Audace by Marcel Rochas for Rochas 1936

Hey there Perfume Posse, today I am talking vintage again. Vintage Audace EdP by Rochas. I’ve had a large decant of it for some time now and wore it a few times when it arrived but as is so often the case other things arrived and it sat neglected in the background and as I’ve just noticed it has been leaking its beauty to the world and now there are only about 2ml of viscous amber liquid left in my decant bottle. AAAAARRGGHHH! Better wear the shit out of it for the next couple of days.

Audace by Marcel Rochas for Rochas 1936

Audace Rochas Fragrantica 1Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Iris, jasmine, bergamot, violet
Heart: Carnation, rose
Base: Patchouli, oak moss, galbanum, amber, juniper, pine

I think the evaporation in by decant has made the juice left into ultra extrait. What I remember from my previous wears is thicker, richer, more luscious and altogether more interesting than my memory. That being said I am much further down the frag worm hole than back then, maybe my sniffer is becoming better able to enjoy stuff.

Great, gorgeous, perfumey opening that is like all the bergamot has been dried out and earthed by the iris. The crispness of carnation is already present in the opening as isa the galbanum. Even though Audace is now thick and rich it’s not overpowering in a size way but it definitely changes the air in the room. I sprayed myself and then went out to get a cuppa, on my return the room was delightfully scented and when I walked back in I could smell narcissus and jasmine clearly above the other ingredients; interesting.

Audace Rochas Ryan Somma Jonquilla Daffodil Narcissus FlickrFlickr

My mate Scott has a name for rose fragrances with a load of interestingly earthy backing pieces, he calls them the Skanky Roses and I think that Audace definitely falls into this category through the heart. It’s a crisp, dry rose with the scent of cut stems and torn leaf all bundled up with delightful resins. Is there a hit of aldehydes too? I get the familiar oily sweetness but I could be dreaming. Also I feel like there’s a tobacco and honey wash which could be a sweeter, old fashioned patchouli/amber combo. Sheeesh, it smells good.

For all its vintage splendour Audace is really pretty and I could imagine it being totally considered a soft option in days gone by for someone who wasn’t really into statement frags. Today it is bolder by comparison to modern perfumery but still a very wearable and lovely.

Audace Rochas FragranticaFragrantica

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You can find Audace on eBay and at some decanters.

Have you tried Audace? Is Rochas a house you’ve liked stuff from?
Portia xx

Mals86 March 18, 2016

Hmm. This is sounding like my kinda thing - I don't love Femme, though I got on better with the refo than the vinty, and Madame Rochas strikes me as being too dull, what with all the vetiver-musk. But lots of flowers? Narcissus? Yep. Might have to dig around on teh 'bay and see what I can find.

Ann March 18, 2016

Mmmm, Portia, this sounds lovely. Wasn't familiar at all with Audace, so thanks for the eye-opening. Must try this ASAP. Love your vintage bent!

HeidiC March 17, 2016

I love vintage Femme and Madame -- I haven't tried Audace or Mystere! I'll definitely need to check those out if I have the opportunity, and also try out the reformulated Femme. I do love me some skank!

eldarwen22 March 17, 2016

The only Rochas that I have tried is Femme. I remember not liking it too much. I have never heard of this one though. Sounds like it might be up my alley.

Neva March 17, 2016

The review is yummy Portia! It's a pity I don't know Audace. I first heard of Rochas in the late seventies. My mother didn't wear anything from Rochas but I knew from back then: Madame de Rochas, Femme de Rochas and my absolute favorite - Mystere de Rochas. I was very young and Madame and Femme were definitely not suitable for me and I dismissed them as perfumes for "elder women" (like my mother, lol). Mystere on the other hand was wonderful and I even had a FB as a teenager. Mystere is a true chypre. Back then when oakmoss was common it felt like a warm woody scent with a green touch, somewhere near Paloma Picasso. Today, when I dab on a bit from my vintage mini I only love the initial freshness. Later it becomes sooooo dry, like a dry white portwine, probably it's the coriander. I think even Bandit is more wearable :-D It is very special though and I wear it for fun when I'm meeting friends I know from back then. I also have a mini of Femme der Rochas and this is a completely different story. I did not like it before but now I find it amazing: the first burst is headache inducing, but then comes a warm plum in a bed of flowers which lasts forever and it only gets warmer and muskier. It is endlessly sensual and I think I would wear it more often today if there weren't only some 3-4 ml left :-/

jillie March 17, 2016

This was another perfume that I spent my college grant on when it came out. I bought the parfum, unsniffed, because previously I had loved wearing Madame Rochas. I really enjoyed it, even though it was richer and earthier than the Madame and with, what my young nose thought, was a dose of lily of the valley. How I wish I had bought lots of bottles and put them into storage for the future!

ginzaintherain March 17, 2016

There is a bottle of this at a vintage recycle shop I know in Kamakura. You have made me want to go and buy it!

Sun Mi March 17, 2016

I've never tried this, or anything from Rochas, but I absolutely love the idea of it scenting the room enough that you could smell it upon your return! I've never experienced that - it sounds absolutely delightful.