A Day Late (but I hope not) a Dollar Short: Diptyque Oud Palao Eau de Parfum

oudpalao_edp_75ml_bottle_mdOkay, I have to admit that Diptyque was always a house that I kind of let drop below my radar, even though it was founded in the year of my birth. I always considered them basically a candle company, and I am not a big candle person. As a matter of fact I used to be somewhat anti-candle, having an irrational fear of them burning down the house. Of course, then someone gifted me one and actually showed me how to use it effectively: light candle, let it get a decent size pool of wax then blow out and enjoy the scent. This way I get a candle that lasts forever and my visions of my little hovel going up like Manderley at the hands of the demented Mrs. Danvers are quelled.

So anyway, FacePlace was running a promo where if I sauntered into the Diptyque store on Beverly Drive in BH I could get a 1ML spray of one of their scents,free. Since free perfume is only slightly less desirable than free suitcases of large denomination bills in my opinion and I was going to at least there BH City council campaign kick-offs (free food being high on the list as well…) I wandered in to give them a whirl.

It wasn’t a long visit since I had stopped at Bouchon Bakery and got pastries (No, I had not gotten enough to eat at the events. So there) but that was only part of it. They had three scents available in the complimentary samples: one I forget, one was a lovely tuberose that I would never wear but was on the phone with three friends about on the way to the car and the one that I chose, the Oud.

Now Oud can be a difficult scent for some; sometimes it can be almost overpowering which is usually the way that I like it. I am after all the boy who thinks Fermez Tes Jeux is something that should be worn to church while quite a few people think it’s more of a Church of Satan sort of scent. But Diptyque manages to keep the Oud more on the skin-scent side of things and tempers it with a truly lovely rose and vanilla. Dypique insists that the village is “intense and hypnotic.” I will give them the latter certainly, but I am not quite so sanguine about the former. Maybe upon first spray, but I had a co-worker smell it on me and she basically had to bury her head in my polo shirt to get it, which she happily did repeatedly. Lord knows what passers-by passing the picture window in my office thought, but hey, the door was open so it’s on their imagination, not our actions.

Would I buy it? Maybe not at this point in my life when I think I pretty much have Oud covered by about three other scents, if not more. But if I didn’t I would be right there in line. Lasting power of the punchy opening isn’t very long, but the warm spicy dry-down with the hint of roses and Oud last quite a long time. I would think that it is also fairly unisex; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to a female friend. I recommended to my coworker that she run into the store and get the tuberose for herself and then send her husband in to get the Oud. Then steal it without compunction.

Oud Palao Eau de Parfum is I beleive anyplace that Diptyque is sold or online at their website. $150 for 2.5 ounces. My 1ML spray was a freebie from the store. Image is from Diptyque website.

  • Winterlude says:

    I am unfamiliar with most of this line, but I do love Philosykos!

  • Merry Rower says:

    Diptyque deserves more love! I actually adore plenty about Diptyque (I was born their founding year as well), and their extremely generous sampling/GWP programs is just the start. I always have a few of their candles about, plus all their other home fragrance options are very appealing, well-scented and long-lasting and the best house gifts ever.

    On the perfume front, Eau Duelle is my favorite dry vanilla, and Philosykos the wonderful green fig which takes me right back to my San Francisco days. I’m particularly enjoying the limited edition Essences Incensees Jasmin EDP from a couple of years ago, and dying to try the well-reviewed Kionanthe and Benjoin Boheme.

    So I guess you’d call me a fan. In LA, I find the Larchmont boutique the most welcoming and generous (often gifted 5 &10ML sprays and small candles per visit) but Nordstrom SAs can be good too.

  • Musette says:

    I love Diptyque candles, even though I don’t use candles often (they HOIT my sinuses). But I love their body cream, though I have screeched about the jar design (it’s a disaster waiting to happen, with the weird little indentation at Precisely the WRONG place so if you have even remotely damp hands it slips out and can break a toe – or an entire foot! But omg. It is divine in smell and feel!


  • jenbat says:

    Diptyque is also below my radar, I don’t know why but none of the descriptions of their scents have made me think, wow, I have to run out and try that! But I wanted to add that I just read Rebecca over the holidays so I got your Manderley reference, yay!

  • Zazie says:

    Oud Palao was an unexpected like for me too. I am not an Oud person, and not a Dyptique perfume aficionado. The only scent I own from the brand (and love to bits) was the amazing rosa viola limited edition solid fragrance they made a year ago… too bad it’s gone….(sobs)
    Oud Palao reads to my nose as an airy and “fresh” Oud perfume, where the freshness comes from some greenery that complements the woody and smoky notes. Love it on my husband! I appreciate the fact that it has something different to say than the plethora of ouds on the market, and that it manages to have a comfy, delectably sweet appeal despite the notes and the attitude.

    But I must admit, the Diptyque visuals just kill me. I would like my home to look like one of their shops.
    And if anybody wants to join me in an appeal to bring back rosa viola (cherry on top, an amazingly fun packaging)… I am not even a rose person!!!!