Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie

There’s something (still)  wrong with my computer – I can’t download photos so you get no gorgeous  vizs of burgers, ribs, potato salad, cole slaw…oh, yes…it’s that Most Wonderful Time of the Year:  Fourth of Ju-ly!  I love this holiday  – it’s all about the food and the fireworks.  Gotta love it.   I have never been to a 4th of July barbeque where there was family drama – or at least not enough for it to matter – or maybe it’s because it’s outside, so you’re not totally trapped, like at Thanksgiving and Christmas?   If Uncle Bubba gets drunk and falls in the petunias?  Oh, well.   You can roll him over onto the blanket and he can sleep it off under the umbrella – way better than the big mess in November when he falls face-first into the mashed potatoes.  No crappy presents, no weirdness, just a big ol’ lovefest of smoky meats and fizzy beer!  And nobody gets mad if you need to stretch out in one of those strappy chaiselounges (yah, y’all remember those?    My parents had them in green and white and those plastic straps would leave a helluva welt on the backs of your thighs.  I miss those loungers)….it’s the Fourth!  Fun all around!


So what to wear with those smoky meats?  Do you go with something equally smoky, like  March’s Sausage Perfume?  Or ashy/charcoal-y, like Tea for Two?  Or the dragstrip smell of Bulgari Black?   What about potatoes?  My choice would be Cartier Les Heures Brillante, which smells like a martini.  Vodka’s made from potatoes!  Yay, vodka!

Iced tea:  my wonderful go-to, Agraria Bitter Orange.  Iced Constant Comment in a glass.  Yum!agraria

Lemonade:  Fresh Lemon Sugar (yah, like you didn’t see that one comin’)

Suntan Lotion:  Coty Sand and Sable  or CB I Hate Perfume At the Beach

Hot dogs:  Anne Pliska (I mostly get Play-Doh.  But Play Doh smells like raw hot dogs to me.  See what I did there?)


Dessert:  Oooh!  That one that …heck, the English translation is ‘soft ice cream in the snow’…. or what about something chocolate?  I hate gourmand scents so I’m lost here.  Is there one that smells like apple pie?

What are your plans for the Fourth?  International Posse, play along!  Just pretend you’re going to the beach or a barbeque, with the iced tea, beer and fireworks.  What scents evoke that feeling for you?


And Happy Fourth of July, everybody!!!!




  • maggiecat says:

    A lemon-y cologne (AG’s Hadrien and Chanel’s Cologne) is perfect for outdoor events, picnics, and barbecues. The latter was my choice today.

  • Tom says:

    I am seeing some co-workers I haven’t seen in a very long time. Looking forward to it!

  • odonata9 says:

    I will probably just be wearing eau de sunscreen. No official plans for tomorrow other than floating around in someone’s pool. . And you’ve inspired me to go get a crappy chaise lounge. I’m 8 months pregnant (with twins!) and sitting upright is a slightly painful affair so reclining is the way to go. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that before! We are going to have a very laid back BBQ at the house on Saturday. It’s no fun having a party and then going back to work the next day (as most folks have to work on Friday – at least I do!) so that’s why we aren’t doing it tomorrow. And it will be the last chance we have for entertaining before the girls arrive! Perhaps a bit of AA Herba Fresca, my refreshing mojito of a fragrance

  • Ann says:

    Hey, sweetie! Happy 4th to you, too! It’s raining a bit here, so not sure how much of a damper that will put on celebrations. Folks probably will be trying to grill and set off fireworks in between raindrops. For apple pie, the closest I can come is YSL’s Cinema. A sweet swapper sent me some, and to me it has a cozy, apple-pie-ish vibe to it. But for the grill, vintage Aviance has what I think of as lighter-fluid accord, so I’m covered there, ha! Enjoy the day, everyone, and have lots of R&R!

  • Yesterday I wore Ambre Russe by Parfum d”empire. As we now have a smoke free home (yes Jin has finally given up, I’m so sad because I just love the smell of cigarettes and ashtray. I KNOW! But honestly that smell is home to me) it surprised me how much it smells like a smoker just in from the bar b q wearing perfume. I am loving it even more. If that’s possible. Perfect smoky scent.
    Musette, don’t you wear that coat near a flame, I know witches don’t burn but….
    Portia xx

  • Musette says:

    Tiara, I never do perfume and food – only perfume ‘as’ food! LOL! Seriously – my only perfume/food rule is not to wear so much that it impacts my (or my fellow diners’) enjoyment of the food itself. Of course, BBQs and pig roasts don’t count. I don’t know anything that can compete with a well-charred brat and some spicy baked beans!


  • Sherri says:

    Love the Fourth! You’re right–so much less stressful than Thanksgiving (dh does the grilling) and Christmas! We are not having an official “party” but it looks like we will have at least two couples and we always have a lot of kids here. We set off more fireworks than the golf course behind us, but it’s nice not having to feel like I have to come up with a super-spectacular menu or entertainment. Just catch up with a few friends while the kids (teens/young adults now) swim..ahh! My only concern is the icky black widows we are plagued with! Having to keep all the pool toys, life jackets, etc. in the house! Have a safe and happy Fourth, everyone!!

  • Tiara says:

    It’s usually hot and humid here in the midwest so I just wear something I wouldn’t be able to wear at Christmas. And something not likely to attract mosquitoes at the fireworks. This year it’s likely to be Escale a Portofino (Dior) or Jasmine Summer (Soivohle). I can never figure out perfume and food…

    • Sherri says:

      Oh, the mosquitoes! My only reason I may be scentless tomorrow! I need me some Avon SSS! I thought CB I hate Perfumes was coming out with a perfume that was a bug repellant, too! I would buy it for that reason alone!

      • Musette says:

        I think CB did! I don’t know if it’s out yet but the chatter is definitely going on in the blogosphere. I live in Avon SSS – it really does work! We are having unseasonably chilly days – not persackly freezing, of course…but I am comfortable in one of those heavier cotton hoodies in the mornings! Great sleeping weather, though!


        • Liz K says:

          I have a sample of CBIHP’s Outside and it smells nice but is fleeting (like all his scents) and doesn’t seem to phase my monster mosquitoes. I am enjoying it anyway and just pouring it on to cover the deet (horrible, awful stuff I know – but better than West Nile) I am wafting. I could probably get away with just Outside if I had someone really succulent sitting next to me – like my father in law. He seems to have really extra tasty blood.

  • Scott Lauze says:

    I love Amber Narguile by Hermes, but to some it smells just like apple pie….