August Things

After feeling that vagueness with regard to posts, we’re on warp speed for August. I received a small lot of samples yesterday and boy do they contain food for thought. A sample set should drop early to mid next week. But as I’ve got this written, it’s where we’re going this week. Just before we dive in, one of my things lists in a paragraph for a bit of fantasy.

1 – Something from Lucifer vir Honestus jewellery (  I don’t ‘need’ jewellery and don’t look at it much, but this stuff, particularly the Quercus ring, is calling to me; 2 –Fantasy holiday: it would still be Paris with someone else paying (this is fantasy, remember) … a five star hotel for a few nights with in-room breakfast on my terrace, a visit to the Nose perfume shop, a walk around the Belleville neighbourhood because it’s supposed to be edgy and interesting and I’ve never been there; 3 – Turning our village hall into a small but choice deli: we need decent bagels out here in la la land plus a load of different cream cheeses, proper smoked mozzarella – a very mini Zabars (; 4 — A bottle of perfume (of course) drops through my letter box: it’s Perfumer H Smoke because while it’s on my ‘list’, it’s so pricey that I’m probably unlikely to pursue it and decants seem impossible to find, which means it appearing as if by magic would be ever so helpful.

So, onward.

Yesterday, we awaited Antoni, the first storm of the season. Not much rain, but high winds. Our recent weather has meant new bugs I’ve never seen before showing up in the garden. I mean, seriously: weird small flying things that gather under vines.

A recipe popped up a magazine last weekend which cried out for trying. So, I did.

It’s a raspberry vanilla fridge cake. Turned out to be very easy and verrrry nice. One of those crumble bases, some fruit, a cream cheese and double cream filling. I used mostly hedge row blackberries (with a few raspberries to make up the weight) because the berries are just mad this year. Early, huge and delicious. My mother used to make a fridge cake with chocolate wafers and a double (ie, heavy) cream filling. Do those wafers still exist in the US? Like chocolate necco wafers?

My orchid decided to bloom in its new, bigger pot, with new bark. I kept picking up this weird great smell behind my work area and finally realised it was the orchid. Lemon floor wax (but no vanilla, like Shalimar EdT). Absolutely great. I feel so lucky it decided to do this.

An Ikea visit! Is it pathetic that I looked forward to this? My last visit to the local Ikea took place the first week of lockdown in 2020, just before I moved from my house to the rental so building work could be done. It was terrifying: we knew enough about Covid to be worried about it, but masks weren’t yet being discussed. I needed some stuff to make the rental manageable, so blew through the store trying not to breathe too much or get near other people. This visit was a bit more relaxed. I like visiting the room set-ups to get ideas (like an in-person version of my home design porn magazines). Dinner at the café and new hand towels, as most of mine are shredding. Oh, and no cinnamon buns, sadly. They’d run out.

Finally, I’m planning for the week off at end of month. Years ago, someone said to me “Don’t wish time away” when I think I must have said “I can’t wait for X or Y” – “Be in the now”. I try to tell myself that every day, even when I’m reading a really deadly report on European real estate trusts that appears to have been translated via Google Translate. But still, sometimes you’ve got to plan or things won’t happen. I haven’t had time off for more than a year and all this is going to be is several lunches out, a hair cut with time to visit shops I don’t generally have time for, and, actually, doing soe DIY like painting over the area in the kitchen where the glass roof leaked (the leak has been fixed).

So, beyond my usual bleating about the bakery and the farm shop, that’s the lay of the land.

I wore Le Labo Ylang 49 to Ikea. For some reason a hefty floral seemed perfect. Maybe to warn people off in the line at the café.

Oh, and I’m reading the Turin/Sanchez 2018 perfume guide (ie, not the first one) which popped through my door a few days ago.

The intros are very well done and it’s always fun and interesting to see what they love that I love or in fact that I hate. And this version is full of houses I’ve never heard of. What’s that about?

Pics: Pexels and my own

  • Dina C. says:

    We are still having heat, humidity and its violently thunderstorming with a tornado watch right now. Lovely. I wear linen and try to stay indoors doing household chores, reading, and watching TV. Still wearing my citrus-centric scents daily. I have several of Turin’s books including Folio which is a collection of essays. He’s such a good writer. I’ve met him twice at perfume events where he lectured, and he was fascinating. I don’t always see eye-to-eye with him on his scent reviews, but I do love some of his favorites. I’ve heard of icebox pie or cake, but I don’t think I’ve had one or made one. It sounds good in this hot weather!!

  • March says:

    Hey, I love IKEA, I miss it (none nearby here), always fun to wander around. Your orchid is lovely, and I’m envious that you can just go out and pick berries! We used to make that dessert with the chocolate wafers and I knew about the uproar over their discontinuation… oddly, there’s something similar to be found frequently in our dollar stores? (don’t know if there’s a UK equivalent.) It seems like such an odd thing to have in a dollar store, don’t know if they taste the same.

    • cinnamon says:

      we do have dollar store equivalents (pound stores) but the ones I’ve visited haven’t had those kinds of products. I want a trader joe’s here. they can put it in one of the big trading estates we have here. in fact, they can put it near Ikea, which you can reach by train.

    • Musette says:

      they’re still around – Nabisco makes them… hang on… no!! NOOOOO! you’re right – they’re discontinued! omg.

      • Tom says:

        Last I looked you could still get the flavored (if you can call them that) ones. Some company called Spangler does them. You can get them on Amazon. Looks like they have the chocolate ones as well.

        Having grown up with them I do have nostalgia for them, if not any real desire to indulge..

  • alityke says:

    Hope Antoni didn’t cause too much damage. A strange storm, it seems to have affected to both the north east & south west but in the middle? More rain, no different to the rain before or the rain to come. Three hot days then eternal rain. Summer 2023, the summer of grey skies & fruit gluts.

    • cinnamon says:

      a lot of bits of tree down here but no trees nearby. it was a strange storm. we did have a warm June, if I recall correctly. or was that early July? it’s settled around 20 here and indeed huge and huge amounts of blackberries. need to go out picking again. maybe crumble this time…

      • alityke says:

        The blackberries aren’t quite ripe here yet, but will be ready soon. I will be using them with some of our apples

  • MzCrz says:

    Unfortunately the divine ice box wafer cookies are no longer being made. From what I’ve read, people are using split Oreo Thins cookies, chocolate graham crackers or Goya brand Chocolate Maria cookies. Can’t comment on any of the above substitutes as I rarely bake or make desserts.