India Holiday Fragrances

Hey Posse! I hope this finds you all happy and well. Portia reporting from AustralianPerfumeJunkies and very glad to be back from holidays in India, even though they were terrific fun. What did I end up wearing most and how did they cope with the super heat of a Rajasthani summer? Here are my Top 5 most worn during my trip.

India Holiday Fragrances 2013

pine forest

Iunx Splash Forte: Friction de Iunx

I can’t find this on Fragrantica and frankly Basenotes has gone mental and it’s impossible to find ANYTHING in their fragrance directory anymore. What i did find was on the SurrenderToChance site and it says that these are old fragrances being re-released and only for sale in the Hotel Costes in Paris. interesting! A super boozy opening that hints at spice and cloves and Bourbon that calmly becomes a deep and sensuous woodsy, earthy wash. I wore Friction de Iunx (Yooonx) for 3 days of my India holiday because it is so easy, interesting without being arresting and softly masculine. I think it would be delicious on a lady too. My only sadness is that in the heat I was only getting 3-4 hours of wear, I can’t wait to see how my remaining couple of ml Friction de Iunx wears in the cool.

Pokhara's Phewa lake at sunset

Tauer: L’Air Du Desert Marocain

I have long loved Andy Tauer’s work and he was my first major niche purchase after finding you all on the internet, along with Eau d’Epices. I gave LDDM to my bestie for Christmas a couple of years ago now and have been smelling it on her ever since. I decided to go in on a split recently because I have not worn it since I used up my initial sample from Tauer. The spicy, feisty and fresh opening is marvelous and beautifully reminiscent of the wide open sky and dirt of the desert, but a desert filled with humanity that has added its cooking, living, farming influences over millenia. Like India, funnily LDDM can only be noticed for the first half hour in India because it becomes exactly the smells surrounding me. I still smell beautiful but like I am part of the landscape rather that landing in it from afar. Gorgeous.



Amouage: Ubar

Don’t let anyone tell you that the Amouage line is too big for heat. Ubar blooms (Thanks Sheila for the word) like a desert flower and it lasts FOREVER in the heat of India, I can still smell traces of Ubar when I go in for my morning shower. What a fragrance! It really comes to life in surprising ways and smells more than ever like a traditional attar or oil. In the desert heat the flowers become the focus,, white, sensual, narcotic and beguiling Ubar becomes a glorious coruscating trail of light that burns down to a woody/oudhy, still glittering and sparkling siren song. I have nearly used my 10ml from Ruth K and am SERIOUSLY thinking FB. WOW!
PS: I have in fact pulled the trigger on the Ubar, can’t live without it.

french riviera

L’Artisan Parfumeur: Cote d’Amour

Recently re-released by L’Artisan Cote d’Amour is the fresh, salty, spicy natural perfume of my dreams. I love its perfectly bright opening and how it greens out but never loses its briny tang that is so reminiscent of the seaside. The ultimate foil for India desert heat Cote d’Amour is not very long lived, maybe 3 hours maximum, but I love the salt and citrus opening so much that I enjoy a respritz anyway. I took 5ml with me and came back with only a skerrick. The dry down is softest skin scent of whispering vanilla woods, like the susurrus of wind over the leaves and needles dropped by trees leading from the beach.

jasmine perfume india

India – bride with jasmine in her hair

CHANEL: No 5 Vintage Parfum

A dream in the heat, all the animalics overrun as the aldehydes whizz past at 100 miles an hour taking most of the citrus and a few of the flowers. What was I left with after 20 minutes? A really sensual woodsy, patchouli, animal musk that stayed around for hours in the evening. I could still grab delicious whiffs after dinner, drinking and playing pool till 4am. The booze only added to the depth of fragrance and it was so far removed from any India scent that it stood out like dogs balls. Very enjoyable.

At last look all these were available as samples and decants from SurrenderToChance

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Do you have some more surprising heat friendly frags to share with us? I stole all the photos today from previous Perfume Posse posts and I know that some of them don’t quite fit……

Till next week, take care of yourself,
Portia xx

shaney June 21, 2013

Thank you for this gorgeous warm weather fragrance post! We, too, have had a very rainy and cold spring, and while I am the only person on earth who happens to rejoice in that weather (and further because I can wear my favorite intensely forest-y scents even longer, like Slumberhouse Norne and Tom Ford Bois Marocain and Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman), I know that the warm weather is coming! L'Air du Desert Marocain has been on my most wanted list forever, but now I am super interested in Cote d'Amour...that sounds fabulous!

poodle June 21, 2013

We're heading into a heat wave. This might have been the rainiest, most dismal spring in a while so I'm hoping for some sunshine even if I have to deal with nasty high temps. I'm glad you had a good time on your trip. You were most definitely the best smelling tourist in town.

Devon H June 21, 2013

LMAO on the "dog balls" analogy. I laughed so hard I had to share that with my hubby lol. I LOVE vintage No. 5 and LDDM in the heat! Such sultry sexiness...alliteration FTW.

nozknoz June 21, 2013

I LOVE the expression, "it stood out like dogs balls" - have to remember that! But best of all is, "Like India, funnily LDDM can only be noticed for the first half hour in India because it becomes exactly the smells surrounding me. I still smell beautiful but like I am part of the landscape rather that landing in it from afar." So poetic, and I adore LDDM, so I'm dreaming of melding with a LDDM landscape.

Musette June 20, 2013

Nearly choked, laughing over the dogs balls! You know how much I love BIG frags in the heat. Amouages (except Memoir) bloom in the heat. Vintage Ubar is phenomenal! Tribute? 100F and it sings! Carnal Flower blossoms but it doesn't last. vintage Mits is shockin-good in extreme heat. we're having a bit of a heat wave ourselves - mid 80s in June. Yoiks. I've been wearing Micallef's Denis Durrant, which has a bit of a Encens Mythique/Amouage Tribute vibe. xoxoxoA

CC ... June 20, 2013

Ooh ... you smelled fabulous! And I think I will wear some vintage No. 5 parfum this evening because it is bloody hot here and I really need the distraction and smell gorgeous at the same time. xox

Dina C. June 20, 2013

Really nice reviews, Portia. I enjoy your thumbnail sketches of each one and how they intermingled with your vacation experience. Thanks for sharing.

eldarwen22 June 20, 2013

Glad that you had a lot of fun! I love wearing Amouage Lyric, Dia and Gold in the dead of summer. Ubar is not one of my favorites due to the bug spray aspect. I was surprised on vintage Mitsouko on how glorious it smells in heat. Problem with hunting down vintage Mitsouko, is that the prices, even in flea markets are horrible. I can find vintage Shalimar for a reasonable price. Guess it's off to Surrender to Chance for all of my vintage needs.

Maureen June 20, 2013

I was surprised that I liked Prada's Infusion d' Iris Absolue in the heat. I thought it would be too much, but I really liked it. I am beginning to see that I really like, Chanel #19 Poudre and Le Labo # 39, and, of course, Infusion d' Iris.

Ann June 20, 2013

Hellooo, Portia! So glad you're back safely and that you had a great time! What a beautiful, evocative post you have written. All your fragrances are lovely (I am finally coming around a bit to No. 5, but in the parfum only, alas), but I was so happy to see Ubar listed. It is such a glorious composition -- I treasure my decant of it (thanks, S!). I need to try that L'Artisan, however. Thanks!

Suzanne June 20, 2013

Between L'Air du Desert Marocain, Ubar and vintage Chanel No. 5 parfum alone, you smelled fabulous in India, Portia! I love Ubar in the heat - and for me the beautiful rose note of Ubar is more noticeable in the heat. Btw, you gave me my first laugh of the day with your line, in regard to No. 5, "it was so far removed from any India scent that it stood out like dogs balls." :D

FeralJasmine June 20, 2013

Glad you're back safely. Glad you had success with Ubar, too. I bought a decant of this one with great anticipation, because most white florals are right up my alley, but unfortunately on me it mucks around in a way that's both medicinal and barnyard, with no flowers to speak of. In fact, it's one of the few that ever earned my husband's "not so nice" designation. I'm looking over your photos and realizing that, just once, I want my hair all done up with jasmine blossoms. What a lark!

Martha June 20, 2013

So glad you wrote about Ubar. I have samples of Interlude and Gold, but Ubar is my favorite. It is a gem of a fragrance with its various dry down phases and super longevity. I love smelling it on my clothes the next day after an application. You are dedicated to have purchased a FB, but it ought to last you a long time. The other perfumes you tried are unknown to me - now I'm curious. Also, I'm curious about why you chose India for a holiday.