Leg Wars

Hey there Posse! Well this month is definitely turning out to be Leg Wars! Yeah. I have this stupid ankle that has caused me trouble on & off for years, maybe even over a decade by now. GOSH! It might… Continue Reading

Pimiento+++ by Miller et Bertaux

Hello Posse, Miller et Bertaux are one of my favourite perfume houses. Here on Perfume posse I’ve written about Santal+++, Spiritus/Land and A Quiet Morning. Two lovers who opened a shop together in 1980s France to sell the wares they… Continue Reading

Spiritus/Land by Miller et Bertaux

Hi there Posse. One of the fantastic things about having all this extra time on my hands is that I’m going through my collection and finding long forgotten loves. Spiritus/Land by Miller et Bertaux has sat in my cupboard for… Continue Reading

Indian Study / Santal +++ by Miller et Bertaux

Indian Study / Santal +++ by Miller et Bertaux

Hi there Posse! Miller et Bertaux are a house I really like. They rarely get a mention in the FB pages or on the blogs. Even though they are overlooked for flashier, newer, richer or more massage brands you would… Continue Reading

A Quiet Morning by Miller et Bertaux 2008

A Quiet Morning Miller et Bertaux India Taj Mahal MaxPixel

Hi there Perfume Posse! A Quiet Morning is a fragrance that Jin and I discovered while shopping in Vienna with Birgit from Olfactoria’s Travels on our first overseas holiday together back in 2013. It was Jin who picked it up and… Continue Reading