Snob Bomb

Writing this on the Monday after Daylight Savings Time – sweatergawd, everybody (and I mean Ev.Er.Y.Bo.dy) is spittin’ hellfire (or at least a bit of sulfur smoke).  What is it about that teeny, tiny little hour?  Seriously!  You’d think we’d all just done Bataan!  The full moon isn’t helping, either.  Nor is the cold, greasy rain.

Maybe it’s just me!  I took advantage of the gorgeous 60F weather yesterday to start cleaning up the garden…..and all I have to say is:  Naproxen, you are my New Best Friend….. (and even with the 2 Naproxen I still ache a bit)

Great wavy gravy!  I’m just babbling on, howling about nothing – how ’bout we get back to the subject at hand:  SNOBBERY.  A few days weeks ago, I wrote about my perfume snobbery (here)  where I got my nerves hurt when I fell in love with the smell of Victoria’s Secret Love body spray.  March kindly sent me a nice scrab of it to try (because it just wasn’t happening, that whole Trip to Victoria’s Secret.  No, I’m not ‘too good’ to go to Victoria’s Secret, it’s just that I haz NO idea where one is near me .  .  So.  She sent it.  And I tried it.

And I smirked.  Upon application, that thing smelled like a petrol tanker collided with a barge carrying rotten fruit!!  The recoil was real, baby!  And so was the smirk.  See, I’d convinced myself that my love of that was a first-blast/one-off event.  Or it was ‘her skin’ (the inference being that MY skin, the skin of a Perfumista, was just too rarified for VS.  snort)  Omg.  I am SUCH a snob.

And the Universe knows it.  And It waits, like a coiled snake, for me to make an idiot of myself.  Yet again.    Like this time.

Because….after that initial chemical, spoiled-fruit blast, this thing morphed into a quiet beauty….. JUST LIKE I SMELLED ON THAT GIRL!   Oh, it was a glorious thing!

And…just like that… it was gone.  Or so I thought.  See….. this is one of those projecting scents, where the wearer quickly becomes anosmic while all those around you (or on the moon) can smell you!  Those types of scents are to blame for so much overapplication.  I am trying to think of how you could possibly over-apply, say,  Amouage Epic.  One spritz is enough to clear a room!  And you, the wearer, will have NO problem smelling it.  3 days after you apply it!  Even after 3 showers.  (ask me how I know that).

But!  back to this VS Love Body Spray.  I decided to have at it – sprayed with abandon and after a few minutes for that oil-slick smell to die down, went out to run errands.  Holy cats & crackers!  EVERYWHERE I WENT! I was complimented – just like I complimented that girl!

So.  I am dutifully chastened.  I need to check my Perfume Ego at the door, I guess.  There is beauty everywhere and not all of has to be high-end or ironic.  Sometimes, it can just be a nice, pretty scent that gives a lot of people pleasure – including myself.

So.  Here’s the thing:  I gotz some!  And I would love to share it!  I’ve actually been pretty good about getting stuff out, so no need to worry you won’t get it until 2021.  Promise!  Throw a comment up and TG will poke!

And from the original Petard post:  Diana!  gmail me (evilauntieanitaAT) and remind me what (Messy Armoire) and your details.  I’ll get it out asap!

  • Kathleen says:

    I am a forever Chanel fan, as well as vintage. However, my mind is always open and I just love everything that smells good. I will get my nose on VS Love body spray if it is that good! In the late 90’s early 2000s, I adore the original VS Victoria EDC and Dream Angels Heavenly. What I would do to get a bottle of that! I’m a floral/powder fan and these were done well. Today, the current Heavenly line is gorgeous and I have some of the body products. I rarely go to the mall, but when I do I always stop in a VS store and spray myself silly! Many of their current offerings are too fruity patchouli for me, but I can’t argue that they don’t smell good.

  • Patty says:

    Gah, I haven’t been in a VS in a bazillion years, I don’t know where one is either!

  • Jennifer S says:

    I’ve been in VS but only when I’m mall shopping with my daughters and they want to go in lol. We did buy sprays as gifts but they were the girls selections as I was rather clueless!

  • Lemoncake says:

    The petrol tanker – spoiled fruit blast sounds kind of scary…..but I’d still like to give it a go. I’ve never tried any VK scents but back in the day did buy some of their lingerie. Now some 30 yrs later not sure what “OK Boomer” looks I’d get from the SAs if I walked in.

  • March says:

    BAHAHAHAHA. Thanks to you and your drama I ventured into VS at the mall for the first time evah to smell all their fragrances, to which I quickly became anosmic (all that sexxxay musk!). What I did smell, though, smelled …. fine? Which yeah tbh was better than I expected. Glad you’re enjoying this experience.

  • Bee says:

    I have never been inside a VS shop for fear an alarm would go off and security would rush to throw out the ‘old, overweight trespasser’ . But I have tried a VS called Amber Romance and it was not bad. But such is my love of amber I’ll try anything and one of my favourite bargains was Voluspa Room & Body Spray in Baltic Amber. If you like the candle then the spray is fabulous.

  • Taxi says:

    I’ve never gone inside a VS. Forty years & 40 lbs ago, I might have.
    Paris (YSL) is a fragrance that smells very horrible on me. It’s so bad that I was afraid to put in the charity box because some deserving person might get offended, so I trashed it. A couple of friends showed up, saw that discard, sprayed themselves, and we sat down for drinks in the garden. A beautiful floral scent wafted on a tiny breeze from my friends & it was heavenly. Paris was gorgeous on each of them & they had a fight over who got to take it home. Never believe that body chemistry doesn’t matter.

  • springpansy says:

    Ooooh fun. Please enter me in the draw. I’ve never tried any VS either – too intimidated to go into their store. Thanks, A.

  • Shiva-woman says:

    I’ve never tried VS– none of their products because I too have become an Epic snob (love the stuff btw). I do have a few cheapie, often comfort sprays at night, when I can do gourmand (never during the day). I’d love to have a sniff of a good VS.

  • Tara C says:

    I would love to try it, because every time I smell some cheap stuff on other people it smells heavenly, but on me it is awful. Just once I’d like to find something cheap that smells utterly fantastic!