Koh Samui Wedding Extravaganza

Hi there Posse. Last week Jin and I took off for my cousin Mark’s Koh Samui Wedding to his long term partner David. These guys never do anything by halves, come from the wealthy side of the family, have excellent taste and are so likeable that the world bends happily in any direction they wish. It’s amazing to watch staff (and most people in general, including me) happily subsumed. They have lived it easy and tough, had massive internal family drama, moved and changed careers and landed on their feet every time. Jin and I are so happy for them, they’ve remained steadfast and true to each other through it all for years. To see it celebrated in marriage in this ridiculously gorgeous setting was the best.

Koh Samui Wedding Extravaganza

Just to keep it slightly fragrant Jin wore Bombay Bling by Neela Vermeire Creations and I wore L’Insomnuit by Robert Piguet. We both smelled fabulous and more than one person noticed each of our scents. It was hard to pick something that could take us from day to night and fit with a Koh Samui Wedding. These worked.

Here’s a small photo essay of the magical day/night.

Koh Samui Wedding

Koh Samui Wedding


Koh Samui Wedding

Koh Samui Wedding

Now that’s how you celebrate a wedding.

What fragrance would you have worn to a Koh Samui Wedding?
Portia xx

  • March says:

    THAT IS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL. I probably would have worn Ormonde Jayne Champaca and a lot of sunscreen.

    • Portia says:

      Hey March,
      It was both, yeah.
      Champaca would have been a beautiful choice. Sunscreen 50+ was definitely the order of the day.
      Portia xx

  • Musette says:

    holy cats & crackers! that looks AMAZING! And hot. Which makes it perfect! And elegant. Which makes it even more perfect. And relaxed. Which is the perfect cherry on the top! Best wishes to them both! xoxoxo

  • Maya says:

    I had no idea what I would wear. I decided no BWF. Then it came to me – MEMO Lalibela.

  • Ann says:

    Just fabulous!! So happy for them and you! And you both smelled amazing! Thanks for sharing this beautiful event.

  • Tara C says:

    Love the flowers, the fireworks and the outfits! I would have worn Parfums MDCI Nuit Andalouse, a gorgeous solar gardenia.

  • Dina C. says:

    Gorgeous wedding photos. You and Jin were smelling wonderful! I think I might have worn Kai or L’Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse.

  • Marcella says:

    That’s a feast for the eyes. The tightly packed arrangement of orchids were OTT!
    In fact everything was gorgeous and extremely tasteful. The ombré bridesmaid’s dresses were an inspired choice.
    A perfume for this event? I have two thoughts. Carnal Flower or Salomé. CF is a real go-to for me in heat and humidity. The rich and buttery dry-down is killer. Salomé, on the other hand, is equally incredible, but not such an obvious choice.,Smells like hot and slightly sweaty skin. Love it.

    • Portia says:

      I’m so glad you noticed the orchid balls Marcella. They were fabulous. So simple but lavishly overdone.
      I can imagine you rocking either, both so different but both statement scents. YUM!
      Portia xx

  • Neva says:

    What a wonderful experience! I’d wear my most beloved Wrappings by Clinique, the vintage version. It is fresh, deep and calming.

  • cassieflower says:

    OMG, it’s spooky that Jin was wearing Bombay Bling? It’s a sign, I tell you! (Just after my comment on APJ).
    You wore your lovely shirt. And the grooms also had nice shirts on. It looked like a fab day for everybody. What would I wear there? Hmmm, heat and humidity just burn perfume off me so it would have to have some serious oomph. Songes springs to mind as does Montale Intense Tiare. Or something darker with a goodly dose of Vetiver and patchouli.

    • Portia says:

      HA! Definitely a sign. Jin wears BB for all big occasions, he loves its carnival atmosphere opening and the darker, woodsy dry down.
      I love that shirt so much. Bought it at the Tommy Bahama outlet on the way from LA to Vegas. Probably gets two wears a year. Thanks for noticing.
      SONGES! Of course, perfection.
      Portia xx

  • Kathleen says:

    Gorgeous photos Portia, that is the way to celebrate a wedding!
    I’d wear the lush florals from Isabey, Gardenia for the day and add Fleur Nocturne into the evening.

  • Gina T. says:

    Something with tiare flower!

  • Undina says:

    Great pictures! It looks like a wonderful and memorable event.

    I’d wear one of my “tropical” perfumes – Yosh Ginger Ciao, Ormonde Jayne Tiare, L’Artisan Traversee du Bosphore or Byredo Pulp.

    • Portia says:

      Hi there Undina,
      I don’t know if you remember but a few years ago a company was selling out of their YOSH products for next to nothing. It was one of the sales I didn’t buy anything in and I have regretted it ever since.
      YOSH Ginger Ciao is beautiful, a fabulous, slightly sideways tropical. YUM! You would have fitted right in.
      Portia xx

      • Undina says:

        Not only I remember the sale, I bought a BU bottle then. I was afraid the brand was going out of business but it looks like they are still around.