Musette’s Musings – the skittery mind

Gosh, it’s been awhile since I’ve bored you given you a glimpse into my skittery mind.  Let’s go for a little ramble, shall we?  I’m MUSING!

Silence.  What is it about Silence?  You’d think that since I tend to work alone and most of what I do is non-interactive (quoting, etc) that I would have music blasting.  But I don’t.  I really enjoy quiet – or, I guess, Quiet with Ambient Noise.  Back in my Fbook days, I remember  Ida posting about the pleasure of having a coffee in a newly-clean house, with the washer/dryer humming along, whilst a storm raged outside.  Mine is a tad bit different  – I’m with her for all of it, except the raging storm.  My delight is doing Quiet with Ambient Noise in bright sunshine…and bitter cold.  Today, at lunchtime, I took a break from work – but not for lunch.  I decided to iron.  The laundry is on the back addition, where the sun just blasts! in , and I had a squickton of little vintage hand towels to iron.  Interesting that I find ironing those things so soothing because when I was a kid, I was required to iron a whole LOT of those (I grew up in the early 60s and everything in our house was cotton or linen.  Steam irons……. I don’t think so.  I remember my mom had a Coca-Cola bottle with a little shaker plug, you filled it with water and that’s how you rolled (and if you were smart you’d sprinkle the remaining linens, etc, roll them up and put them in the fridge).  And NO CAT WHISKERS! in the corners of those towels/pillowcases/sheets (remember…early 60s.  Cotton. Linen.). But today, just being there in the sunshine with The Girl staring at the birds outside…it was so relaxing!  Smelled good, too.  I think I’m beginning to understand the appeal of scents like Clean Laundry (though I do not want to wear it).  Ironed cotton is very calming.  And the hiss of the iron, the slight pings of appliances (as they are wont to ping)… the sounds of my neighbors working on their truck…. all worked to assure me that the Zombie Apocalypse was not upon us – at least not on Thursday noon.

dry those paws!

False Spring.  A lot of people really despise a False Spring (which we are in on this Sunday evening – 23February, 7p and it’s still 43F! Blessed be!)  – but I love them.  Here’s why:  if you’re an Old Broad like moiself, you know the beauty of just sitting and Being in the sun – in my younger days I would’ve tornadoed around the garden, raking detritus, etc, and probably doing more harm than good.  We’re likely to get another avalanche, pre-April (or even during April), so there’s no need to jump the gun.  Besides, sometimes just sitting, listening to the birds and the kids playing in the park (and my neighbor’s chickens and ducks going bonkers!)…sometimes that’s enough.  As it was today.  I did do one thing: Since the ground is  porous I moved the bird feeder.  I’m sick of watching the squirrels hork down all the seed, especially as I feed them, too!  Greedy bassids.  Though I do admit that watching them figure out how to outwit the baffle (which they are now unable to do because Move) was…fascinating.  Btw – the ONLY time the squirrel was inclined to vacate?  When a hawk shows up.  At that point, everybody (including the jays, who fear little) vanishes.  You wanna talk Quiet?  Let a hawk come into my garden.  It’s like a neutron bomb went off out there.

oh!  and here’s another Musing:  so… we’re maaaybe going to get 6″ of snow sometime tomorrow (avalanche!  toldja!).  What is it about that prediction, makes me want to sprint to The Teeter for my version of bread and milk?  It’s a total knee-jerk reaction…because I just went to the grocery store on Saturday!  But the moment I read that, I thought ‘omg.  Must get …….!!!’

Exercise.  I’m here for it!  It’s been awhile – and it shows, both physical and mentally, but ykwhat?  After the first few painful days? it’s really fine when I start again!  My sacrum is still wonked so there’s no jumping about – I do this stunningly simple 30-mins Yoga for Sleep that I found on YouTube(which has me nearly comatose by the time we get to the end) and then I do barre-at-home (again the Tube) – a friend (ykw) is a total convert to barre and she got me into it.  It’s funny, but the b-a-h routine I chose bears a startling resemblance to 1980s aerobics, right down to the leg warmers.  Which is fine – back in the 80s I did aerobics 6days a week, I was a size 8, my bp was almost hypotenssive, I was that fit – and my BMI was almost as good as Jackie Joyner’s!  I doubt I will be any of those things again (because 80s, y’know?) but I feel better than I have in ages!  Dropping that 285lbs helped – but dropping the half-dress size isn’t hurting, either! and YOGA!  Omg.  I stepped on an acorn and nearly went down – the gyrations to keep myself upright?  Those would’ve hurt like a lima bean – except!  YOGA!  I shook it off, stretched it out …and I’m FOINE.  so if you’re considering…….?


Van Morrison.  40 years I’ve listened to that man.  40 years I’ve loved his music.  But… y’know…90% of the time I STILL don’t know what the hell he’s saying.  I’m listening to ‘Avalon’ right now – and I’ve listened to Avalon since he first released it.  And there are still whole segments of that song that sounds like he’s sucking pudding through a straw.  Van!   (but don’t stop singing – and don’t leave me (in the dead of night).  Lyle Mays’s passing was shocking and heartbreaking enough.  What a gentle, kind, talented soul.  Rest in Power, Lyle.)

Portrait of Lyle Mays, Jazz pianist at the Yamaha piano showroom, West 57th st, New York City, New York. September 30, 1988. (Photo by Michel Delsol/Getty Images)

Bulbs.  LOL!  Hyacinths.  Beautiful.  Capricious. Stankin’ like Spring.  You know why else I love them?  They teach you patience.  They wake up (if they wake up) when THEY are ready – and not one nanosecond before that.   I’m actually enjoying the sight of several bulbs (from the same lot) growing at stunningly different rates.  And others (again, from the same lot) not even awake yet.  In my youth that would’ve driven me to distraction.  Now I just enjoy the weirdness.  I’m not running the flower show – they are.

you are NOT the boss of me!

whazzup with YOU guys?  Lmk!  The Girl and I spent a lovely day in the garden and she said ‘hey, Mommy!  Let’s do a giveaway!  This pawnicure ain’t gonna poke itself!’ (or something like that).  so.  She has spoken.  Let’s do a giveaway!  Tell me a Musing of your own.  I’ll have her exercise that pawnail!  I’m a bit behind on getting the last of my winners’ stuff out but I promise to Do Better!


  • Ann says:

    Love this post, dear! And although it’s been a looong while since I ironed, the smell of freshly washed and ironed linens is indeed calming. Maybe I’ll pull out the iron and work it this weekend (and hope DH doesn’t fall over in a faint 😉 ) Hugs …

    • Musette says:

      It used to freak out the unlamented El O, especially as I would watch ‘Under Siege’ (a pretty violent Tommy Lee Jones/Steven Segal movie) whilst engaging in that domestic art 😉 xoxoxo

  • Jennifer S says:

    I love to iron but would never go so far as ironing sheets though! I’m enjoying feeding the birds this winter and boy do they love some peanuts! I usually chop them a bit but I’ll throw out a few still in their shell and it’s funny to see them getting carried off. I’ve been putting peanut butter on the trees for the woodpeckers and love to watch the birds that walk down the trees coming for a taste!

  • Crikey says:

    I loathe and detest ironing… Except when I get a wild ironing bug. Usually when life things are utterly chaotic, and it’s soothing to restore order and smoothness to something that’s easy to control and contain. This is when I may even go so far as to iron sheets. Maybe.

    • Musette says:

      LOL! I know just what you mean. Omg. I both loathe and love ironing sheets! If I can’t manage them on the board I…….. (well, okay…I always do this)……..I IRON THEM ON THE BED! Nothing quite like taking a hot shower (on a freezing-cold night), getting all toasty… and getting into freshly-ironed sheets!

      but what a pain, eh?

      xoxox your Crazy Sister from Another Mister!

  • Tatiana says:

    I remember ironing with the sprinkler top bottle and things rolled up in the fridge, too. I used to love ironing back then. For some reason I hate it now. FALSE spring? Hah. Out this way it’s spring and it’s beginning to look like we’re gonna have a super hot, dry summer. It was in the 60s all last week and it’s in the mid 70s this week. Even for CA this is warm weather for Feb. I hate water rationing. I miss a bit of winter.
    I’m curious which yoga and barre videos you watch. I’d love to give them a try. Go to the gym and lift iron three days a week, but really can’t afford to go more often. I found a woman who teaches pilates that I like but another expense.
    Been trying to do some worm composting, but I think something is off because along with the worms, I have slugs, bugs and a bit of mold. Sigh.

    • Musette says:

      The link is down by Portia’s comment – but seriously, what I said to Undina: whichever program works for you! This? THIS is why Floyd made theTube! Get on there! There are home pilates, home yoga, barre-at-home…….. I live 30 miles from the nearest yoga studio and am broke as a snake, to boot, so it’s theTube for me!


      as regards the worm composting, I don’t think that’s unusual – I have a worm composter and get all sorts of things – in addition to worms.

  • Kathleen says:

    Van Morrison! I like you, have been a fan for eons. Avalon I love, and Tupelo Honey one of my all time favorite songs. When you are enjoying peaceful moments, do you ever listen to “So Quiet In Here?”
    I don’t have anything to iron, but my Silence is walking in nature on mostly uninhabited trails with my dog, listening to the birds, wind in the trees, and often, Van. I prefer sunshine, but those cold and blustering days have their own beauty when bundled up properly with all the clothes.
    I like your advice to Gina in the previous post. Kiss The Girl from me! xx

    • Musette says:

      I love that song! I’ve been burbling Tupelo Honey for the past few hours – it was my gateway Van, back in undergraduate school (the Jurassic Era) – even now, hearing it brings back those relatively carefree days!

      I just came in from shoveling (well, sweeping) the walkways – last night’s storm dumped 2″ of powdery snow – and that 30 mins of aerobic sweeping left me feeling pleasantly endorphic! xoxoxo from The Girl

  • Undina says:

    I’m one of those strange people who loves ironing. Unfortunately, these days I have to ration that activity because my back doesn’t like it as much as I do. But still, I do it at least 2-3 hours per week. Netflix/Amazon Prime make the process even more enjoyable.

    I hate yoga… well, I hate any physical activity, but I need to make myself to start doing something again, so yoga for better sleep sounds like a nice idea – I hope I found the right one on YouTube.

    • Musette says:

      To be honest, Undina, it doesn’t matter if it’s the right one, as long as it’s the right one for you! I chose her because she is a positive-neutral presence and she takes her time with the poses. There are some out there that treat a ‘relaxation’ sequence like a forced march!
      And if it works for you it might reset your body’s endorphins so that they push you to do a bit more. That’s how it’s working for me, anyway!


      and YAY! a Fellow Ironer!

  • Tara C says:

    Not much interesting here, just trying to get through life and menopause one day at a time. Trying to change my mentality from scarcity to abundance. Trying to find the motivation to get stuff done when all I want to do is sit and read. Thankfully it’s sunny right now; everything is easier when it’s sunny.

  • Queen-Cupcake says:

    Thanks for the yoga link on Youtube, Musette. I’ve not been sleeping well lately and I know this will help. Actually, I do that breathing exercise when I am at the electrologist’s; I even did it during an outpatient operation and it really helped!

    • Musette says:

      I hope the video helps, E. It sure helped me. There are a couple of poses therein that I cannot yet do (bad shoulder and that wonky toe) but she encourages modification, which really eases Yoga Guilt, and still allows the pose to do its thing. I even do the breathing while sitting on the edge of the sofa! Works just as well as the floor sit – better, in fact, because I don’t have to stress out my hips so early in the sequence.


  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    I’m with you on the ironing. These days only the holiday tablecloth and napkins get it, since I don’t allow in any clothing items that do, but I love the freshness of steam pressing and the satisfaction of a crisp clean table setting. I’ve decided this year at Lent I might actually try to sacrifice and do a bit of self denial for a change, and attempt to make it through the entire season instead of going a few days and throwing in the towel. This may include walking on the treadmill, since it is also still winter here, and sidewalks too slippery. It will be a long while before my irises and tulips show their pretty faces. The older I get, the tougher these winters are to bear.

    • Musette says:

      VL, my daffodils are poking up about 1/8″ and with this potential incoming snowstorm that is where they will stay for awhile.
      If your sidewalks are slippery, stay indoors on that treadmill (or wear ice cleats, if you must venture out). Ice is……. terrifying!

      Spring will wend its way to us when it is good and ready! xoxoxo

  • Portia says:

    Hey Musette,
    SO MUCH to unpack from that post.
    I too love a cuppa in a clean house. That quiet moment before the world comes and musses up my work.
    Ironing? There is very little in this house that needs it, thank everything. A couple of GOOD shirts that get worn maybe twice a year and some chinos that only get ironed those same days, otherwise they dry, get hung and worn.
    The one thing that I will iron if I have time is the Tea Towels. The whole zen mindless repetition is a great place to let my other mind do some percolating of ideas. Often it will leave me free to find simple answers to very complex problems.
    Really miss having a garden. Don’t miss the work.
    Yes, Jin and I are headed back to the gym. What is that sleep yoga link please?
    Van Morrison has never crossed my path, I’ve heard the name but that’s about it.
    Hyacinths!!! YUMMY!
    Portia xx

  • March says:

    The world is a wild, beautiful thing with its own agenda and sense of humor — how else would we have met?! I am so blessed to have you as a friend.

    I am YUGE on ambience (you’ve seen my house lol) because it’s my refuge and recharge station, as it is for you. Smells: orange furniture polish, that fancy Fornasetti room spray, random perfume, leetle dogs. I used to have music on a lot in the background on the radio (classical). Last year the boys bugged me into getting those google home things so they could listen to their Google Play music. I am a LATE convert but I love them now — what time is it? What’s the weather forecast? How many cups in a gallon? And my favorite five-word magic spell: “play me some Artie Shaw.”

    • Musette says:

      Your house is why I switched from lemon oil polish to orange! Such a wonderful scent! And LOL! on the Google Play (is that like Alexa?). Did I ever tell you about my friend who was FIFTY MILES AWAY from his house, on a sensitive biz call – and Alexa played the ENTIRE conversation back to his wife at home (luckily it was his wife and not a biz associate) – somehow the Spotify on his phone twisted it up with Alexa. Tellin’ ya – Skynet is already here.


  • Angelique says:

    Ahh, here we go!
    Your musings trigger mine.
    Hmmm. The scent of spray starch, Niagra, at my Aunt Betty and Uncle Willis’ was one of my first olfactory anchors … a connection with people/place/time.
    Then, in general, a musing that crossed my mind, as I saw an ad for a perfumery, and I caught myself thinking “Oh. But I have my very own resource for all things fragrance related!” and then I smiled.
    You each and all he created a sense of loyalty to your company that I’m not sure I ever realized.
    It’s magnificence!
    Oh, my. So very many musings here. Just a couple, in quick note form here, as I enjoy yours!

    • Musette says:

      oh, honey! Niagra. Ni.Ag.Ra. I LOVE the smell of Niagra spray starch. And sizing! That first release of the starchy goodness, as the steamy iron hits the fabric….yum!


  • Angelique says:


  • Gina T. says:

    I am not very musing or skittery. I’m very organized, Type A and structured BUT I also am a poet and in my poetry, it’s like unpacking a suitcase. Layers and levels and narrative on narrative and metaphors and imagery. It’s all in there. Kind of like me. Deep and intense. For me, an intellectual who is always ON, musing is shutting off and being totally mindful. Not thinking about the past or future. Yoga, meditation, riding my horse, dance classes that I can’t do anymore, reading a book, taking a hot bath. These things help me to shut it all off and just be. And, I don’t spend enough time on these things. I grind and I stress. So, there’s my story, my dear Musette. We are both storytellers of a different kind. Hugs! I love your skittering and admire people who are not like me. It makes the world a big, beautiful place.

    • AngelaB says:

      You just described this so beautifully! And it is great advice for similar people, such as my daughter who would love your comments and needs to hear them!

    • Musette says:

      Gina – breathe through that grinding and stressing – I used to stress and grind alladetime! And one day I realized, grinding and stressing did NOTHING to change the situation – AT ALL! More horse riding, more yoga, more baths! Life is uncertain. Enjoy it (as much as possible!). You are valued and we want you still here and still present! xoxoxoxo