Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Bubbling Bath #14

Hello Posse Peeps, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies, very excited to be here today talking about Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Bubbling Bath #14. I wonder if you have any rituals, any actions or things that you do on automatic or do to create an outcome. Things so ingrained in your day to day life that they become the building blocks of how you operate, a superstition, an easy, stress free way to achieve an outcome?

Part of my personality is completely disorganised and flighty. That part of me has zero ability to focus or remember, is unable to be productive or dedicated to anything except hedonism and has absolutely no care for others or consequences. That would have been fine if I had no ambition, need for comfort & friends or a desire to see 40. It could all have ended very easily on a drug high at any time between ages 14 and 40. It didn’t. All of a sudden I realised that living day to day was not enough and that I’d have to pull myself a bit more together and really create some earning potential so if I was lucky enough to live a reasonable amount of time that I could be fed, clothed, housed and cared for into the twilight and decline.

Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Bubbling Bath #14 Jelin deviantArtPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

So what happened was I had to create structure out of a life that was completely and utterly without it. One of the first things I changed was that instead of showers and running around like crazy it would be baths. I made a deal with myself that if I was working in drag I would give myself loads of time to get ready and prepare myself and pamper myself. If you need a time scale then that means that everything I need to accomplish in my day on a work day needs to be done by 2.30pm. My life on work days is now run on a series of phone alarms. Sounds boring? Nothing new? This is how the world works Portia? Well, it was an epiphany for me. At 2.30 my first alarm goes and even if I’m not finished whatever it is I’m doing I go draw the bath, come back and finish what I’m doing and then into the bath I go. I can still operate without this structure if something VERY important has taken precedence but the whole night feels off kilter and I never have the same grounded feeling or ability to roll with the highs and lows of the entertainment industry without it.

Why am I writing to you about my life change? Because I have a new Bubble Bath and I wanted to share my joy in it with you.

Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Bubbling Bath #14

Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Bubbling Bath #14 octopusPhoto Stolen Tokyo Milk

From Tokyo Milk:
Octopus No. 14
Peer through the looking glass. A delightful surprise awaits.
Luxurious chattering bubbles boast Extract of Japanese Green Tea, hydrating Avocado and Olive Oils and Vitamin E.
A delicate dance: Linden, Honeyed Rose, Wisteria Petals & White Musk

So once you get over the completely wanky overblown Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Bubbling Bath #14 ad-speak you are left with a beautiful, dry, crisp tea that is sweetened only slightly by honey and has a super clean musk backdrop. Invigorating and calming at the same time, in the bath I find myself physically relaxed and my mind able to wander freely and accurately. This is what many of my friends speak of when they talk about meditation but here it is completely luxurious and super hot. There is no better time out for me and after a day of doing the stuff that needs to be done (one day I’ll talk about my self imposed roster) to run businesses, family and home this moment of peaceful reflection gives me energy for my chosen profession.

I am left softly scented after my bath and if I didn’t want to be very fragrant but still smell clean, fresh and lovely then Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Bubbling Bath #14 leaves a trace of fragrance that may be enough for many people. Not for me though, I will often moisturise and spritz with different but complementary products or I do have some Tokyo Milk #14 Waltz fragrance if I want to continue the fresh citrus and dry tea experience further into my day.

Tokyo Milk has $22/16oz

Have you tried Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Bubbling Bath #14 or any of the range? What did you think? What are your rituals and how did they start for you?
Portia xx

  • Tom says:

    I love a good bath (and wrote a post about it) but my issue here is having one of those Rock Hudson moments- most of the baths in the USA after the 50’s are like birdbaths. I want my suds up to the ears Crystal Allen experience.

  • poodle says:

    I love a bath now and then. I had more baths at our old house because we had a whirlpool tub there. I do try to relax and unwind in the tub sometimes but not as much as I’d like and there’s no massaging whirlpool here. My favorite bubble bath was by Avon but they don’t make it anymore in the scent I loved. I do like the Vanilla Bargamot one by Bliss a lot and the one by 10 Corso Como.

  • tammy says:

    I have lost my ability to enjoy a lovely bubble bath, but you make me long for the days I could! You and Miss Liz above, with her Japanese bath powders.

  • Ann says:

    Oooh, Portia, this sounds just lovely! Alas, I am one of those rush-around folks who’s just doing well to get a shower and get my hair half-way dry before leaving the house. But one day when I have some time to myself, this in the tub will be for me. Thanks!

    • Ann,
      I’m one of those people who will tell you the most boring and obvious thing, sorry.
      Don’t think about it, whip out whatever you use as a diary and book yourself a lovely 1 hour bath appointment. It will take a few minutes to draw the bath, 20 minutes to soak, 10 minutes to clean and 15 minutes to dry.
      I know it reads undoable but if you book it in and take this hour for yourself you will be energised and refreshed beyond belief.
      Portia xx

  • Liz K says:

    I am a bather too but only recently has it become a true ritual. When my husband started spending the weekdays out of town for work I found myself winding down waaaay too late to function for work. I was enjoying having the evenings to myself and instead of being obligated to sit and unwind with him I was gardening until dark then throwing in some yoga and a quick shower and having dinner half an hour after I should have been in bed…and not sleeping because I was still so wound up. I decided that baths would have to be scheduled as unwinding time so I now have a set time that I have to draw the bath and watch at least one episode of silly anime or half of a k-drama (to distract me, I can not meditate and relax without an interruption of some kind). I have amassed a huge collection of japanese bath powders and rarely use a foaming bath but I remember really liking some of the Tokyo Milk scents and I love tea fragrances so will have to try the bubble baths.

    • Hi LizK,
      Working or living at odd hours can be debilitating. Sometimes my sleeplessness can morph into grumpy childish behaviour and I have to keep myself within the bounds of acceptable. Baths help me do that.
      I’m glad to see they perform for other people too.
      Portia xx