Versilia Vintage Boise by Profumi del Forte 2009

Hi there Posse! Back in 2012 I discovered this little Profumi del Forte beauty and I went through a Surrender To Chance decant. Quite well thought of in the online world. A couple of people whose opinions I respect were bigging it up recently and Profumi del Forte overall as a fragrance company. So, inspired, recently I grabbed another decant because I distinctly remembered liking it but couldn’t remember why.

Versilia Vintage Boise by Profumi del Forte 2009

Versilia Vintage Boise Profumi del Forte FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, Bitter orange, Vetiver
Heart: Bourbon geranium, Honey, Lavender
Base: Elemi resin, Indonesian patchouli, Texas cedar, Tonka bean

Versilia Vintage Boise opens with a bright citrus peal that is both succulent and scratchy, I think the vetiver up top gives it a dry abrasiveness that makes a simple thing unusual. The honey comes in fairly quickly, not overpowering but sensually insinuating itself  with the fun rush of lavender. So smoothly done, it’s heavenly to smell the marked changes as they progress effortlessly. Patchouli is already in attendance, playing a heavy, 1970s riff in the background and the resins wash through elegantly.

On my skin Versilia Vintage Boise is smoothest, polished wood brought to a high shine and subtly reflecting the light around it. Pick it up, so cool, dense and smooth it could be a stone. Smell it and you get the woods, the beeswax, polish and the clean cement, pain, wood, metal and humanity smell of a large, empty art gallery in winter. What makes Versilia Vintage Boise, and the Profumi del Forte crew so clever, is that at the same time I’m floating in a boat in the heart of summer, cozily cuddling in one of the bedrooms and watching the sunset in all its spectacular colours, feeling safe, secure and loved. It’s an interesting dichotomy and the mind stories seem to fade and blur into each other as I wear it.

 Rob Timbrell SunsetPhoto Donated Rob Timbrell

For anyone who loves a fragrance to morph over time, if you love a balmy resinous scent that has enough air and cool in it to create a sense of space, or if you want to smell amazingly good then I think you should definitely try Versilia Vintage Boise by Profumi del Forte. It lasts well over 6 hours and never collapses into boring or banal but manages to stay interesting and lovely the whole ride through.

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LuckyScent has $170/50ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $6/ml

Did you ever try Versilia Vintage Boise, or any fragrance by Profumi del Forte? What did you think?
Portia xx

  • Audrey p says:

    Hi Portia! Yessss! I always loved this scent……more so than ambra. I like the line itself… night, white is in regular rotation and Roma Imperiale is s beauty. Vaiana Dea is one I enjoy too, and though tirrenico, by night black and vittoria apuana aren’t my style they are all nice scents. It’s an under-appreciated line IMHO.

  • springpansy says:

    Hi Portia,
    This sounds wonderful as you write about it, BUT I just can’t do the patchouli. Any others from this line to recommend? I’d love to explore it.

  • Ann says:

    Howdy, Portia! Oh, this sounds utterly delicious! And that bottle! I really need to explore more of this line; an old SA friend of mine used to rep it at Neiman Marcus and oh, how I wish now that I had paid more attention and gotten samples from her. Thank heaven for Surrender to Chance though. Better late than never, right, dear?

    • Portia says:

      Oh yes. Better late.
      The line is really good, almost all of them make me swoon with joy.
      Bum that you didn’t spend time with them but yes, STC is excellent.
      Portia xx