Winner! Winner! (and some Musings)

The Internet is NOT MY FRIEND.  Publish date got pushed back – sorry!


Hey!  I got WINNERS!  It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks, hence the delays.   We’ve been working on all sorts of projects at the shop, including some essential-but-small (in that ‘for want of a nail’  construct that can be so terrifying) specialty parts for a major component in the construction of an energy project.  Our little 200-lb part is integral to the installation of a MASSIVE part, so it’s lovely to hear the crane operator say (when queried about its efficacy, as he’s hoisting a 243ft, 463,000lb tube, festooned with unbelievably expensive, delicate parts, like something for the Space Station) ‘yep.  it’s just beautiful.  perfect!).  My guts are always in a knot until that thing is in the ground!


this is What We Do  (our specialty part for this project is what allows the tail crane to pick up and move that beast.  Little, in the scheme of things but essential, in the scheme of things) – I’m very proud of What We Do.  Can you tell?

But it’s in the ground now, so my guts are unknotted and I can turn my attention to my beloved You Guys!


But first, let me tell you what else (not work) I’ve been doing.  Yeah, you know it!  Gardening stuff!  You by now know that I suffer from Seasonal Depression, and other than moving to Mexico for 2 mos of the year, the best I can do is stay Vitamin D-ed up and look at gardening stuff (and NOT question my sanity in my choice to remain in the Midwest when I didn’t have to – but that is for another day and a whole bottle of vodka, I’m sure). In the dark night of Winter I spend hours in bed, with the humidifier going and bouquets of Casa Blanca and Zambesi lilies perfuming the room, so I don’t go out and set the whole town on fire – good garden visuals help and good garden writing really helps.   My new BGP is Louis Raymond, aka and if you asked me how I stumbled upon his blog, I couldn’t tell you – but omg.  SO glad I did.  Louis Raymond is that gardener I’d like to have as a neighbor – an amazing (but ‘real-world’) gardener/ designer with a willingness to share his process in ways that help you with your own processes, y’know?  And he is the only other gardener I know who pronounces kniphophia (named after Johannes Kniphof, don’tchaknow) as its original botanical name.  (I have a couple of friends who adore ‘correcting’ and will fight me! on the pronunciation but I am too old and wily for that anymore.  I jes’ smile – drives ’em bonkers! . 😉 – anyhoo, Louis has a stunningly encyclopedic knowledge of plants but even more important, he has a Beginner’s Mind and an awe-inspiring love of plants, even plants he can’t grow well in Rhode Island.  I am unlikely to grow a lot  of the intriguing and difficult plants he yarks on about (space and Winter storage constraints) but I sure do love reading about them – and I’ve already implemented a couple of his design solutions in my own garden, thank you Louis!  If you enjoy a highly informed but slightly irreverent take on a revered subject, you should check him out.  I’m glad I did!  Instagram (my new BFFFE) is @louistheplantgeek

Louis & erythrina

My other obsession is Niki Jabbour’s posts, both on Instagram (@nikijabbour) and her longtime blog Savvy Gardening. – sweatergawd, she and her raised bed garden is the inspiration behind my constantly-evolving kitchen garden, albeit on a scale about 1/20th of hers (I think she does farmer’s markets) – anyhoo, she’s based in NS where Winters are every bit as brutal as mine are – and she gardens in cold frames during those snowbound months.  Okay – lemmetellya.  I don’t think it’s ever going to happen for me, that whole ‘coldframe’ thing.  Yes, in January I get all Rapunzel’s Mom and hanker for fresh romaine – but I dunno.…… do y’all see me donning parka and boots and going out to cut lettuce in January?  I didn’t think so.  Hell, I can barely get out of bed in January.  But!  Looking at her Instagram and blog photos keeps me sane during that time – maybe I should consider a cold frame – or maybe I really should just go to Mexico next January.  What do you think?  I’m starting to hyperventilate, just thinking about another Winter, and it just turned to Spring.

Niki Jabbour, Vegetable Queen!



But!  enough about me! Let’s talk about YOU!  Y’all have been SO patient, posting comments and waiting for me to announce winners!  And I am FINALLY here for you!

Goldfield & Banks winner – okay, I have to tell you a funny story:  so, I had The Girl poke a pawnail at randomDOTorg for this draw – and the first name that came up was…… Portia!  LOL!   So she poked again and it hit on Ellen!  So.  ELLEN!  gmail me (evilauntieanitaAT) and remind me what you’ve won and I’ll get it out to you!

Storytelling Giveaway winner is GINA!

The Kondo post (over a month old – good grief, I am LAME!) is Barbara B

I am SO sorry it has taken this long for all of these winnings – I’m just lame-o.  There.  I said what I said.


gmail an evilauntieanita and I PROMISE!  PROMISE!  I will get the loot out to you QUICKLY!!





  • Kathryn says:

    I watched the video of moving the demethanizer and am totally impressed. My cat Rufus was, too. He jumped on my lap while I was watching it on my computer and was completely transfixed by the video. Usually it takes a flock of robins jumping around on the lawn to get that much of his attention.

    As for Mexico, do it! I had dinner awhile back with a woman who summers on the coast in Maine and then goes to San Miguel de Allende for the cold months. She’s an artist and says the changes in scenery and culture, along with the Vitamin D, keep her creative juices flowing. She also says to take the State Department travel advisories seriously. Some places are a good deal more relaxing than others.

    • Musette says:

      Oh, if only! I think I could manage 10 days before I started getting Those Emails 😉 I love SMdA but REALLY love Puerta Vallarta – I used to spend the middle of February there, to get me through The Dark Days…. it’s been awhile, though….def will check with State because I know Acapulco has fallen on dangerous times, alas.

      ooh! SO glad Rufus enjoyed it!!!


  • Gina T says:

    Squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for storytelling. I am a writer for a living. Dang straight. I don’t remember what I won; so it will be a huge surprise. Thank you for your generosity and for making a stressful day just outstanding.

  • Tara C says:

    I think you need to go to Mexico next winter, you sound a bit wild-eyed. 🙂

    • Musette says:

      LOL! That’s probably just Tuesday talking! If you get a chance, though, take a look at the little vid – you’ll see why my guts were all knotted. Moving (or being part of the moving process) 463,000 lbs of ANYTHING gives me hives.