Wisteria: Sydney Spring Scents

Heya Posse. It’s spring here in Sydney. The wisteria is in bloom. The jasmine are almost finished pumping out their magnificent scent. Our neighbours planted a jasmine about 3 years ago. This year, for the first time, the mass of… Continue Reading

Hits and Misses this week (Patty)

Thanks for the good wishes for my little finger.  I wound up with a little divot taken out of it, but it’s better, though not overly fond of me banging on the keyboard yet. I will post the recipe for… Continue Reading

Leaving a Perfume Trail

Nothing, but nothing is catching my eye enough to write anything more than a sentence or two about it, so it’s time for just a general march of the perfumes: Profumum Neroli — This is a pretty great Neroli perfume. … Continue Reading