Sudden Shift

This is a quickie post because I’m jammed to the hilt with work and …..well, it’s suddenly FREEEEEEZING here.  After some gorgeous high 70s Spring days we got hit with a massive storm.  Then it got reallllly chilly.  Low 40s.  So now it’s wet and cold.  Light’s back on in the coop.  Even though the girls have the bulk of their feathers they are still pretty young and the shift probably isn’t good for them (and no, I am NOT going to wrap them in blankets! LOL! )

The first day of the storm it was in the 70s and that combo of warmth and wet just cried out for Iris scents.   So I wore Xerjoff’s Irisss and Iris 39 and they were both delightful!  The next day it dropped into the low 60s and that iris nearly brought up my breakfast!  Isn’t that strange – just 20 degrees made all the olfactory difference in the world.


It’s now 46F here and it feels like 36F.  I couldn’t figure out anything that would work – except Amouage Lyric and I suspect it’s due in large part to the gorgeous body creme.  I was stepping out of a hot shower and the idea of roses and frankincense, slickered into that gorgeous creme, just seemed the perfect solution to a Really Cold Day.

And so it was.  But this isn’t about Lyric – y’all already know how much I adore it.  snow on roses  I’m really curious:  what scents do you turn to when the weather has a sudden spasm?  Hot to Cold?  Rainy to Blistering Sun – we’re talking one of those 24-hr ‘WTF?’ shifts.  What gets you through those???


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ps:  here’s another weird question for you:  do any of you recall a post I did about Laboratorio Olfattivo?  A few (2? 3?) weeks ago.  I can’t find it anywhere and now I’m wondering if I just imagined it.  I thought I had a giveaway in there and was going to have Carmine pull a winner.  Did I just make all this up???  LMK!  I’m feeling all Gaslight and everthang!


I know I wrote that post!

  • nozknoz says:

    Musette, my nose also found the sudden cold discombobulating. It looks like summer but feels like winter. Everything I thought of was either to warm or too light. In retrospect I’m thinking either Maria Candida Gentile Exultat (incense violet) or one of my vintage Patous like Que Sais-Je? or Chaldee.

  • FeralJasmine says:

    We have had some very changeable weather here in New Mexico, and I have been enjoying Lyric Woman (haven’t tried the body cream, that sounds luscious,) and to my surprise Carnal Flower has been a winner if discreetly applied. It has that chilly tuberose quality, but is more warming and vigorous than I would have thought on a cold morning. Chaos is another delight. I only have the reformulation, and even so it is a lovely soft incense with enough cooling quality to continue to work as the day warms.

  • Nancy H. says:

    Yes, you did do a post about L. Olfattivo. I was the commenter who asked you if Carmine was canine, feline, or human. There was a giveaway if I remember correctly.

    • Musette says:

      I hope I responded! LOL! Carmine is canine – he would be enraged (and terrifying) to be confused with feline!! LOL! I wonder how he would feel about being human….? hmmm…

  • Diana says:

    Just moved to the northern ‘burbs of Chicago in Feb and am having a bit of difficulty getting used to the schizophrenic weather around here. (Was in NC last year and then Philly for most of my life.) Not sure I enjoy it but am here for 3 years for work. ANYWHO, I like to put on my warm cuddly ambers or Musc Ravageur when it suddenly gets cold. Sudden shifts to hot weather make me crave florals and during the 80+ degree days we had recently, I was enjoying Balenciaga Paris (love violets) and Siam Proun from Olympic Orchids.

    • Musette says:

      Welcome to the Northern ‘burbs! If you are a wine and cheese lover, be sure to enjoy Schaefer’s on Old Orchard Road! I have no idea how you are faring up there today but down here, it’s fleece-worthy! Musc Rav sounds like a great ‘shift scent’!

      • Diana says:

        Wine and cheese are two of my favorite things. Thanks for pointing out Schaefer’s–I’ll definitely check it out!

  • 50_Roses says:

    Cold?! That’s all gone here on the Texas coast . After a long, cool spring, summer has arrived in full force, with daily high temps near 90F. It happened all of a sudden too. One day the furnace was running and the very next day the AC came on. I did enjoy the protracted period of mild weather, although it did feel rather strange to be still wearing long sleeves and even sweaters when the calendar already said May. I just hope that summer doesn’t decide to make up for its late arrival by being especially hot or by lingering into November as it sometimes does. I do have some heavier scents that will have to be set aside until October or so, but mostly I wear the same scents year round. I don’t really like “summer” scents–citrus and such–enough to wear them exclusively for six months of the year, so mostly I just apply more lightly when it is hot.

    • Musette says:

      You should try those heavier scents in the heavy heat, 50_R. Seriously. I mean, don’t try it on the way to the office – but maybe on a weekend. You might be surprised at how fabbo they are.


      • FeralJasmine says:

        You are so right, Ms.. Musette. Gardenia and tuberose can be exquisite on warm days. After all, look how fabulous they smell on hot evenings in their native haunts.

  • Ann says:

    Hi, sweetie! So sorry you’re back in the chill again. It’s considerably cooler today here as well. You have it worse than we do, but I won’t complain. Son and I went walking tonight and I told him to enjoy the chilly breeze as we likely won’t feel that again until mid-October or so. Keep the chickies warm and happy (and you, too)!! Hugs …

    • Musette says:

      Hi, honey! It’s actually nice to hate a bit of a cool down. 80s in May means we lost our lilacs really fast, etc. These cooler days allow the lettuce and spinach to leaf without bolting and the broccoli is able to take a bit of time…so I’m fine with it.

      I’m excited because tomorrow is My Morning. I’m up at 5:15a every work day but on Saturdays El O is in charge of the boyz . So I can sleep until 7a. Alert the authorities! LOL! xoxoxoA

  • rosarita says:

    Well, you know I know about the weather. Yesterday I wore Chanel 19, just because I’ve been wearing it longer than almost anything else I have and it always feels/smells right to me. But when I got home last evening, walking up to the house in the cold rain, I found myself searching for the woodsmoke of my neighbor’s wood burner, which is how he heats his house. He didn’t have it going and I knew exactly that the perfume I wanted was Imaginary Authors Memoirs of a Trespasser. It has this smoldering campfire in it, remarkably not too heavy but just perfect and warm and comforting, esp with a cup of tea. I hope those chickies are tough enough to stand up to the cold. Supposed to be warm again soon…..

    • Ann says:

      Hi, lady! Hope you’re doing well. And that scent sounds just perfect!

    • Musette says:

      That scent does sound perfect! And I love the idea of a house heated by wood burner – we cut down one of those ‘trash elms’ (the ones that smell like old man pee) and the wood is curing – by winter it’ll be usable. Now I just need a fireplace.

      Chicks are fine – E O has a light out there which puts out a bit of heat. Chickens put out a lot of heat themselves and they have their feathers so they’re just fine. I’ll give them your regards!!! xoxoxoA

  • eldarwen22 says:

    I was debating between no. 5 in EDP form or Epic for Women. In the mad dash to get to work, I grabbed and sprayed Epic. It’s just sheer awesome in cold weather.

  • ojaddicte says:

    Thanks to my awesome fairy godmother who threw in a decant of Kenzo Jungle l’elephant in my goodie bag, I’ve now bought a fb. I love it’s cardamommy spicy goodness on a freezing day like today. : )

  • solanace says:

    We were having the sunniest fall, and then yesterday… Bang! 10 C, which down here is very cold, cold enough to make us reach for our boots and all – you can laugh, but in my defense our houses are built for the warm season and get really chilly during the short winter. Not to mention the lame showers… But ok, you can laugh. I wore Fracas. It was perfect, the white mink coat I’ll never wear.

    • Musette says:

      Not laughing at all! I remember nearly freezing in LA during some vicious winds. Something about the combination of cold/windy/palm trees was nearly as bone-chilling as a Chicago February – maybe even more so because it was so unexpected and your average LA house is not built for cold.

      And Fracas is perfect!


  • Carolyn C says:

    Theorema is what I reach for when I’m freezing! Un Jardin en Mediterranee is generally what I find I’m craving in the heat these days.

  • Elia says:

    Sudden shifts into heat either make me want to not wear anything at all, or reach for something green. I also feel drawn to Oscar for men when temperatures rise. such a lovely rich fresh herbal.

    • Musette says:

      Sweetheart! Thank you SO much for the link. It’s hysterical that the freakin’ BLOG ADMIN can’t find her own post! LOL!

      I like rich herbals in this weather, too – not the thin ones but scents like de Nicolai’s l’eau Mixte. It can hold its own in this mercurial weather. xoxoA

  • Mary says:

    I thought I was the winner (winks)!

    This is a really interesting topic. I run cold, so even when the weather starts to get warm, i cling to my winter scents until i know spring is really here (coastal Virginia). When the weather shifts dramatically from hot to cold, I break out the Guerlains, especially Vol de Nuit. It warms me up better than a heating pad. 🙂 But if its cold to hot (as it keeps doing here, back and forth, back and forth), I reach for my EL Tuberose Gardenia parfum. It’s tropical and a tad thick so it helps me shake off the memory of the chill.

    • Musette says:

      those sound like great options! I was ogling my Guerlain decants but just couldn’t figure something out. I was thinking Encens Mythique d’Orient!


  • LaurenW says:

    Freeeeezing and damp here in NH. So glad I hadn’t taken all the storm windows down when it was nice and warm last week. For me, incense scents (CDG Zagorsk, AG Encens Flamboyant) can go cold to warm, although I’d never knowingly put them on when it’s hot out. Hot to cold is harder. Maybe roses?

    • Musette says:

      You should try Epic in the heat! it’s phenomenal. I agree with the rose notion for hot to cold, which is why I chose Lyric today (well, that and I was just beyond figuring it out! LOL!)

  • Claudia Strandstra says:

    why yes, yes you did write that post-and moi was the winner! I’m sure you remember now… I knew you would…;-)

  • Caroline says:

    Musette, are you in IL? I’m in suburban Chicago, sounds like our weather. It’s the wind that’ll get you! During yesterday’s bluster, was testing Sarrasins and De Profundis. I initially quite liked Sarrasins, but something in the drydown got on my nerves. De Profundis was mens-cologne-ish on me. I wound up turning to DSH’s Le Smoking at night. It was a great comfort/go to sleep scent.

    • Musette says:

      Yes! I’m in Central IL, not tooooo far from Chicago (she says, desperately clinging to whatever vestiges of civilization she can 🙂 Iris can be very challenging in freaky IL temps, can’t it?