XJ Elle by Xerjoff 2007: Xerjoff for the Ladies

Hey Perfume Posee Peeps, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies with you and today I wanted to introduce you to a Xerjoff for the ladies. Now I am not one that believes in fragrance for the sexes, honestly I am pretty sure the fragrance doesn’t care who wears it, but for those who do think it important then this may give you a softer, sweeter glimpse into one of the most expensive fragrance houses available. I was lucky enough to get this sample off my mate Michael who wanted to smell the flipside of the Xerjoff range, most of which he enjoys a lot.

XJ Elle by Xerjoff 2007

XJ Elle Xerjoff FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Citruses, African orange flower, galbanum
Heart: Iris, birch, woodsy notes, patchouli
Base: Benzoin, opoponax, amber, musks

Elle opens sweet and fruity on my skin, it doesn’t seem particularly citric though but more strawberry/raspberry jam and galbanum, the musks are already hefting in and the whole is a little like those strawberry cream lollies that if you eat one you end up eating the whole packet because they are so delicious and more-ish. Actually, I’m worried that my nose is broken or my skin reacting strangely so I might come back to this review after a day…..

XJ Elle Xerjoff Dali_Atomicus WikipediaSalvador Dali Photo Stolen Wikimedia

OK so my nose amped the situation only a little, what I get today at the opening is a sublimely sweet and musky Chuppa-Chupp vibe. Both delicious and repulsive for the first little while before settling down into a woodsy gourmand fruitchouli. I never thought I’d say this but this is the kind of fruitchouli I could definitely go for, it’s a little loud and OTT, sweet, flirty, fun and would be a great good-time-girl scent. The notes don’t seem to bear a lot of resemblance to what I’m smelling, I get no African orange flower, iris or birch and not much evidence of the resins down the bottom other that a slight sweetening. Maybe the blending is so good that my poor old nose can’t pick them all.

What I can say is that XJ Elle by Xerjoff is a busy, happy, modern, fruitchouli that is definitely among the best of its class. Having said that there are 20 other fragrances that will give you a similar experience for half the price and if it comes to that and you want only a fizzy, sweet, fruitchouli gourmand then there are 100s that you can grab for about $50 or less in the department stores, often with a celebrity or designer label attached. XJ Elle by Xerjoff may be the best but it certainly is not groundbreaking.

XJ Elle Xerjoff  Hope2-Klimt WikipediaGustav Klimpt Hope 2 Stolen Wikipedia

There is good lifespan to XJ Elle by Xerjoff though, and it is a good sillage and scent bubble fragrance for those nights where you want to be noticed or the days that you wish to take over the world. If you like the genre and can afford the luxury then you won’t even think twice about buying XJ Elle by Xerjoff.

Further reading: Birgit at Olfactoria’s Travels is quite amusing.

LuckyScent has $685/100ml and Samples
First In Fragrance has €600/100ml and Samples

Are you on the team Xerjoff? Which from the line have you liked and why?

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malsnano86 December 2, 2013

The few Xerjoffs I've smelled have been Nice but Not All That - and I certainly would not pay the bucks to get Elle, which smells like sixteen other fragrances I could buy for a tenth the cost, or maybe less.

Tom November 29, 2013

This is obviously a quality piece of work but the fact that I can spend my yearly car insurance to smell like a gum-popping britkimillindsay wannabe is a big "hells to the no"

eldarwen22 November 29, 2013

I've never tried anything by Xerjoff, it's always the price point that gets me so I ignore. When I first looked at the prices of Amouage, I almost had a heart attack. Xerjoff is beyond heart attack (price wise), it's stroke level. At the end of the day, I have to set limits. A one 1.7 oz bottle of Amouage every two or 3 years is quite enough.

Tara November 29, 2013

I would definitely not pay that price for that fragrance. I also bought the MdO Oud, but it is a very special bottle that was worth the price and not something I would do on a regular basis. I have tried a few Xerjoffs but only Kobe was really interesting to me and not compelling enough to shell out the $$. I have lots of other beauties for less than half the price.

Ellen November 28, 2013

I'm like FeralJasmine, there are prices above which I cannot even conceive of purchasing. Funny thing is; I don't even want to get the sample. I don't want to yearn for something I can never have and perfume at $600+ is beyond the beyond. There have been times when I also feared for the lack of limits on this hobby. The price tag of this fragrance certainly puts that notion to rest. And nice to know that the experience of this fragrance is not super amazing. Nothing to regret.

Maren November 28, 2013

I've tried XJ Irisss, and yessss, if money were no object I would have a bottle in my collection. I have Iris Silver Mist which I love, but Irisss has a little softer edge to it that I like, it is so beautifully blended. The cost is just absurd though.

FeralJasmine November 28, 2013

I guess there is a price-point above which I am no longer very interested. I might be curious for a whiff, but I just can't take a $685 perfume very seriously. That's above the point at which I wrinkle my nose and say "There are limits to this hobby, you know." Which is a reassuring thing for me to know, because sometimes I 'm afraid that there are no limits.

Elia November 28, 2013

I think Xerjoff provide quality. Kobe is amazing, and Uden is great stuff. I've also liked things from the Casamorati line, although I've not tried them enough to set aside a standout. I've not tried Elle, but I've tried Homme and it's good juice, but the price is certainly a factor.