Adam Levine For Her

Heya Posse! 50ml of Adam Levine For Her costs less than a McDonalds large Big Mac meal if you find a good deal! That’s insane. I know, the hype has been huge about it. Personally, that turned me off it a… Continue Reading

Curious by Britney Spears

Hey Posse. I recently have been going through my collection and trying to find some stuff to offload. During the search I saw a fun black box with 1980s style metallic shapes printed on it. My mind told me it… Continue Reading

Tabu: Bath & Shower Gel

Woo Hoo Posse, Let’s talk Cheap & Cheerful Bath Product today. Sure we all love fragrance and often that extends to our bathing routine too. One of my favourite super cheap but freaking yummy products is TABU Bath & Shower… Continue Reading

Bath and Body Works – Affordable Fragrance

Hiya Posse Peeps, Bath & Body Works are often sneered at by the heavy duty perfumista but I think they are unfairly disliked and love that they bring fragrance on a budget. They have sets so you can layer. Even… Continue Reading