Bedtime Spritzing: What’s Your Routine?

Hi there Posse! Bedtime. Who else spritzes themselves or their pillow before bedtime? Maybe you have an oil burner/vaporiser or light some incense, maybe you have a pre-bedtime routine that helps you drop off to the land of nod? Let’s find out what works for you today.

Bedtime Spritzing

Bedtime Spritz Henri_de_Toulouse-Lautrec WikipediaWikipedia

What’s my routine?

Well, Jin goes to be quite early because he works as an electrician but I’m a night owl and my brain really doesn’t start functioning properly till around 1pm. Once it switches on though it’s good to go till around 4am on full burners. So if I need to get some sleep I find routine helps it happen. Yet, also very like me the routine can’t always be the same. Confused? Read on….

I have a cuppa while finish up my blogging. It may be tea, coffee or Milo depending on my mood. Once it’s warmed me through, even in summer, which takes about 20 minutes I go clean my teeth and my face. Then I choose a fragrance that I’ve not smelled in a while and give me chest and one arm a spritz. On the back on my left hand I’ll put a completely different fragrance, a completely different genre. So if I have an oriental on my body it could be a green, oud, aldehyde or rose fragrance for my hand back.

Once this is done I get a glass of water for beside the bed throughout the night and go off to the land of nod floating away on the fumes. It seems to block out my other senses and lets me fall happily, deeply and dreamlessly asleep.

Ylang & Vanille Guerlain FragranticaFragrantica

What did I wear last night?

Shea Fabulous Oil by L’Occitane on my body and a spritz of Guerlain’s Ylang & Vanille. Admittedly they are quite close in the seaside floral spectrum but Ylang & Vanille is often my hand spritz because it’s so gooey and rich I feel like a decadent Egyptian Pharaoh when cuddled in its warm and welcoming embrace.

Shea Fabulous Oil LOccitaneL’Occitane

Shea Fabulous Oil is well named. The most death defyingly gorgeous body oil in the history of the universe. I wore it as my SOTD to work last night and garnered 5 compliments on how good I smelled. seriously it is absolutely gorgeous and leaves your skin feeling ultra smooth and soft. Heavenly.

So what’s your Bedtime routine? Is it fragrant or physical? How do you prepare for sleep?
Portia xx

tiffanie April 3, 2016

I love reading everyone's sleepy time thoughts here. Fragrance rituals are fascinating now just as they have been for thousands of years. For sleep I love lavender essential oil, traditional eaux de Cologne, comforting florals that fade away gently like Chanel Beige or Gardenia, or something slightly sweet like Vanille Galante. For me Parfums DelRae Amoureuse is an absolutely gorgeous and narcotic soporific scent. It is a knockout in more than one sense of the word. Oh, how I miss Ylang & Vanille. It is perfect for bedtime. I'm going to try Shea Fabulous to see if it fills that void in my heart and nose. One funny thing I do at bedtime is to strategically spritz fragrance on myself so that any overspray will land on the bed pillows and sheets. Why let fragrance waft to the floor?

fiftyroses April 2, 2016

I often wear perfume to bed, but it has to be either (1) something that help make me drowsy, or (2) something uncomplicated and not too heavy. Heavy, rich scents or anything complex just keep me awake. Examples of (1) above include just about anything with a prominent orange blossom or linden note. Joya Ames Soeurs and Tauer Zeta work well--so well, in fact, that I never can wear them in the daytime, as I am likely to nod off.

Rose April 1, 2016

I give myself a spritz before bed most every night, it's become my ritual over the past couple of years as more and more "fragrance free zone"signs show up at work. *sigh*. My usuals are Olympic Orchids' Dev 2 or Dev 4, Kenzo Ca Sent Beau, Sonoma Scent Studios' Wood Violet, or if I had a really tough day, some Delices de Cartier parfum. As the weather gets warmer, I usually switch to Lacoste Pour Femme or Prada Bois d'Iris. I love getting a sniff of my SOTN wafting up to me, and frequently it still lingers in the morning. Yummy. :)

HeidiC April 1, 2016

Oh! Oh! These are so fun to read! And it makes me feel like not so much of a freak for having nighttime dabbing rituals! I often like to try samples right before bed, though sometimes that backfires on me HORRIBLY, either because the scent is so awful, or because it's so interesting that I can't sleep! But if I'm actually trying to sleep, I love spritzing myself with SL's A La Nuit.

Suzy Q April 1, 2016

Hi Portia! My bedtime perfume varies, as does my attitude. Sometimes I like to test perfumes at night. I'll dab one scent on one wrist and a different one on the other. This works great because if I don't like them they've usually faded by morning. A similar principle applies to vanilla centric perfumes: I like them on my skin for a few hours and then I wish they'd go away! Night time is perfect. If I don't want to be challenged I'll just opt for a comfort scent, however I define it at the time. XOXO

Echo Charlie March 31, 2016

I wear le labo labdanum for bed. I find it so peaceful. It smells like new babies to least on my skin and I find that super soothing. :)

PJ March 31, 2016

Since it's difficult for me to reach a "too much" point, I've been doing bedtime layering without calling it that, I realize. Scented soap and then powder as part of the bath/shower process, then comes the splash or spritz of whichever of my scents appeal that night. None of these three match and yet there's never a clash as far as I'm concerned. Husband sometimes just says, mmmm. lol I used to do only the lavender thing at bedtime, but frankly, I got sick of it and realized any beloved fragrance will do. I echo my husband's sentiment. Mmmm.

Natalie March 31, 2016

I don't perfume myself before bed, but I usually like to burn a softly scented candle in a soothing scent for a while. I also drink herbal or decaf teas before bed which I love the fragrances of. The fragrance I wear during the day usually is on the last of the bottom notes which is low key and pleasant, so I really don't feel the need to spritz anything else on.

Hamamelis March 31, 2016

I almost always wear fragrance to bed. Sometimes a new sample I want to try, and although I rarely (fortunately) am around for the drydown, I can really concentrate on the top and middle notes. At other times it is a favourite, a Goutal often, and I keep a Pacifica solid next to my bed in case I forgot.

Peggy March 31, 2016

I so enjoy your posts, Portia, and am often inspired to try something new. I like to put Caudalie Divine Oil on my face and hair right before I sleep, mostly because it smells so good.

Edward March 31, 2016

Sounds lovely Portia. I am in a honeymoon phase with my shalimar eau de toilette. Snagged a vintage bottle from ebay on the cheap. Love the smell. I got my nose on the 'initial' flankers before and it's fun to compare. Anyway I like the cosy amberness for sleeping.

jadaflightofideas March 31, 2016

Your posts are so fun to read, Portia! After a hot shower, I'm finding that a generous spray of Body Shop's Smoky Rose White Musk is the perfect bedtime scent. It's gentle, fresh, and relaxing. Maybe I've created a scent connection between it and my bedtime routine..... The Body Shop Red Musk is also good!

tandaina March 31, 2016

I've never done this, but I'm very new to perfume and have a very small collection that I'm not sure would really waft me to sleep. I feel like I would want something special just for sleeping, perhaps something with lavender as that often helps me sleep.

Mals86 March 31, 2016

I like to spritz before sleep, too. If my legs ache, I'll have a hot bath, but often it's just climbing into bed with a book, after I've put on something comforting. What I wear changes depending on the weather, but it has to be something a) uncomplicated, that won't engage the brain, and b) inexpensive. Favorites include Mariella Burani, Smell Bent One, Hanae Mori (winter), Hanae Mori Haute Couture (summer), and any simple rose, whether it's just rose lotion or the dead-cheap YSL Paris Printemps LE I picked up for a song.

taleofahare March 31, 2016

I always wear some fragrance to bed. Very often it's Shalimar or Coromandel (decant fading fast!!), an amber scent or anything that isn't too strong or pervasive. In the summer I like fresh scents like one of L'Occitane's Verbenas. I wear one on the back of my hand as well because I tend to have it tucked up near my face. I spritz the sheets with something in the late afternoon too sometimes...Marc Jacobs cucumber or basil, a lavender scent or anything that is clean smelling and not to overwhelming. My dogs often smell of whatever I've spritzed the bed with as well :). And I often burn incense as well as I fiddle on my tablet, watch a bit of tv, etc. before settling in for the night. :)

eldarwen22 March 31, 2016

Good, I'm not the only one that has a nightly perfume ritual. I must have a cup of chai before bed, then brush my teeth. In that time, I think about what I will wear to bed. Normally, I go for vintage Bal or I go for Chanel no 5. Last night it was MKK.

ginzaintherain March 31, 2016

Ps. ADORE Ylang Vanille and always mourn my lack of it. I think I have about fourteen squirts left and then it's R.I.P. I would like an unlimited supply to be honest. Such a total mood booster so lovely.

ginzaintherain March 31, 2016

I totally get the disparate thing for contrast but wonder why you are having caffeine before bed. For me it is all about Rooibos. SUCH a night drug by god. Duncan can't get through a full episode of Dynasty if he has some redbush on the go. I think you are probably like me, one of the overstimulated, so if you haven't tried rooibos I THOROUGHLY recommend it. As for me, call me gay but I am loving Nina by Nina (1987 parfum) for bed as is it utterly beautiful and just smells like an angel. I definitely agree that reaching out for something gorgeous smelling helps you somehow detach from the events of the day and sleep. Like dislodging the subconscious or something. Or am I just spaking the usual b-shit.

LaDona March 31, 2016

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this! My husband thinks I'm nuts, but a little Ava Luxe Sacred on my wrist at night makes me feel like I'm wrapped up in love. Sometimes I switch it around with Lutens Iris Silver Mist...but it feels so good to have a little waft of something pretty in bed!

Pam March 31, 2016

Hi, Portia. Always enjoy your posts. I have a list of what I think of as my "night fragrances". Those I mainly spritz in the evening. They are comforting to me and help me go to sleep. I never try a new one in the evening, in case it makes me jumpy or has negative connotations for me. I can add one to the night list after wearing it a couple of days. Tocade and Femme are good ones for night. And Silences in certain times of year.