Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie

There’s something (still)  wrong with my computer – I can’t download photos so you get no gorgeous  vizs of burgers, ribs, potato salad, cole slaw…oh, yes…it’s that Most Wonderful Time of the Year:  Fourth of Ju-ly!  I love this holiday … Continue Reading

The Bingley v. The Lemon

        by The Mystified Musette   So…I’m still a little stuffy…okay, I’m still JAMMED in the sinii, though I’m wearing Cartier Declaration today and can parse out the bulk of the notes.  Not sure if that’s because I already know… Continue Reading


by Musette, who is craving some chocolate layer cake.   I remember the first time.  I was in Saks, back in the Joy/Paris/Poison days….  Diane was helping me, as I considered a purchase of Joy (remember when it was The… Continue Reading