Giorgio Armani Eau de Nuit Fragrance 2013 Ad Campaign and GIVEAWAY!!

Hey Hey Perfume Posse,

Portia here again from AustralianPerfumeJunkies and extremely sorry to be late. I have a special treat for you all today. A question and a GIVEAWAY!! I hope you all take the time to get involved because we are giving away some of that interesting Limited Edition for Parfum d’Empire: Musc Tonkin. Here is a fabulous way to get your own 5ml to try so get on board.

Giorgio Armani Eau de Nuit Fragrance 2013 Ad Campaign & GIVEAWAY

I have yet again found this lovely advertising at art8amby

Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin photographed the handsome classical violinist Charlie Siem, and talented photographer and Franca Sozzani’s son, Francesco Carozzini for the latest ad campaign of Giorgio Armani’s new men’s fragrance, Eau de Nuit.

If you had a perfume for men who would you choose as the model? An actor? A model? A pianist? A writer or DJ? Maybe you wouldn’t want any person and a beachy scene would be in your ad. Come on, you are the Creative Director of an unlimited fragrance advertising budget.

Who would you use and what would the story, location and theme be?

My answer:

I would ask three people to show the wearability of our fragrance across the board. Chris Hemsworth because he is ridiculously gorgeous and built and is also an Aussie. For the older gentleman I would choose David Letterman, love him or hate him he is always well presented and is suitably real and full of foible. Then to capture the youth market I would ask the ever so cute dark haired boy from One Direction: Louis Tomlinson. The ad would be simple, three guys sitting around an eat in kitchen table with drinks and they would all be chatting and looking really comfortable, laughing and you’d be able to hear some off stage chatter. Then the guys would look at Louis Tomlinson and they would get up smiling, push their women out of the way and start doing the dishes and cleaning up the leftovers while still chatting to each other. It would be clear by the womens reactions that though this was greatly appreciated it was not unusual and that they could now take over the kitchen table.

Come on, what is yours? I know you all have one. It’s such a great thing to daydream about.



How Do You Win?

Leave a message in the comments and one lucky reader will win a 5+ml decant I bought in a split of Musc Tonkin by Parfum d’Empire

Open to everyone worldwide who can give us a one paragraph ad idea and star/s.


Entries Close Monday March 11 ’13 10pm AEDST and winners will be announced on Thursday March 14 ’13.
Winners will be chosen by putting names on same sized papers, folded similarly, put on a tray and TSO Jin will pick them. He doesn’t even stop watching TV to do it usually.
The winners will have till Monday March 18 ’13 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or I will give the prize to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

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Portia xxx

Images via TFS.

  • Portia says:

    Portia xx

  • MichelleU says:

    I would choose Paul Newman if time and space would allow it. His blue eyes, his elegance and charismatic smile would just bring a plus to any fragrance. The location would be Paris, with him drinking his coffee at Cafe du Trocadero. A smiling Paul Newman with a cup of coffee in his hand and in the back the Eiffel Tower. The story behind this adevertising is simple: a happy, elegant, relaxed man is a man that smells and looks good. The fragrance I would choose is Givenchy Pi.

    • Interesting choice MichelleU. I have not beent acquainted with Pi since it came out and at that time I was in love with some other masculine and haven’t tried it since. Has it weathered its reformulations well?
      LOVE Paul Newman,
      Portia x

      • MichelleU says:

        In my humble opinion the reformulated Pi is plain and generic,it’s the ghost of the old Pi. The reformulated version lacks the warm, cozy, sweet feeling the old Pi had. Now it’s less sweet, smells watered down with a lot of rosemary and tarragon. Smells fresh and generic. Closer to a Hugo Boss fragrance and far far away from the original. I found out about the reformulation when I bought a Pi mini and to my surprise it was not the same, I compared it to a sample I have and it was clear as daylight that another favorite of mine was butchered.

        Anyway… the advertise would be for the old version.

        Have a Great Scented Day! ^_^

  • Nemo says:

    I know people have already nominated him, but I’d also go with Hugh Jackman 🙂 Just for fun and because he is so awesome, the ad would involve a song and dance, possibly staged as an impromptu competition between him and Coco Rocha because she is also awesome. This would also be a unisex perfume.

  • Allison says:

    It would be a niche fragrance, but, thinking that the ad has to appeal to both men and women (who will be buying the fragrance for the men) … I think something involving a supermacho, sexy, earthy, manly man, in an open shirt showing just the right amount of chest hair, tenderly carrying a baby through some natural landscape (jungle, beach, etc.) would be pretty irresistible. The fragrance would be clean but musky 🙂

  • Cristine says:

    Hi Portia–

    My ad would feature the awesome, amazing David Bowie. I’m not sure, but I think he lives somewhere in the carribean? So, my ad would feature him there, dressed in ultra chic tropical attire. A James Bond in “Thunderball” feel. In fact, I’d probably do a series of ads with that feel in various island settings– with at least one casino scene with him in a tuxedo. David Bowie would be ravishing!

    Fun question! Cheers– Cristine

  • Amer says:

    Ok, here goes
    The scene: a field of golden hay with some Mediterranean flora in the background (cypress, olive trees) and rocks. The camera then focuses to the ground where a gray boulder sits between the hay, scorched by an unforgiving sun. Suddenly, an egg drops out of nowhere, breaks on the rock and its contents instantly start to sizzle. From the back there is some movement as the tall hay starts to stir. An opening forms and out comes a tanned, naked man (out of focus though). He is holding a spatula and he uses it to pick up the egg from the rock. He holds it up to eye level to examine it and then we realize: hey! It’s Adrien Brody! Under his intense (or intensely bored!) gaze the egg starts to morph into an egg shaped crystal flacon. Oeuf Mediterranee is the name of this glorious EdP and it features notes of Tarragon, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Hay, Gray slate, Earth Tincture and of course Pheasant Eggs Musk (perhaps sprinkled with a healthy dose of Black Pepper). Good enough to eat, don’t you think?

  • Jan Last says:

    My ad would be for one of the “classic” houses (insert scent name here) and would feature a young girl about age 9 or so in her Mother’s bedroom, sniffing the scents which sit invitingly on a glass perfume shelf near the vanity. She’ll sniff a couple, then sniff (insert scent name here) and she’ll smile and hold the bottle lovingly in her hand. Unseen by the young girl, her Mother passes the door and nods in approval of the girl’s choice. Tag line would be in the neighborhood of “Classic beauty is always noticed”

  • Merlin says:

    I would like the young and lean James Spader – the way he looked in Crash (for instance). The ad wouldn’t be black and white but the colours would be a little leached and faded. I have this mental picture of him sitting in a gigantic perfume bottle, with one arm twisting up from his side, as if it is an ivy-like plant, lifting until his arm stretches over his head, palm upwards. Then I want an electronic flower to start opening with large metallic petals. (Meanwhile he has been rising into a standing position and so his arm lifts through the neck of the bottle and the robotic flower opens at the very top – outside the bottle). The pistil in its centre is a kind of blackened iron and it begins emitting black smog – and – as it does so the figure in the bottle begins spinning faster and faster…

  • LaurenW says:

    Portia, I love the 3 generation ad you have conceived. I’m glad you picked Louis and not the over-exposed Niall or Harry.

    My commercial will feature the classy and sexy George Clooney. It would start out with George missing a train, losing his jacket (need to have some undressing), and getting a bit lost. He asks for directions from a passer-by, who sniffs him, and suddenly all is well and the two enter an elegant restaurant/bar, and steamy eye contact ensues. Fade to a shot of the bottle.

  • Yile says:

    omg, hehe i love louis tomlinson! :D:D:D

    anyway my ad would involve Leonardo Dicaprio, and the scene would be something like a continuation to Inception. with some action and intense emotions 😉

  • Portia says:

    HILARIOUS!! Great call Hajusuuri.
    Portia xx

  • hajusuuri says:

    I don’t know what Luca Turin looks like but my ad campaign would be him as the poster boy for Lernert & Sander’s “Everything” perfume 🙂

  • mridula says:

    You’ll just have to trust me on this: my little brother looks a bit like Kilian. He teaches yoga in Morocco, takes his students out in luxury tents – sort og yoga safari in the desert. At one time he even took a stab at modeling. No luck. It’d be fun to have him do a Rose Oud ad in the Moroccan desert with the whole yoga thing thrown in. The story would be him working next to students all of whom would be distracted by his scent. ee hee

    • Portia says:

      mridula, it’s always nice to include family in creative adventures. Looking like Killian Hennessy is a pretty good way to look.
      Portia xx

  • Elia says:

    My idea would be to use a dense green forest, overgrown reminiscent of Avatar. Opening a boy playfully chases a fairy, following the fairydust trail, as he weaves through the dense forest he ages gradually until he becomes Joe Manganiello. Joeš clothes show wear and tear from brushing against trees and bushes. The intensity of the chase climaxes with Joe hitting full speed in his sprint, until he reaches a cliff edge, the fairy fulls out beyond the edge spinning mid air to show full form as Christina Hendricks. Joe stops in his tracks, they exchange a look, and Hendricks gives him the smile signifying her elusiveness, the confidence she can’t be caught. Joe takes a stance as if to run and leap, as he pushes his muscles into action we hear the effort of his action but cut to Hendricks as she turns and flaps her wings. Fairydust spreads from her wings to fill the screen and then reveal a bottle of a marvelous green liquid perfume, perched on a crystal stone surrounded by forestry green.

  • poodle says:

    The perfume would have to be something heavy on the incense, with some tobacco maybe. I’d want a touch of leather and maybe some spice. The scene would be set in an old European castle. The actor would be Alan Rickman. Honestly I don’t care what he does or says because, well, it’s Alan Rickman. I mean he could probably do that silly Brad Pitt Chanel ad and knock it out of the park with that voice.

  • Classic black and white photography showing the strongly muscled back of a man lying in bed, a magnificent city skyline is visible through the windows, the sound of rain is all you can hear, little drips running down the panes. Slowly he rolls over and lo, it is Liam Hemsworth (shaved head incarnation) with a sleepy come hither look in his eye. Sleepily stretching he raises his arms above his head, and- did he just take a little sniff of his armpit, oh yes he did. Settling his head back down on the pillow a naughty smile crosses his face arms crossed above his head, the sheet barely covering his unmentionables. You hear him give a deep brooding sigh. Cut to a glistening bottle of some swarthy black juice, something loaded with tobacco, oudh, vetiver, patchouli, civet, incense and a musk that is skankier than MKK will ever be… okay? Okay.

  • Annie Amos says:

    At the risk of repeating myself: Nathan Hawthorne. He’s talking, but the lines don’t matter. He’s also possibly lost his shirt…

  • solanace says:

    I’d want Gerard Butler – ok, I’m not the first one here, I know, but we can share! – fronting my fragrance, which would be inspired by the Roman author Ovid. The piece would be shot in Paris (of course), at the Bibliothèque Nationalle de France. My dear Gerard would be wearing a tweed jacket. He would be reading an old book, which he would very carefully close with those handsome hands, the way he would touch a lover (ok, I’m a sucker for books, and LVMH will never hire me. Fine.). He would then get up, the camera would show the architecture of the library, and he would walk out of the building, gazing at ‘la Seine’ as the black and white image fades. I think the modernity of that building, its reflective quality, the books it keeps, the Seine river facing it, all make for an atmosphere that would match perfectly Gerard Butler in tweed (which is the sexiest thing I can imagine). Thank’s for the draw, this is fun, Portia!

  • Martha says:

    That model is definitely easy on the eyes!

  • elvie says:

    Hey Portia,
    I like Your ideas! And I’d love to take part in this generous giveaway:).

    I would definitely choose Ioan Gruffudd for my own ad, because (well, because you are ridiculous and crazy for a man you’ve never ever seen in life and also never will :D), oh shut up, so what I mean is… because he’s classy, and somehow… distant, unique, gorgeous (gorrrrrrrgeoussssss!), not too young-not too old, and just perfect for my dream man-perfume (a sandy-dry-sandalwood-broom-and-immortelle-laden one).
    In my ad he’d be lying down, with his left face on a tan sand dune, in a crisp tan shirt half unbuttoned (OKAY, STOP!) but we’d only see half his face and the neckline of the shirt. Strong afternoon sunlight. (We’d put something on the sand fo him so not to burn his pretty little face.) Eyes closed. Oh no, they are much too pretty to be closed.
    Okay, maybe rather closed, as my fragrance is a dreamy-takemetothedesertsand-escapist comfort scent in my mind.
    Does this sound a little like a mixture of CD Dune and Terre d’H. ads? Okay, maybe that is because I love them both, but still. Can’t a girl dream??
    Oh, and what’s a cool crisp Welsh doing in the desert sand? Guessing that is the best part isn’t it…

    Too bad that Burberry had seen his classy elegance and yumminess before I did. I loved him in that ad though.

    Right, I’ll shut up now I promise. Dear Jin’s hand, please choose me:)!

  • E.Lime says:

    Idris Elba. Looking fine in a nicely tailored suit. Standing in a train station as the camera watches him through the window of the train as it pulls away. He begins to run, but he is lost in the smoke from the train, which morphs into the spray from a perfume bottle.

  • FeralJasmine says:

    Eliminating the time-space continuum for advertising purposes, I would cast George Clooney and Richard Burton (the Burton of the last years, that exquisitely ruined face.) They would be sitting by the fire in a hunting cabin. They would toss back the last bit in their glasses, and rise, stretch, and walk outside into a snowy landscape. They would look up at the moon, and after a second they would start to howl.
    And the perfume? Well, it would smell an awful lot like Musk Tonkin.

    To complete the fantasy, a percentage of the profits would go to the preservation/protection of wolves in the national parks. Thanks for the draw!

    • Portia says:

      Excellent! They would be great together. It also has a feeling of homo erotic byplay that is always a winner.
      And the percentage of profits going to a worthy cause, genius,
      Portia xx

  • susan says:

    Oh gosh.

    My dream fragrance ad would be Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins, and wrestlers. There would be a huge brawl in the wrestling ring, and then Billy would spray the fragrance. Everything would suddenly be calm. The perfume brings peace the wrestling world! Let’s intercut the whole thing with scenes of the band playing a electronica-ish song, maybe “Appels + Oranjes.” Sounds supremely silly, yes, but eye-catching. And not too far gone as Corgan recently did a wrestling ad for a Chicago furniture store. I kid you not.

    • Portia says:

      Ah May Zing!! Getting creative with it is the name of the game here Susan. Nice work. Love the image, like Grenoille when he wears his amazing fragrance in Perfume by Patrick Suskind and the whole trial dissolves.
      Portia xx
      Portia xx

  • Rina says:

    Well, if money and the time/space continuum are no object, I’d use Omar Sharif (circa 1968) for Armani Bois d’Encens since I imagine that’s what he’d smell like, and I’d use Adam Ant (circa 1983) for Chanel Egoiste…YUM!

    • Portia says:

      Hi Rina,
      Omar Sharif was one of my early crushes, he was Mum’s favourite and we would watch Doctor Shivago and Funny Girl regularly. What a honey>
      Adam Ant, hilarious! He was never a crush but I used to cut loose to his songs.
      Portia xx

  • Tony says:

    Omg! Musc tonkin! Been dying to try this. Gosh I have to win this!!!

    Erm… I would say hugh jackman… I mean with wolverine and les mes… the scent would be amazing. Maybe leather with musk and rose??? Does it help that hes Australian too?

    Another one would be tom ford. I know he does perfume too. But his personal scent. Hes my idol. So talented and good looking. I wanna be like him….

    Thanks for the draw, fingers crossed very hard

    • Portia says:

      Hey Tony,
      Welcome. I love Hugh Jackman. we have been watching Kimchi Chronicles with him and Deb L F, and their neighbours. He would make a rocking ad face. The fact that he is Aussie helps too.
      Portia xx

      • Tony says:

        Wow!!! U met him??? I’m a fan, hahahah

        • Portia says:

          No, never met him but he and DLF are in the Kimchi Chronicles, a TV series tour of Korean food and culture. it’s a good show and Jin, my Korean partner, loves it.
          Portia xx

          • Tony says:

            Sounds cool!!! Oh my advertisement would be him doing all the actions in movies, sweating out , cuts to him showering, after that apply his perfume … Ends with him watching opera with his partner. Ok…I’m sold already. Hahhaha

          • Portia says:

            Me too! If they had that in Barneys I’d be there in a flash.
            Portia xx

  • Wendy says:

    Maybe because it’s a cold wintery day here, but I would love to see men’s cologne (maybe a warm, sweet, cedar/tonka/spice blend) advertised with men in a warm, sunny, desert environment. I’m thinking Javier Bardem. Or maybe Gael García Bernal. Natural beauty and warmth.

    • Portia says:

      Javier Bardem O M G to die for! Great choice Wendy. I am not sure I know Gael Garcia Barnal, what has he done?
      Desert sands, in the dunes? At an oasis?
      Portia x

      • Wendy says:

        GGB was in The Motorcycle Diaries. Sand, dunes, and then… the oasis! I like it!

        • Portia says:

          I haven’t seen the Motorcycle Diaries but I loved the book. It has been on the bucket list forever and just never gets watched. I think I even bought a DVD. I will get it out and watch it.
          Portia xx

          • Elia says:

            Bernal is a fine actor. To me the finest thing he has done is Y tu mamá también.
            La Mala Education is also very good and I’m sure you’d love it:
            and if you’d like to see him in another English speaking film and don’t mind things being completely off the wall and quirky my choice is The Science of Sleep:

  • Portia says:

    Adrian Brody is an interesting choice, I like his look, it is home-ish model. Does that make sense?
    Film Noir would be delicious in an Adrian Brody ad campaign.
    Portia xx

    • Rina says:

      He’s done a great Stella Artois commercial here in the US for 2011 Superbowl: “The actor plays a crooner in an underground jazz club in the early ’60s. Though the club is filled with beautiful women, he only has eyes for Stella.”

  • Portia says:

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is your actor eldarwen22 and WOW!!! He is GORGEOUS!
    totally different from what I had envisioned when reading the books but now I see him how could I have thought anything else?
    Portia xx

  • rosarita says:

    My husband of twenty nine years and I have had a running gag for many years of a perfume line named after him, with the first fragrance called Blue Spruce. The commercial would feature someone like, oh, Gerard Butler climbing a sand dune on the Lake Michigan shoreline with a forest of pines at the top. He turns to face the camera, hair blowing in the breeze, and recites the ad copy (which has gotten ever sillier over time); something like “dare to be different, to find your true color” blah blah. The packaging features a signature blue spruce design and color. Several other imaginary scents are in this line and the copy for one of them I think I’ll enter in the NST fake perfume copy contest she holds every year, just for fun. Thanks for the chance, dear Portia!

    • Portia says:

      Excellent Rosarita,
      I love that you guys do that. I will steal the game and play it with Jin at the next opportunity.
      Portia xx

  • Magdalena says:

    Giorgio Armani Eau de Nuit caught my eye quickly, and it caught my nose, too – I really like it!

    As for my campaign… Well, I guess I’d pick Adrien Brody. His face can’t be labelled “classic beauty”, but it sure is memorable, it simply has that something. I’d like the commercial to be a little film noir: mysterious, retro and in black&white. I think Mister Brody suits this style with his effortles, nonchalant chic.

  • eldarwen22 says:

    It really depends on how familiar I am with any perfume house. I would not do anything like Calvin Klein commercials. I would probably have the actor who is in Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones) ’cause I would kill to have that kind of bone structure. The commercial would probably be similar to what Chanel did with no. 5 before Brad Pitt. Or someone getting ready for a party.