Love, Lust, Pain…and What I Wore…and a Winner!

O Posse, my Posse!  I’m baaaack!!!

Jeebus Pete! But I could easily do without going through that again.   Pinched Nerves are vicious.

So… let’s parse that title, shall we?

Love.  Ha!  Not as deeeelicious as it sounds.  I am truly and thoroughly in love with….my PT Aide.  She’s been working tirelessly to get that pinch to subside – and it looks like she’s been successful!

Not quite so in love with Dr Shoulder, M.D. – honestly, why don’t specialists LISTEN?  But! since my only real goal was to find out if it was torn (it is) and get a script for PT (I did) I just shined it on.  PTAide laughed at my frustration and said ‘ they’re all like that – but don’t worry – we’ll fix both the tear and the pinch’.  Did I mention I love her?  LUH her!

Lust.  Okay.  Maybe this one is a leeetle more deeelicious than the Love.  Y’all remember The Very Inappropriate Man?  Welp! Done.  FINALLY!  I’m sure ALL my friends (every last damb oneay’all, dagnabbit!) are thrilled.  It’s been a slog, getting through that infatuation, because it really was ridiculous and I was probably more intrigued by the ‘wtf?’ery of it than him.  I am over him because I met yet another Very Inappropriate Man at lunch on NYEve – but whereas VIM 1 was all about not stepping out of his comfort zone (and, honeys, lemmetellya – I am Mos’ Def out of his comfort zone,  like Godzilla crashing Thanksgiving dinner and eating his mother’s dining room table)…VIM2 was allll about Stepping Out, even if only for that moment.  And omg.  Such beauty!  However, it is unlikely I will ever see him again – and that’s FOINE (it was a chance meeting at the bar where friends and I awaited our table and I was just a tad poofled – just a tad – but enough to be even more ...vivacious.. than normal).  But I realized, as he countered every apology from me with a ‘nope, you’re good’ which must be Bro for YES that Life is too unpredictable to stand for ‘nah, I’m good’, which is VIM1’s reply to everything and must be Bro for NO, I guess.  I just wish the Universe had dropped a less gorgeous, young lesson in my lap – or, to be honest, dropped me in his.  Oh, well.   It’s probably a test, to see if I hopped in the Slutmobile, while hopped up on (omg.  how could I have done this to my stomach & brain?)  Andre! and Cranberry wine.  I, who keep vintage KRUG in my cellar!  Getting slightly tipsy on Andre! and Cranberry wine (on an empty stomach, no less).  At least I didn’t puke in the gorgeous YOUNG man’s lap (39 is grown – but YOUNG! I’m okay with Cougar but that?  That puts me in Saber-toothed tiger territory).  I managed to pull myself together enough to kiss him (chastely, on the cheek), wish him Happy New Year and go off with my friends!  But sooo beautiful.  Sigh.

See?  I told you I’d eventually spill the tea on VIM! 😉  In a nutshell, he’s cuteAF but timid.  And I ain’t.  ’nuff said.

But he’s still CuteAF!  DagNABBIT!

But here’s the question:  what the HELL! was I thinking, drinking Andre! and Cranberry wine?  And how did my stomach not claw its way out of my body?

Pain:  LOL!  Remember that LOVE I have for PTAide?  Well, it’s tempered by a healthy distrust of her band exercises.  And also blushing at my own arrogance.  Those cute little plastic ribbons they use for strengthening? Pffft! Nothing to it, right?  HA!  Those things are kickin’ mah…. shoulder!  But I’m chugging through the ow!

I’ve also been cleared to go back to core work, which I had to avoid for nearly 3 weeks, which triggered a whole bout of dysmorphic anxiety… the past week on the mat has been helpful in getting me back to center (normal simply isn’t going to happen, so eh).(first DH gave me this, in case you’re wondering why I’m still mad for him)

So here’s another question:  how do any of us get through the effing DAY?  Between the physical and the emotional and the whole just trying to Live LIFE!  How do we do it?  Because,apparently, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

And Life is Just a Bag of Tricks (as Felix the Cat is wont to say).

He ain’t nebber lied!

What I Wore:  I was surprised to be focused on perfume the entire time I was busted – but I suspect it’s like getting dressed (makeup and all)  – it’s my armor and I do not go anywhere without it – no fuzzy slippers in the Walmart for me.   During the most painful days and sleepless nights I clung to my No5 – but GREAT lashings of it, from the soap to the vinty Body Oil to vintage perfume.  You could smell me on the moon and ask me if I give a damb.  When you have 90 minutes sleep under your belt people tend to give you a wiiiiide berth.  Or… maybe it was the great lashings of No5.  Whatever.  Get the hell outta my way.

Jubilation 25 was my daytime go-to when things started to sort themselves but I still felt fragile (and with a touch of PTSD from the inexplicable pinch.  I mean… it happened once, right…?_)  .  Soap, body creme and extrait.  But I softened it with the teeniest scrab of Anthropologie Vanille. Really, really pretty and nobody got hurt.  Win!

Omg.  Lyric.  And not just Lyric.  Lyric ExTRAIT!  Holy cats and crackers!  That one I saved for my most miserable moments because it is beyond gorgeous but amazingly distracting.  Those 90minute sleep nights morphed into horrible mornings, with me trying to shoehorn this outrageous situation into a normal day.  Once I realized that 1.  I didn’t have to and 2.  I simply couldn’t I would take yet another hot shower (not hard to do at 11a when your first hot shower was at 2a), put on the body creme (I’m all about that creme, can you tell?), spritz ONE drop of extrait….fire up the hot water bottles and the heating pad and let Lyric knock me clean out!

WinnerQueen Cupcake!  Ha!  Betcha you thought I would forget!  Fuggedaboutit!  I remembered (barely).  Gmail your evilauntieanita and I’ll get you some goodies out.


And!  I’m feeling so damb HAPPY!!!  to not be in (such exquisite) pain anymore that I am going to have M. Jacques poke YET ANOTHER pawnail at random.  Just tell me what you’ve been up to, what you’ve been wearing, whatever.

Ready to POKE!



  • Tigs says:

    So glad you’re feeling better! Single life is just tiring, isn’t it? But fun. And you smell beautiful in your exhaustion, as usual. Oooo, Lyric! I have to wear my body cream when I get home. Strangely, I have been going through a largely unscented period, but hopefully I will have more mental “space” for fragrance this month and be feeling up to nice, cozy perfumes. I’ve just recently gotten completely over my older VIM and it’s weird… once you open up a slot, all the rest of the VIMs seem to read your vibe and come out of the woodwork. Been on a bit of a semi-reasonable holiday party bender since mid-December (tequila, bless us, as ridiculous as Andre) and I suddenly have all these phone numbers in my phone, including — wtf? — what appear to be genuine numbers from a 24 year old (HBD to him last week, apparently) and a 29 year old. Luckily, the kids are alright and this new generation seems to know that radio silence afterward is the best policy, so I’ve not had to pretend to do any Who dis? to texts. I don’t have the intellectual energy lately for making real relationship decisions or the physical energy for winter shaving and proper hair dye maintenance, LOL.

    • Musette says:

      LOL! Have FUN! That’s how I’m approaching these (for me) babies. They are not relationship fodder – they’re FUN! And they encourage me to keep myself ‘up’ with the maintenance, etc.

      VIM2 would be a blast! because I think he definitely knows the score.

      I’m mos’ def NOT looking for a ‘relationship’.
      Lordt… I just got out of that 18yr slog. Ick.


  • AnnieA says:

    A friend’s knee has been killing her and her doctor has been indifferent. Btw can PTs give steroid shots?

    No day is too awful for perfume. In that case though it needs to be a very old friend who can shrug one bad day off e.g. Cristalle. May everyone’s
    year be a healthier one…

    • Musette says:

      Dunno about PTs and shots – probably not but who knows?

      Have her get her MD to give her a script for PT (so insurance will cover it). Even if it’s not a shot, there are other modalities that can help – my cold laser therapy seems to be doing wonders!

      Cristalle (which immediately made me think of the bubbly) is glorious – but it makes me melancholy-sobby. Alas.


  • Portia says:

    YAY for feeling better, I hope it gets back to perfect ASAP Musette.
    Also, MEN! Yay but boo but yay but boo but yay.
    Portia xx

  • Tara C says:

    So glad to hear you are feeling better! I am currently not wearing perfume because I’m going through an emotional rollercoaster and feeling too whiplashed to deal with any more stimulation. When things settle down I’m sure my fragrantness will return.

  • Carolyn says:

    Wonderful to hear from you, Musette. I share your loving feelings for “Physios” as they are referred to here. (Eastern Canada, the depths of winter, cold as the stare of the new guy’s ex, a steady grey of a January). Plantar fasciitis twice, excruciating lower back pain once, and a fall down some stairs. Physios are Goddesses and Gods and I brought one of them an offering of croissant. She was pleased as punch until I creakily bowed; then she looked concerned.

    Scent and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) go hand in hand. Yesterday, splashing out the Dusita Pavillon d’Or like it was Jean Naté and today, a few precious sprays from my decant of Blu Cobalto.


    • Musette says:

      NO BOWING!

      and… ow! Missy March had a bout of plantar f and it sounded like the 5th circle of Hell.

      Yeah… Eastern Canada is nobody’s friend, come Winter. A propos of bowing: I bow to your ability to withstand that. Waaaay above my paygrade!


  • Maya says:

    Well, it’s about time you’re back! 😉 You are missed, you know. Thanks for the reminder about Lyric, though now I like it more in the warmer weather and it’s all your fault.

    • Musette says:

      LOL! #BlameMusette!
      though, TO BE FAIR, nearly all the earlier Amouages were designed for extreme heat, so that makes sense.


  • Queen-Cupcake says:

    Hm. I’m gonna have to try a CranAndre! lol

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    We are happy to hear that you are feeling back in fighting shape and spirit. I do not understand the ‘bro’ thing, my youngest daughter’s 13-yr-old friends refer to one another this way also.

    • Musette says:

      ‘bro’ seems to be a term for young(er) men – especially White men – like ‘dude’.

      I dunno. I’m too old to figure it out!!! xoxoxo

  • Queen-Cupcake says:

    Cher Musette! I am delighted with your epic tales, however infused with owies…(and je suis desole). (How does one find the accent symbols on this thing?)

    I’m thrilled you are back in tip top writing form, gal. I LOL’d at the dining room table scenario!! Even tho’ I jumped off the slut-mobile in 1984, my old self got a thrill, no lie. A few weeks ago, I bought a teeny glass Chanel bottle, no label, probably 3ml left… put it on my wrists–meh. UNTIL 30 minutes later! Thought of you right away. XOXOX

    • Musette says:

      Ooooh! I’ll bet that was a BLAST! that ’30 minutes later!’ Thanks for thinking of me!
      Slutmobile – y’know…. I need to stop calling it that. I’m not plowing my way through a club, after all… just (very) selectively choosing men to devour.


      • Queen-Cupcake says:

        Oh, I know. It’s just that I think of past encounters and wonder how and sometimes why I ever did some things. I could never bring myself to trust the most handsome ones…

        • Musette says:

          This ‘most handsome one’ is probably a serial killer – or, at the very least, a slayer of hearts & minds, from IL to IA – and beyond. Gorgeous outside, charmingAF… yeeeah…I’m thinking I would’ve been the one devoured. He knows his power..


      • alityke says:

        You can feed their scraps to M Jacques when you’re done!

  • March says:

    SO glad you are feeling better! And I’m also glad you’re free from the curse of VIM1 … I know it’s a “me” problem but the whole “nah i’m good” thing drives me nuts. The boys at one point did a similar thing and I told them it’s YES, or NO. Also, that sculpture is hilarious. Mwah!

    • Musette says:

      You’re glad? LOL! You’re effing ECSTATIC!
      and omg, yes. Every damb TIME he says that it makes me want to smack him in the face – with a brick.


  • Lemoncake says:

    So glad to hear you’re feeling better….keep us the great work with you PT Aide. My issue is knees – band work seems to help. I’m wearing lots of rose perfume these days – seems to be a January thing for me. Rose Flash, TF Rose de Chine, Rose Shot, Maison Lancome Roses Berberanza.

    • Musette says:

      Knees! Yikes! I watched my 40yr old contractor sink to the frozen ground yesterday and all I could think was ‘baby! you’re SO gonna regret that in 10 years (or less)’

      those roses sound deelicious. I remember the Lancome being especially pretty!


  • matty1649 says:

    I’m glad you’re back. I love reading your posts.

  • alityke says:

    VIM’s beware La Musette is back in the room!
    Nothing like having a VIM being interested for a wee boost to the Cougar inside.

    Good that the PT & bands have relieved your pain. No wonder you have such love for the PT aide.

    I’ve got steroid & local anaesthetic injections to ease my carpal tunnel syndrome tomorrow. Hurts like a barsteward but 24 hrs later? Bliss!

    I’m still doing Portia’s Thunk It project. It’s giving me something to think of other than worrying about DH & stressing about my mother. The Care Home still has positive Covid cases & is closed to visitors. We have to take agree to formally accept responsibility if we go in & take her home as planned on Thursday.
    I’ve explained I cannot risk infection cos of DH having chemo. Waiting to hear from brother to see if he wants to. Told him he can use my 4WD cos she can get in & out.
    Feeling horribly bad but I have to protect DH.

    • Musette says:

      Nope! DH comes first! My sister is experiencing something similar with her husband v. full-bio sister (who has ALS). Both of us have reminded her that DH comes first (he’s got serious health issues that just progressed 2 weeks ago, prompting her to postpone her visit to sis)
      She also gets injections, though in her shoulder! I’mo try to avoid that, if at all possible. Y’all are brave. I am a chickensh!t of the first order.

      Stay positive, sweetie.


      • alityke says:

        Thank you.
        Care Agency said they wouldn’t provide care whilst she might be brewing Covid. Thst tipped the balance & mum suggested she stay another 2 weeks.
        I suspect she may be settling in & nervous of going home.
        She may yet decide to stay, but she really doesn’t want to sell her house.
        I also need occasional steroids into my shoulders & hips. They are pain free but the carpal tunnel jabs are horrid

  • cinnamon says:

    Glad things are shaking out ok. No need to enter me though like Tom I’d be happy with a boop. I’ve been spending time with Lush Turmeric Latte and I’ve come to the conclusion that part of my interest is just that I really like these types of lattes (turmeric, chai). It’s not too complex — just comforting and sigh-inducing. Good for the gross wet weather we continue to have.

  • Tom says:

    Glad you’re back!

    As far as VIM’s, I’ve had more than a few over the years, a couple of whom I think I just hunted for sport, then got bored. But they were fun while they were fun.

    A while ago I just decided that I could do what I can do and that’s it. I will give as much as I can, then that’s it. I’m no longer willing to kill myself for work for instance, and while for some people I would walk through fire for some I won’t cross the room.

    And maybe this makes me a selfish person, but I wear perfume for me. If you like it, wonderful. If you are into it and want to go to, say, Scentbar and play, even better. But I’m wearing it for me. And you can usually tell my emotional temperature by what I’m wearing: if it’s Eau de Sud it’s red sky at night. Mitsouko is red sky at morning.

    Don’t need anything, but if your dog could boop me with that nose..

    • Musette says:

      LOL! VM2 would’ve been a deeeelightful hunt – particularly since I think it would’ve been like hunting a jaguar in the jungle, armed only with a penknife. Unlike VM1, this one knows his power – and even in that short, plonk-infused time, I recognized his dangerous power.
      Mebbe I would’ve gotten my lunch ET! But whoo-doggie! What a way to go!


  • Koyel says:

    I’m so glad you are back and in less pain 🙂 I had an appendectomy in the summer of 2021, and watched with heartbreak as the beautiful four-pack of abs I had built up melted away to a one-pack. I’m still not anywhere close to where I once was; I don’t know if I’m willing to put in the work necessary to get back my ab muscles again, but I am definitely very sad to have lost my previous musculature. (I’m no you, though! Sounds like you enjoy exercising much more than I do.)

    • Musette says:

      Koyel! Don’t sweat that 4-pack! I’m never going to be the perfect size 6 I was – and I’m okay with that. I’m just glad you’re still alive, since a burst appendix is… bad.

      And I am an endorphin junkie, which is its own special hell – not sure I ‘enjoy’ exercising – but I sure do enjoy the rush, once I get into it.


  • Kathleen says:

    So glad you’re back! And feeling less pain, and with your beautiful sense of humor. No 5, Jubilation 25, and Lyric are all favorite comfort scents for me as well. Lashings of No 5! Included in the armor for me are EL Youth Dew and Arpege body powder and perfume. Love the Godzilla weightlifters!

  • Dina C. says:

    I loved reading about your recovery, Musette, your return to flirtation, your luxuriating in glorious fragrances while in pain, and how PT has given you relief and renewed hope! Such great news! I’m the one leaning on a heated back massager this week. Yesterday I was a klutz and slipped and fell in my own house. I fell like a tree, “Timber!” sideways, and managed to bruise my foot, knee, and hip. So, a bath with Kniepp bath salts tonight, and arnica gel applied liberally. I wore Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her, which is a very comforting lavender musk. I agree that No 5 is a comforting scent. Wore it to one of the funerals I went to in November. I like to smell good at funerals cause I know there will be lots of hugging.

    • Musette says:

      OW! I hope it’s a very quick recovery, darling!
      And I agree on No5 for funerals – it’s one of those classic scents that is very comforting.

  • Maggiecat says:

    I’m so happy your pain has subsided! I’m A little too familiar with orthopedic pain and sleepless nights myself, so I can relate to the whole makeup/perfume armor thing. I’m hoping your recovery is thorough, complete, and permanent!

    • Musette says:

      oh, babysnakes, I do wish you weren’t that familiar with that level and type of pain!
      And thanks for the recovery wishes! I, too, hope it’s thus. I thought I had a high pain threshold – apparently not. sigh.