Celebrant? Scented Celebrant?

Hiya Posse Peeps, I’m not sure if I filled you in. In 2024 I’ll be studying to become a celebrant. For over 20 years mates and businesses have been asking me to do the course. I’m not entirely sure why… Continue Reading

Silences PdT by Yves Tanguy and Jean-Claude Niel for Jacomo 1978

Silences Jacomo Nejc Kosir Pexels

Hey Hey POSSE!!! Let’s take a walk down memory lane today. Silences is one of the old school chypre fragrances that is still available at discounters for an incredibly reasonable price. Back a few years when they started playing with… Continue Reading

Art Collection #02 by Jacomo Perfume Review

Hiya Perfume Posse Peeps, It’s Portia from AustralianPerfumeJunkies back again to torment you with my freaky perfume loves. You have probably all tried, worn, loved or hated and dismissed this old chestnut already, sorry. For me it is brand new… Continue Reading