Tabu: Bath & Shower Gel

Woo Hoo Posse, Let’s talk Cheap & Cheerful Bath Product today. Sure we all love fragrance and often that extends to our bathing routine too. One of my favourite super cheap but freaking yummy products is TABU Bath & Shower Gel and I go through the squeeze packs with monotonous regularity.

Tabu Bath & Shower Gel

TABU Bath & Shower GelThis is the Australian 200ml version and I know in the USA there is slightly different packaging but no matter the casing. TABU Bath & Shower Gel is punching well above its price.

If I’m wearing an oriental fragrance then often I will use TABU in the bath because it smells so yummy, makes incredible bubble and lathers up beautifully with my exfoliating scrub sheet. The softest trace of fragrance is left on my body and it creates an excellent base to add anything spicy, amber, vanilla or patchouli over the top. It also leaves my skin feeling clean and softly moist.

TABU Bath & Shower Gel Portia's Bathtub

Yes, that’s my bathtub and I’m floating away on a sea of bubbles. It’s hard to be unhappy if you can submerge yourself in warm water and bubbles. The trick is to close your eyes and let yourself drift away on the magic, totally immerse yourself in the now and continually check any thoughts that come into your brain of other things. Just relax and enjoy the moment of absolute calm. In 10 minutes I can give myself the same feeling of peace as a 7 hour uninterupted sleep in a comfortable bed. It’s like the ultimate rejuvenation.

Yes, I also have a slew of really lavish expensive bath products but time and again it’s the TABU that gets chosen. It really smells that yummy and leaves me feeling like a princess. Isn’t that why we fell in love with fragrance to begin with? It’s ability to take us far, far away or give us a moment of ultimate glamour? The great thing is, even if you are not in the high flyers club there is something that smells so good available for a song.

FragranceNet has $9/118ml before Coupon

What is your Budget Bathtime Tip?
Portia xxx

  • Usually Tabu is just a step too far for me – I like ’em sexy, but Tabu vintage parfum, for example, is just so foaming uncontrollably at the mouth with a pants-in-the air-lust – packed with as many tongue lolling animals as Noah’s ark – that it drives me screaming in panic over the edge (and out of the nearest window). I wonder, though, if a more controlled bubble experience of the old Dana classic might be alright….mmm. I too love that vanilla skin ready for the next step as I find the perfume then works better later. Does it work nicely with Bal A Versailles parfum?

    • Portia says:

      Ginzaintherain, it works BEST with Bal but I also find it an excellent under layer for Ambre Russe, Oud Ispahan, Obsession, Kinize Ten, Midnight Oud, any of the old school Guerlains, Sharp, Shaal Nur, Amouage Gold and a squillion others.
      Yes, it does change the scent ride slightly, often deepening and lengthening the wear.
      My personal vintage fave is the EdC of Tabu, the parfum is a bit sickly on me.
      Portia xx

      • I have the EdC as well and even THAT scares me. I think its similarity to Caron’s Nuit De Noel has been underdiscussed too, though I find that one slightly more wearable. Tabu has one note that suffocates me.

        Love the idea of a Bal layer though…When you come over to Nippon I shall request a bottle of the bath bubbles!