End Of 2019 Highlights

Hey Posse. it’s a brand new year. 2020 has arrived and last year is ashes. If you’re anything like me then you have spent the last month or so celebrating in big and small ways with as many of the people that you love as you can fit in. There are probably still a bunch you’ve not seen. That’s life. If they’re true then they’ll understand. If they’re not, kick them to the curb. Life is too short to deal with their shit. My End Of 2019 Highlights are fairly low key but this is what really stood out amongst the madness.

End Of 2019 Highlights

In no particular order except the first one is the most profoundly mind altering.

End Of 2019 Highlights?


Seeing Sydney Symphony Orchestra Chief Conductor David Robertson conduct Olivier Messiaen’s Turangalîla-Symphonie was a revelation, definitely THE End Of 2019 Highlight. Never before have I been so moved and excited while hearing the symphony. It was everything I’d unconsciously hoped a musical event can be. The grandeur, complexity, references in modern music and film, sheer enormity of it blew me away. I left the hall drenched in sweat and elevated as if I was on drugs.

Becker Minty Christmas Cake

I know. I’m not supposed to but a SLIVER! Come on, just a freaking sliver. It is amazing. It’s an End Of 2019 Highlight because I never expected it to be so freaking delicious. Just like home made but even better.

Hanging With Buddies

It seems like I have so much more catching up time nowadays. Not sure exactly how that’s happened. Still working the same amount. This December was a banner season for catch ups. So many wonderful get togethers. They are ALL End Of 2019 Highlights because of the 7 billion people in the world I chose to see these few.

Any Day with Jin

End Of 2019 Highlight? Bloody oath. Lazy time together, eating leftovers, cuddles on the couch with the dogs. Just getting to be with this guy is a highlight. This is a picture of our last meal together in 2019. Yum Yum Cha Cha Cha! His favourite and one of mine too. Who wouldn’t love this handsome dickhead?

Bought New Fragrances

I know! I buy more in a month than most people buy in a decade. Yes, I’m suitably embarrassed BUT three of them were on sale and one is a limited edition. Who can pass by a bargain or a short run? The LE is Voyage 2019 by Hiram Green which I had to get from Hiram Green somewhere in deepest Europe. On sale were Drama Nuui by Parfumerie Generale at First In Fragrance, OPUS XI by Amouage at Libertine Parfumerie and Rose Barbare by Guerlain at the CosMax sale. Reviews to follow. I’ve only worn Rose Barbare properly so far and I’m loving it, so plush and elegant. Who knew I needed another rose in my arsenal? Also, waiting on my latest Surrender To Chance order that seems to be lost in the Christmas/New Year rush


What Are Your End Of 2019 Highlights?

  • HeidiC says:

    Oh, look at your beautiful faces! And Messiaen is a revelation, isn’t he? Not a lot of new frags this year, though I thoroughly enjoyed my purchase of Aedes de Venustas signature rhubarb chypre. Goals: drink more champagne. I keep a bottle in the fridge in case there’s a special occasion, but I need to just open the bottle and have THAT be the occasion.

    • Portia says:

      Hey HeidiC,
      Messiaen is a revelation, isn’t he?” O M G! Yes.
      We always have sparkling in the fridge, Australian stuff but still delicious and Methode Champenoise. I don’t drink it as much now I’m on the diabetes range but a few sips makes the world seem brighter every time. Do It!
      Portia xx


  • Kathleen says:

    2019 wasn’t the most outstanding year; however, the love of family, friends, and my dogs was the highlight. It doesn’t take much to entertain me; lots of physical activity, long dog walks, being out in nature, reading, learning, good food and wine.  And perfume of course.  I’ve had the opportunity to sample so many wonderful fragrances, and add some fun bottles to my collection.

  • Tara C says:

    I finally bought Rose Barbare as well, from a fellow perfumista. So lovely. And of course the gorgeous Voyage 2019.


    This year my goal is to reach out and spend more time with friends this year. I’ve allowed myself to become too much of a hermit, need to get out and live! Enough with the stuff, I have enough to last for eons, this year is about experiences and connections.


    As we grow old together, I feel closer and closer to my husband. He loves me with all my flaws and fragilities and I love him for that.  I’m feeling hopeful for 2020, despite all the crap going on in the world. Looking forward to reveling in my strength and capacity for joy this year, with lots more adventures.

    • Portia says:

      Woo Hoo! SNAP TaraC,
      Good luck with your year of reconnecting. I hope you find what you need. Revelling in all the good stuff, you deserve it (I reckon)
      Not many people can say that about their spouse, you are so lucky.
      Portia xx


  • Musette says:

    Getting my life back was the highlight of 2019.  It’s amazing how different it feels, as if a weight you didn’t know existed was lifted off your back!!  Spending time with friends this Season was amazing – I felt like I was really PRESENT, instead of looking through a smeared glass.  It was really lovely.

    I’m focused on home scents right now – Agraria’s Citrus Lily is ruling the roost, followed by my go-to for the Winter season, Trapp’s Bob’s Flower Shoppe.


    And I LUH me some Jin.  LUH him!  xoxoxoxo

    • Portia says:

      Welcome back to fully functioning Musette.

      So glad you’ve come out of the dark place and back into the life.

      Portia xx

  • Cassieflower says:

    The Opera House is stunning. I could just go and sit and look around me, the symphony was a bonus. When we look back at the events of the year it’s never the stuff, but the people, that makes things shine brighter. The fun, gossip, cunning plans and even the dreary bits are better when we have good people to share with. And to enjoy good health, that’s a biggie for us all, another year of dodging a bullet. 

    • Portia says:

      One of the best things about the Sydney opera House is just sitting and taking it all in before an event Cassieflower. Every angle is a masterpiece.
      Yes, it’s the people. Even the best fun can be ruined by assholes.

      Portia x

  • Gina T says:

    OMG, Hiram Green. I am a jealous bitch. For real. Unicorn. I just got a used bottle of Slowdive. My first HG. I want them all. Happy New Year!!!!