What’s in a Name?

Okay – first off, thank you all for your well-wishes.  Really, very much appreciated.  Now that all is over but the shouting (and even that is over) TG and I are settling down and looking forward to a peaceful time together. Former life is closing out but it wasn’t all that horrific (remember:  March and I cackled, so it can’t be that bad!) – the end, though, was ….. ridiculously ridiculous?  Yeah, that.

But!  Before I forget, let’s do a bit of housekeeping (speaking of, gottatellaya:  NOTHING beats a ShopVac – nothing!  my fridge’s waterline sprung a leak and there are not enough towels, even in my house, to suck up the tidal wave – but…omgosh!  SHOPVAC! to the rescue.  2 things every householder (whether you own it or not) should have:  a cordless driver and a ShopVac  – even a tiny one. Bezos’s Place has a one-gallon one that could save your carpets, your floors, your neighbors’ ceilings…your sanity.

winner of The Core:  Neva.  gmail your evilauntieanitaAT, remind me what you’ve won and I’ll get it out to you.  I’m back to being in Relative Efficiency mode, so I can DO THIS!  😉

Okay!  Now..one of my sillier posts! “what’s in a Name?” – recently Phil Vettel (Chicago Tribune) listed his 50 Best Chicago restaurants.  I love those lists because Who Doesn’t Love a List?  But…

… sometimes, sometimes, lists can give you the giggles – and it evokes the persack opposite of its intent.  Reading Vettel’s list, the names of the restaurants, so evocative in a singular sense, started to sound …….silly…when listed.


Elske, Avec,Galit,Mako,Kyoten, Cabra, Entente, Beelzebub (okay, I made that one up) – anyway, it’s weird:  one name sounds elegant, hip, but a list of elegant hipness?  eh.

So, guess what?  Feels the same with perfume.  Thanks to the Internets, I can look at a whole slew of new, hip, ironic releases, and omg!  It gets downright silly (for me), like NST’s old contest Le Prix Eau Faux, where we had to make up a perfume’s name and backstory, the more absurd the better.  

Now, don’t get me wrong, as with the restaurants, it’s not about the perfumes.  It’s not even about specific perfume names (which is why I’m not mentioning any newer releases)s.  This is one of my psycho musings about how a LIST can make things sound ridiculous.  Am I losing it, here?  Nah.  Y’all know I’m right 😉  I mention ‘new’ but I suspect that Mitsouko, Fracas, Arpege……..nah.  Sorry.  They can beat the tar out of any list ever made!



Maybe I’m just …. hey!  GET OFF MY LAWN!

what do y’all think?  Can a list dilute a name?  Am I crazy? Indulge me with some crazy story of your own and I’ll have TG poke somebody with a pawnail for some goodies!



HeidiC November 23, 2019

I don't know -- in Jehanne Dubrow's lovely throughsmoke, a book-length meditation on the nature of scent's power, she periodically lists 10-15 perfumes alphabetically (like, several As and Bs, then later a list of Cs, and so on through the book and alphabet), and the names are so lovely that they're like a litany. It may also have that effect because she doesn't name ALL the perfumes, just the notable ones with lyrical names that sound good together. So there's some editorial choice going into the list, which may help it sound like music instead of nonsense.

rosarita November 19, 2019

Too tired to write a crazy story but I agree about lists and names and especially new names (unless they just grab an old name ie Dior Joy.) I'm feeling very hey! Get off my lawn! in general these days but yes, Shopvacs are awesome :) I'm glad you and the girl are good, Ms A xxo 

March November 19, 2019

Beelzebub..... deep red banquettes, everything's Argentinian beef roasted all to hell, right?  :D  

Portia November 19, 2019

Hey Musette,
It's hard to lay down hard earned cash for a fragrance called Dog Dick Pink or Gardener's Buttcrack unless the scent is overwhelmingly awesome. Current case in point. I Am Trash by ELdO smells beautiful. Couldn't help but get some on me. Portia xx

Gina T November 19, 2019

I don't think a list dilutes a name but I think some of the modern perfume names are just silly and stupid. They try too hard. And lack refinement and elegance. Many tend to be coarse or shock value.

Rina November 19, 2019

I'm so lost but glad you are ok...