assuming I’ve been good.

    Which I HAVE!

    (oh, the exclamations are real and they’re here to stay!)